Compassion to Concussions

I picked Trinity from The Matrix to go to battle for me in Clay Morgan’s March Movie Madness because she had it all: explosive strength, courage, intelligence, speed, beauty, and she rode a motorcycle like it was an extension of her own amazing body. She had those killer leather outfits, super cool shades and made the ultimate sacrifice to save Neo. Put in my son Kelly’s words, “Trinity was a badass!”

Kelly has taken a few film classes while in college and informed me of a Youtube video about the philosophy behind The Matrix. In his opinion, “Trinity was one of the few female movie characters to defy general stereotypes about women.” How awesome is that!

Did I glean that subconscious notion while watching the movie? All I know is that after leaving the theater, I was pumped. Trinity in The Matrix (played by Carrie-Anne Moss), motivated me to work out and weight train on a regular basis (which lasted about a week), while something about her struck my core. She made me think. Her ability to stay calm and confident through every intense situation seemed super-human.  She inspired me to dig deep and realize there was something much more to my own character.

Am I badass enough for you?

Years later, I still find her relevant and in some ways, even more of an inspiration. Since I began writing a short while ago, I’ve had to take an enormous leap into the great abyss we all know as the blogosphere. I visibly shook as I pressed publish for the first time and still get a “thrill.”

While baking cookies for bribes to get votes in the March Movie Madness, I watched the premier of Missing. Ashley Judd plays an ex-CIA agent, Becca Winstone, whose son is kidnapped while attending college in Italy. Twelve minutes into the show, she morphed from a typical mom into trained assassin. She took down a would-be killer by using martial arts, showing off skills that would rival any of the James Bonds.  The difference is she shows her gut-wrenching female side when crying over the videotape of the abduction and doesn’t bed the first guy that she sees, although he does give her a bath.

I love these role models for women! They are nothing like Bella in Twilight who depended on vampire Edward or werewolf-boy Jacob to rescue her. Each showed both inner as well as outer strength and would do anything to save the person they loved.  My only criticism is that they seem to be a bit serious and I doubt they would understand my sense of humor.

In my opinion, I had one of the tougher draws and lost to Snape (Harry Potter), in the first round. Would I pick Trinity now that I understand how the game is played? Absodanglutely!  Heck, Mary Poppins made it through the first challenge.

Next year I will be ready to rumble. By that time, Becca Winstone will be a household name and should breeze through “the Madness.” In the meantime, I plan to learn to ride a motorcycle and take a self-defense class. Seriously!

Which movie character would you choose? 

To watch the ABC episode of Missing click here

Self-portrait by Susie Lindau

50 thoughts on “Compassion to Concussions

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    1. Thanks for that! I voted for you too. I was so surprised to see that Maria von Trapp made it through. I should have gone into a Starbucks and offered to buy coffee for votes!


  1. Hi,
    I loved the Matrix movies and your right Trinity was awesome. 🙂

    I remember my first post, I can’t remember how many times I hit preview before I published it, I was really nervous, and I was so excited that 10 people had actually looked at it, that was such a great feeling, still is of course. 😀


    1. Oh Mags, I am glad that you agree!
      I shook for about an hour after pressing publish and couldn’t get over the fact that people were interested enough to read it! It was so exciting. I still feel that way!


  2. I love this post. You are SO badass, where’s your motorcycle? 😉
    I agree about loving these female heroines, so strong and capable. My recent favorite heroine to watch was Hanna. My recent heroines to watch that made my stomach turn were the girls from Sucker Punch.
    But I agree about the humor thing–they could lighten up! Just think about The Black Widow in Avengers, she’s the one without the witty comebacks or joy in fighting, thought she totally kicks butt. I can’t wait to see more of her in the movie this summer.
    One action heroine that is badass and has a great sense of humor is Sarah, in the TV show Chuck. I love her. She’s the whole package.


    1. So true about your pick of heriones! I used to watch Chuck all the time. Such a funny show and Sarah is in that similar dominant teaching position.
      Good luck to you in the Madness Ellie!


