Shhh! Don’t Tell Anyone!

Do you remember the last time someone said to you, “Don’t tell anybody, but…”

I would be willing to bet that if you were hooked up to a monitor, your heart rate increased along with your blood pressure.

I bet that you leaned in a little and your voice got lower in pitch and you began speaking in a hushed tone.

I bet that your eyes looked away if you were in a crowd to make sure that without even knowing what top secret information would be passed along, you wanted to be sure that no one else could hear.

I would even be willing to bet that if the person said, “oh, never mind,” that your curiosity would be peaked and you would be very disappointed and frustrated. You might even say, “You can tell me. I can keep a secret.”

Once the information is passed along, it’s filed away in a special place in our brains that we assume has a giant red stamp across it called Top Secret! Some of us are very good at keeping this important new fact tucked away, but others, not so much.

Have you ever shared a secret with someone, but then worry took up residence in your gut like a rat in an alleyway? Days later when you walked into a room, did everyone seem to look up at the same time with mouths agape like they just finished saying… Oh… My…God! As you gazed across the room, mental telepathy kicked in like it has always been second nature and you could read everyone’s mind. Your secret was out!

If this is true that secrets spread faster than directly broadcasting your news, shouldn’t we leak out information that we actually want to fly around like a body surfer at a rave? Wouldn’t it make sense to take advantage of this since most people’s Top Secret file located in their brains should really be labeled Please Forward?

Do I know any of this to be true? No! I am only going on my own personal experience. I was an Art Major for God’s sake!

I decided to test out my theory today.

Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone, but my answer to the Weekly Question of the Week is the finalist at The Byronic Man’s blog. He is a WordPress Recommended Blogger so you should check out his site while you are there. It would be so great if you voted for me, but please don’t tell anyone else. Here is a top secret document to help you find it. Thanks! I knew I could trust you….

Just follow the arrows…shhhh!

A little farther….

Don’t tell a soul about voting for me at The Byronic Man’s blog

Can you keep a secret?

Do you think there is some truth in what I said?

Photos of Courtney and her friend Courtney by Susie Lindau

80 thoughts on “Shhh! Don’t Tell Anyone!

Add yours

  1. On my way to check that out, but first, wanted to comment. I am good at keeping secrets (professional training) but sometimes I absolutely hate having the responsibility of it. I talk a lot, and am really open, so I keep having to make sure that I don’t blurt something out that I’m not supposed to–you know?


      1. Back when I used to practice law, I had some awesome secrets. Thank God I could tell my husband (anything I told him was protected by both the marital privilege and attorney-client privilege since he is a lawyer and was of course “my lawyer” lol).


    1. It is on the lower right hand side under Weekly Question of the Week. I am the first answer at the top. You just click on the open circle and it will fill in.
      I took those photos last night! Yep that’s my Courtney!
      Thanks Linda!


  2. I too have professional training in keeping secrets but after years of guarding others confidentiality even to not recognizing them on the street (long story reserved for another time) I find I don’t recognize faces I should be recognizing. darn


    1. I am the worst at recognizing faces at times and have been called on that too! I never thought about the keeping secrets professionally. I have known some blabber mouth lawyers….can you imagine???
      Thanks Louise!


      1. yuck — I have worked with couples and then seen them individually and have never broken a confidence. it’s a learned skill but I have learned it too well, I think. I need to find out how to shut it of…

        take care


  3. I can keep a secret, but my sister? Not so much. Confiding in her was basically an invitation for news spill. LOL I don’t keep secrets from my hubby, unless it’s regarding his birthday or something…in which case I have a TOUGH time. My face reveals it before my mouth does. 😉


    1. I don’t keep secrets from my husband or much of anything now that I think of it!
      I have thrown surprise parties for people and they never suspected. I think I should have been an actress….:)
      You can use your sister to get the word out! Hahaha!


      1. It’s axiomatic that there are almost no good secret-keepers in the world. But everyone thinks he’s one.

        August doesn’t mention it, but one of her early posts was about secrets and secret-keeping, and it was really good too.


  4. The government thinks I can keep a secret, so I guess that’s good! (I’m a defense contractor). I never see anything interesting though, secret or otherwise! One of the hardest things not to talk about was the trial proceedings when I served jury duty. It was really interesting, and I wanted to tell my family. Thank goodness it was only a 3-day trial!


  5. lmao…. how true. I recall my ex boss telling me ‘you can keep a secret’. Going through 44 years of life as a closeted transsexual – ya think? We’ll go vote for ya.


    1. I bet there is some science to it like depending on how juicy the secret is or how close the friend or if you are the 5th or 6th person it has been passed on to….
      Thanks M!


  6. Run for political office. You have no more secrets. Matter of fact I found out many things about myself that I did not know about or remember having done. As a matter of fact if I did 1/10 of 1% of all the vile things of which I was accused I would be 700 years old.


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