What the? 150 Word Flash Fiction

farm house

Chapter 1  – High Hopes

“Now, let me see. Wash the windows.” Minnie’s list-making was interrupted by a low rumble. “Is it the end of days? On April 20th?” She shuffled over to the window in her pink fluffy slippers and peered out at the dust storm rising up over the hill.

“Oh my, oh my!” With her hair in curlers and still dressed in a housecoat, she grabbed her shotgun.

She hiked over the hill and gawked at the vehicles driving into the south pasture. Music blared from car stereos and there was a distinctive odor.  She spun around, stormed back to the farmhouse, and called the sheriff.


After a long day of shooing away trespassers, Minnie finally sat down on her front porch and began to rock. She pulled a metal case out of her pocket, made herself a cigarette, and lit it up. “For medicinal purposes only. Dang glaucoma,” she said and then inhaled.

Have you ever had unexpected or unwelcome guests?


82 thoughts on “What the? 150 Word Flash Fiction

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  1. Good one. And she’s firin’ up some of that funny tobacco aye? We rarely have visitors. Last ones were the crew whom installed our new wood floor. 🙂


  2. Have had some and now after reading your story am contemplating on getting a shotgun….some just wont have it any other way 😆
    Always a pleasure reading your flash fictions..this just inspired me to send some into “the light.”.
    Wish you a lovely fun weekend Susie 🙂


  3. Hi,
    I certainly wasn’t expecting Minnie to have to light up because of a medical condition, especially after everything she said, seems she is one of those people “do as I say, not as I do” types. 😆
    A great part 2, well done.


  4. You have a great imagination, Susie, that is fab! We once had a unexpected party when everyone down the road noticed my parents car leave, we couldn’t get them out, but we hid all the evidence after (stupidly in the outside bin where they would find it) and mum found hand prints on the front window. All the tidying up we did, trust mum to be a window gal 😉


  5. Great chapter!
    Since Minnie knows how to handle the herb, I wonder if there’s an unexpected career change coming for her – like being den mother/unwilling prophet of the visitors…


  6. Dear Susie,

    Loved the ending to your piece. “For medicinal purposes only.” A wonderful tale, well told.

    Thanks for you comment on The Endless Sea. i appreciate it very much.




  7. I love your flash fiction, Susie. You’re a master at it. Yes, we’ve had unexpected company, and if we’re not up to it, we don’t answer the door!


    1. Turn out the lights and hide, quickly! Oh darn. We forgot to shut the garage door! Hahaha! I do that with door to door salesmen all the time!
      Thanks so much Lynn and have a great weekend!


      1. Oh yeah. I read it this morning and I’m only commenting now because my brain was too tired to think then. I fell asleep till school got out. That’s why I have that image in my head. Duh! Blonde.


  8. Great post – the pink fuzzy slippers and a rifle – she is a spitfire that Minnie – ha! Have a Great Weekend! We usually have encounters with the local wildlife, like Mr. Coyote yesterday morning and the birds are just nuts trying to make nests everywhere.


    1. Thanks Renee!
      We have coyotes too. My daughter is nannying this weekend and is taking the kids to the zoo. I warned her that it is mating season and laughed really hard of course. She said, “Well that will be awkward…”
      Have a great weekend too!


  9. Glaucoma or Glock coma? Judging by her wielding of the shotgun…

    Dang weeds keep springing up, requiring tending and removal.

    Seriously, this nation would do itself a world of good if it recognised the fact this current illegal approach is a dangerous farce. I won’t go near the stuff now, haven’t in 27 years, but our law causes far more problems than it solves.

    My bunkie at the camp… ten years for growing the stuff. Sound right?


    1. Oh wow! Thanks so much Darla! I really appreciate that. I can only hope and am still working on the rewrite of my first book.
      Have a great weekend! It must be warming up a little, even in Maine!


  10. Good continuation of the story! Loved the way Minnie’s character turned around in this one! Wonder what the boys of the last chapter would do now… Will be looking forward to next Friday! 🙂


    1. This video through my daughter. Others I found by cruising through Youtube. I love these girls. They are sisters and have a really interesting story. You can check out their interviews through Youtube.
      Thanks Madison!


      1. Okay, I went back and read the first one and now I like this on a whole new level. Potts Farm seems like a dangerous place to light up with Minnie in town. Quite ironic indeed — whatever the hell that means…


  11. I didn’t make a comment last time because I couldn’t think of anything great to say, but I loved the last two posts.

    I don’t feel as bad for Minnie now Tough old broad on drugs with a gun. Formidable.


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