  3. I haven’t been exposed to Educlaytion before, but now I’m feeling painfully left out. Like all the cool kids got invited to a party. Yeah, well I’m going to stay home and play Monopoly with my parents, and they think I’m cool!

    Anyway, I would always support Trinity in a battle, because… because she’s Trinity. She’s completely bad-ass without being “movie bad-ass” where she basically becomes a man.


    1. You are too funny! Can Byronic Man come out and play with us??? Hahaha! I can see why you’re a recommended blogger!
      I met Clay when he was Freshly Pressed last summer and I was learning the WP ropes. He was about the 3rd person I followed. Jump into the fun!
      I keep finding huge groups of people that I don’t know. That’s what I love. The blogosphere is ginormous! You will have to join us next year….

      I am glad you agree about Trinity! It’s too bad that I didn’t go up against Hey Arnold! Hahaha!


  4. I loved Trinity. If the first movie happens to be on TV, I get sucked into it every time…Great choice, even though you lost. I’m with B-man, wasn’t aware of Clay’s game, but it looks like a blast. Maybe next time, I’ll put on my leather suit and have the guts to battle it out.


    1. I get sucked in too and have seen it many times…
      This was my first year since I only started blogging in May, but I will be ready next year. Definitely put on the suit and join us! In the meantime check it out and all the bloggers you may not be familiar with….
      Thanks Maineiac!


    1. It’s fine! I can put away the campaign buttons and posters and concentrate on finishing my book. Hahaha!

      Thanks for that! Danny talked me into taking the picture!


  5. Okay, great article here! I too published a short novel, a novella and when I hit the send button I thought I’d lost it. What was I doing? Then I told myself nonwriters write, right? Now, I just want my second one to be that much better and pray it will be. Bad asses, well Angelina Jolie in Salt was pretty bad as a double agent, and can’t remember her name(long blonde hair) but all buff and riding a motorcycle with shades in an Arnold movie a while back was great, she was tough and toned. And of course Ashley Judd is awesome, a sweet little angel with a kick ass side!


    1. I haven’t seen Salt. Great suggestion! I will rent that.
      I can’t even imagine sending my book out when it’s done. That will be the scariest! My biggest fear is there will be some stupid typo or repetition of words. I am definitely paying an editor….
      Thanks Gardenlilie!


  6. Oh dang, yeah, Snape is tough competition!!! Along these lines, I think Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) from “Alias” and Buffy (Sarah Michelle Geller) from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” are awesome female role models. I do love Bella, too, though, I must say! Not to get too deep over Twilight, LOL, but the thing that strikes me as admirable about Bella is her ability to keep her emotions to herself when she fears they’ll hurt others. I see immense strength in her selflessness. And, you know, her willingness to get eaten alive. 😉


    1. Those are great female characters. I wish Alias was still on TV….
      Being eaten alive has always been a really good motivator for me too. 🙂
      Thanks for reading Jules!


  7. I cannot see Ashley Judd as a super heroine no matter how I try. Its the new hamster cheeks she has implanted and I dont think it is kryptonite in there. I just cannot look at her..:(
    Great blog Susie.. Got up late and trying to multi task like a super hero hahaha


    1. You Go Supergirl!!! Thanks Linda! I wondered about what plastic surgery they were talking about on line since I googled her. To me she looks her age….At least she hasn’t gotten her lips done. They always look fake.


  8. Ooh… It’s hard to choose a heroine. Is ‘all of the above’ an option? 😉

    I’m planning to take a self-defense class, too, but you’re on your own with that motorcycle. *pictures you with motorcycle gang* Never mind! I suspect you’ll have plenty of company.


    1. I want to take a class with my daughter and just need to find one offered in my area.
      One of Danny’s co-workers offered to teach me how to ride. It has always been on my bucket list. My dad actually wanted me to buy one in college, but my mom immediately vetoed the idea!
      Thanks August!


