The Salon Confessional – Friday Flash Fiction

The woman had been coming to the salon for years. Michelle had listened to her drone on with the fortitude of a saint. As time progressed, so did the gossip and out of her mouth came snakes, toads, and lizards. Michelle didn’t want to hear the foul blather, but what could she do? She snipped her hair in silence and nodded.

One day, the woman regaled Michelle with the rancid details of her affair with a married man. When Michelle realized it was her friend’s husband,  a smile crossed her face.

Months later, after getting her hair cut, the woman thanked Michelle and turned to leave. Michelle gazed at the expanding bald spot at the back of the woman’s head that had grown a bit broader that day…

Have you ever used the salon or barber shop as a place to blow off steam?

Do you trust your hairdresser?

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Photo by Susie Lindau

106 thoughts on “The Salon Confessional – Friday Flash Fiction

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  1. OMG after this never 😆
    what a lovely fun story….and out of her mouth came snakes, toads, and lizards…now i may know this woman 😉
    I never ever share anything with my hairdresser, well I don’t have much to share anyways and i am a good listener, telling you Susie every visit is a trip to gossip park..have heard so much in salons over years,can make an excellent thriller/romance/action movie on that


  2. Snakes, toads, and lizards. That’s hilarious. I prefer to cut my hair at salons over barbershops. I trust them with my haircut but never with my personal life. I might encounter some problems with reptiles and amphibians. What a beautiful post. I love it.


  3. Do you trust your hairdresser? Har… you set that up so well. I’m glad I take care of my hair on my own, ayeee! (Not that I’d be foolin’ around with someone!)


  4. I’ve read of some terrible revenges being exacted by hairdressers, but mostly involving over-bleaching! Enhancing a bald spot really takes the biscuit. Thanks for making me smile.


  5. My hairdresser, who just retired after 20 years, was always the one who unloaded on me! All I can say is she had an interesting life. My husband said he never heard anyone who could talk so fast. Entertainment and a haircut – what more could you ask for?


  6. Barbershops, hair salons, in line at the post office, grocery store…bellying up to the bar…oh my!

    Unreal snippets of conversations all over the dang place. Some people haven’t heard the quote, ‘loose lips sink ships’
    ~ Sailor me 😉


    1. So true! One of my blogger friends is a bartender and gets a lot of material from work. He wrote about a couple conversations he overheard. So funny!
      Thanks Stephanie for stopping by to read!


            1. Thanks Stephanie! I will probably do something completely different next week, but that would be a fun topic especially if they were all true stories. I do have a story to blog on Monday about a crazy dental appointment!


      1. Maybe it was an allegory: Two sisters lived in a house, one was hard and cruel, the other “perfect”, you know the deal; kind hearted, sweet. gracious, yada yada yada. One day a fancy lady comes to the well and asks for a drink of water from the sweet daughter. She of course gives it with out hesitation and the lady turns out to be a fairy or an angel and blesses her to drop diamonds and pearls from her mouth whenever she speaks.

        The cruel sister of course wants the same thing, but when she goes to the well and meets the old woman, she refuses to do anything, looking for the fancy lady to impress. It’s the same angel and she curses the cruel sister to spout toads and snakes to show all her rancid heart.

        That’s what I thought of when I read your tale, only the angel was the hairdresser. 🙂


  7. Hi,
    The things that are said in some places would curl your hair. 😀
    I often wonder if these people that are telling their secrets realize that others can hear as well. 😆


  8. Hilarious. I’m pretty sure I’m the only guy who has ever been inside the place where I get my hair styled, but I’m all right with that. They do the best work and the things I hear there… wow. A notepad is to conspicuous, so I wear a wire… for learning purposes : )


    1. For hearing purposes and blog fodder! Hahaha!
      I have seen men in every salon I have been to. I can just imagine what you guys have heard!
      Glad to see you are recovering after your surgery with your sense of humor intact! 🙂
      Thanks Jared!


  9. Ahahaha! Mine is long and I don’t go in often, so no secrets are spilled in my visits 😉 Too funny, what sweet revenge.


  10. another wonderful post. i remember being a young man, excited to save enough money to get a haircut. i didn’t care about my looks–i was interested in getting my weekly dose of barber shop talk. everything from philosophy, sports, politics, and of course women. i learned more from the old men (always there and not all necessarily working there lol) in that store front sitting on a phone book for height, than any class i’ve ever paid to attend.


  11. Oh, that reminds me — I need to make a hair appointment. My hairdresser and I chat about our families, hobbies, current events — nothing I’d be afraid of anyone overhearing. And she always remembers the details of my life months later when I come back for my next appointment. I seriously think she takes notes.


  12. My hair-cutter-lady would always pry to find out more of my life. She always gave me discounts because I was poor, though. She also had a lazy eye.

    Since then I’ve gotten a life, a job, and a hair-cutter with eyes that look forward.


  13. Good one! Loved the ‘gossip came out of her mouth line’.

    My hairdresser is my daughter. She went to ‘beauty school’ for a year, so she would have a profession while attending college and acting school. Never blown off steam, but have cued her on her lines while having my hair attended to a few times.


  14. Hi Susie,I
    Out of her mouth came snake, toads and lizards. Wow. I give this the metaphor of the year award. After that, how was I not going to love this serpentine and well-wrought revenge tale?
    Thanks for reading and commenting on my story.


  15. Loved it Susie – when I visit the Barber for the ritual shearing a woman (yes A WOMAN!) cuts my hair. I have told her I design oil rigs for a living and for the past two years or so I have been filling her in on advances in rig design. Naturally it is all a pack of lies. One day I will be found out, but at the moment……


  16. “Snakes, toads, and lizards” is a lovely vile image!
    Can I query one thing? (Personally I love receiving constructive comments, so long as they *are* constructive.) Do you think comparing Michelle to a saint makes her seem too sanctimonious? Especially given the sneakiness of her revenge…
    Anyways, just a thought, this was a fun read!


    1. She was totally passive aggressive, so I agree about the saint. It was a cliche trying to get across the fact that she was easily taken advantage of, but I could have said something that wouldn’t put her on such a high horse. Oh my gosh! There’s another one!
      Thanks for reading!


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