Dance with Me! 100 Word Flash Fiction

Growing up alongside the river, she had never tired of the sweet music it provided as she danced along its bank. At times it mimicked a rhythmic lullaby, bubbling over rocks as smooth as silk and she would sway in time to its steady beat. When torrential rain caused it to swell, the bursting water became violent, threatening to overflow its banks and she could be found dancing wildly in the wind.

As the years passed, her roots grew deep along the shoreline where her branches would continue to reach out and keep time for years to come.


Are you putting down roots or are you still looking for the right spot?

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      Oh cool! I am so glad to know that Twitter works!
      I also write a lot of humor posts and will be blogging one on Monday about my recent war with ants! I hope you will stop by again soon!


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