Telltale Signs that You Need a Break…

This is my 101st post and it’s already April. When the notification and the gold star accompanying my 100th popped up on my screen, I thought, “Wow! It seems like November was just yesterday. I have been writing since last May. I should go outside.”

Blogging has become an integral part of my life and sometimes I forget to take a break. Breaks are important. They keep you sane. Sanity is good.

Here are some warning signs that you may be spending too many hours in front of your computer.

It’s time to take a break:

When you get up from your chair and your body refuses to unfold into an upright position.

When you start air quoting everything you say.

When you look around your house and don’t recognize it.

When your friends start avoiding you for fear that they will end up in your next post since you are always in search of new blog fodder.

When you walk outside and squint in the sunshine with your parka on, only to realize that it is 75 degrees.

When your dog is the only one who doesn’t mind your mutterings and laughter while you type away on the keyboard and in the meantime has given up on ever being given a walk and has become a professional couch surfer.

When you are still in your pajamas and it is time to go to bed.

When you wake up in the middle of the night with blogger’s avatars dancing in your head.

When you start talking to someone and get frustrated that you can’t edit your last sentence.

When you need a shovel and a hazmat suit to clean your house.

When the only people you talk about have names like, Justifiable Naugahyde, Tad Abrasive, and Zombie von Chewurfaceoff.

Yes friends, after writing a book and 101 blog posts in the last 11 months, I have witnessed each and every one of these red flags. I’m going to take my own advice and get some fresh air. Peace out. Hey wait! I got a notification that Lovemygiblets just left a comment on my blog…


Do you ever have a problem tearing yourself away from your computer?

What is your worst time-sucking activity?

101 thoughts on “Telltale Signs that You Need a Break…

Add yours

  1. You are singing my song, Susie! I don’t quite have the number of posts you do, but I feel like my butt has carved a permanent dent in my once comfortable desk chair. Blogging is a joy and a distraction for me. I will start writing a post at 9am, finish it at…say…11:30 and then spend until 1 or 2pm reading other blogs and checking comments. Then I think, oh shoot! I didn’t get ANYTHING else done today. I find the process fascinating and sort of bizarre too. Such talent out there! So many things to write about! So much laundry piling up in my bathroom. Jeez, I didn’t know I had that many towels… 🙂


    1. I am glad that you can relate! I follow about 100 people so reading and commenting can take a while…I dink around writing my blog posts so they take hours and then there’s my book rewrite…Laundry? Oh yah! I should do a couple loads today… 🙂
      Thanks Kecia!


  2. Awesome stuff, Susie! My favorite line:

    “When your friends start avoiding you for fear that they will end up in your next post since you are always in search of new blog fodder.”

    Hasn’t happened to me yet but I’m certain it will.


    1. Thank you!
      I am sure that there may be some friends out there that would love to be included… my family seems to sneak in to my stories quite often. Hey Wait! Maybe that’s why my kids don’t come home from college as much anymore…. 🙂


  3. Make yourself stand up and walk around for a while every hour or so if you can. That’s what I TRY to do but do not always succeed. You are very perceptive and write interesting, down-to-earth material. Always a joy to read.


  4. Wahoo!!!! Good on you! So relieved I am not the only one who silently edits others while they talk or sees avatars dancing in her sleep. Great stuff. You made me laugh.


  5. Har, yes!

    And instead of laughing, you said the letters L-O-L.
    So hahahahahahaha becomes:

    I’m a hopeless computerite. I succumbed long ago, for rather ugly reasons, but now I use this thing in very productive ways, thank goodness. I’ve yet to air draw a smiley face.

    I think.


  6. Ohhhh boy ~ worst time sucking thing is sitting here at this desk. It’s another form of addiction really… Standing up can indeed be a bit stiff! Better take your advice and head outside today. Congrats on 100+ 🙂


  7. Your one about editing your last sentence reminds me of the problem I faced after I finally gave in and got a DVR. I only ever watch shows that have been recorded because I’m too busy to watch when they’re actually on. Now I find myself wanting to fast forward through boring stuff in life or rewind when I didn’t hear something (on the radio for example). I’m pretty sure the DVR was invented as an evil plot to mess with my head.


  8. Oh, I hear you. I know it’s time to take a break when I am actually dreaming about writing posts. I once had a very realistic dream a vlog of mine was Freshly Pressed. A video of me in my slippers and bathrobe, hair a mess and burping. Yeah, that is a warning sign right there.
    Didn’t know your wrote a book! I’m impressed. I am starting one. It’s taking all of my spare time now. Tears me away from blogging that’s for sure.


    1. Thanks Darla! I have had my nightmares too…
      I finished the rough draft and am on chapter 4 of the first rewrite. I believe there will be at least 2 more clean sweeps so I am really busy, plus I am getting ready for tennis season. My kids are in college so I have a lot of free time to sit glued in front of the screen.
      That is great that you started a book!


  9. When your friends start avoiding you–so funny. I’ve had people say, oh no are you going to blog about this?


    1. I have too! I went on a girl’s weekend in December and thought I may come up with something, but I usually like to write about the dumb things I do. Although there were some of course, not enough to blog about.


  10. I am on Blog 16 and can answer “yes” to all of the above, including running things by my dog. Your information is enlightening for this newbie. On a side note…I love that your pupper took time away from that ray of sunshine to pose for the photo…such love : )


    1. It doesn’t take long to exhibit the warning signs… 🙂
      My bichon is sooooo bad! She goes from room to room and chair to couch. We have had an early spring. Living in Boulder County, we have a lot of coyotes and fox so I get concerned when she doesn’t come back inside (we have a doggy door). I looked out the window one day and she was laying out on a recliner catching rays!!!


  11. Congratulations!! Blogging is DEFINITELY a huge time commitment. I try to stay caught up, but it’s tricky to keep up on everyone’s posts while coming up with your own (and then there’s that full-time job! Details, details…)!

    Your pooch is adorable! I’ve trained my dog to guilt me into walking him every day. …Because I need it more than he does!


    1. Nice! I play tennis and just got back from a clinic actually. My husband runs with her a couple times a week, otherwise she just chases rabbits and sleeps. We have a dog watch system so she stays in the yard…If I could just get myself out this chair and go get her leash…………..


  12. I am so guilty of talking in air quotes and waking at 2 am with a blog post dancing around in my head – ha! My biggest time sucker is checking stats on my blog – have to restrain and refrain myself at times. Thanks for sharing & Happy Monday:)


  13. Yeah, I need the break but I am not going to take it 🙂 Take one for both of us Susie. The only dog I have does not belong to me and his owner hates me as much as I hate him.
    Your dog looks so cute though I could certainly use his/her company


    1. I mentioned it yesterday because of the names. The ones I listed, I made up, but there were quite a few that I thought of that were real blog names and came up when I checked them out on Google! My husband tries really hard to keep everyone straight…Blissful Adventurer. 🙂
      My dog is happy to keep anyone company. She is such a ferocious animal!


  14. Great post, Susie, and congrats! I’ve gotta say watching NHL On the Fly is my great time-sucker. As of June it’ll be Baseball Tonight. (As if I really care about a Mariners-A’s game, and yet somehow I do.)


    1. Thanks Heather!
      My husband is addicted to hockey and although the Avs are out, he’ll watch whatever teams make it to the playoffs until baseball season starts up. I love watching some sports, but hockey makes me dizzy!


      1. Then we both need a break. But, and that is a big but, I am retired and enjoying a mixed drink on a Monday afternoon. My laundry is done, my lawn is mowed, and now I look to see who may be communicating this afternoon. Thanks for a nice post and the communications. Wally The Grate


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