  9. I voted for Trinity! I loved that she could find the balance between falling for a hero and still be as much a hero or more in her own right. No sacrifice needed on either side.

    Mary Poppins is my character 🙂 As a little girl, I was glad to have a Disney heroine who was intelligent and clever and confident and didn’t need rescuing. Poppins is a rare G-rated role model worthy of emulating…


    1. So true about Mary Poppins and thanks for voting for me! Clay is doing a superb job in managing all of the competing characters. I will miss the action, but will definitely drop in on #MMM2 Twitter for some smack talk and chatter!
      I am so glad you stopped by Jamie! Good luck to Mary Poppins!


  10. You do look like a badass! Even though I’m more an 19th Century kind of heroine, I like Ripley from the Aliens saga and Sarah Connor from Terminator. 🙂


  11. I voted for Trinity! 😀 Sorry you didn’t make it through all the rounds.

    I took kick boxing. I want to get back into something. So fun. I just need a kid cage. Just kidding! And you want to ride a motorcycle? *grins* Don’t ride like Bella. Hehe It gets really cold. Trust me, I know. Get all the proper gear and don’t worry about what looks cool. Make sure you have the clutch down pat!


    1. Great advice Debra! I am definitely going to learn, but I am not sure I will invest in one. We’ll see…..
      Kick boxing is a blast. I used to go to a class.
      Thanks for voting for me!


  12. Love Trinity! She was definitely next on my list to choose after Sarah Connor. Snape’s a fantastic character but he’s no Trinity. I’m bummed that you lost. I wanted an all female semi-finales. Maybe next year!


  13. Get down with your bad self! Super cool shades, one-week of intense weight-training, desire to ride a motorcycle, you’re one step away from your own reality t.v. show.

    I loved the premiere epiode of Missing and can’t wait to see how the series does. At first I thought Becca was a bit too unbelieveable with all of her Rambo skills, but I’m willing to ride it out for a few weeks to see if I change my mind.

    Another great post, Susie!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Thanks so much Patricia! I don’t think the world will ever be ready for a Susie Lindau reality show….Hahaha!
      I am looking forward to the next episode of Missing. I was skeptical after watching the previews, but was pleasantly surprised!
      Thanks again!


  14. Not really sure I understand how the game is played, but anything that depicts women in positive, leading ways, I support!

    Excellent post…


  15. Absolutely love The Matrix. Trinity is bad ass. She pretty much invented the 5-foot-high-jump-splits move, that I don’t perform nearly as well…Though I try…

    By the way. Just added you to my blogroll! Right after I figured out what a blogroll was! And how to add to it! And how to run a blog in general…and how to use exclamation points!


    1. Wow! Thanks so much for that Corey!
      You are so funny! Hahaha! I imagine that you talk exactly like you write which is a good thing!
      I am still working on that kick….


  16. Ohmygosh! That pic of you is awesome. You’re so badass, Susie!

    Trinity should’ve won. That’s all I’m saying. Next year, man.

    We watched Missing too, and now I’m mad at my husband because I’m hooked. Becca is totally badass and so believable. Trinity is badass, but she’s also a bit of a fantasy whereas, Becca really could be me. Okay, only if I lost about a Becca and worked out for a few years training to be a skilled assassin, but you know what I mean. Still, I do love Trinity and she, almost more than Neo, made the movie for me.


    1. Thanks Tameri! Hahaha!
      I am looking forward to this week’s Missing episode. Becca is more realistic as a trained CIA agent and I loved the fight scenes. They really surprised me! I will have to get on twitter and see how many #ABCMissing fans show up Thursday night…


  17. It’s so hard because you never know where you are going to land in the polls. All that randomness. And now, of course, it is coming down to quotes. My beloved FERRIS is up against Maria from The SOUND OF MUSIC. I want Ferris to make it one more round… but seriously…

    How do you solve a problem like Maria? 😉

    It’s going to be a battle.

    Also I have no idea how to get back into my Challonge brackets. So. I have no idea who I’m routing for anymore. 😉


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