A Heatwave Cometh Early – A Photo Essay

April 13th, 2011

A lot has been written about global warming and it has become a hot political issue. Pun intended. Regardless of your stand on whether it exists, it has been a warm spring here in Boulder, Colorado. Last year there was so much snow in the mountains, we worried about flooding. This year it was warm and dry. Snow totals are 39% to 49% of normal.

March 23, 2012

This is the first year that the Wisteria has bloomed so profusely. It only had about 8 blooms last year. I am amazed that it has survived our harsh winters here over the last 10 years. It is Colorado not California for God’s sake! I love it!

Fabulous! Kinda digging this warm spring. April 24th, 2012

It hit a hot 88 degrees today and it looks and feels like June rather than April 24th.

I have already battled ants this season. The Miller moths that usually migrate in the millions at the end of May have become the next unwelcome arrival. I can hear them flapping their wings in the night above our bed one month early and they never knock when they come in…So rude!

This foreshortened photo of my legs is really weird and so attractive!

In April 2011, we had a seasonal snowstorm that set back the spring foliage and nipped our fruit trees. There was a ton of die back on the rose bushes from an early frost and their pruned dead stems filled a humongous trash can.

April 24th, 2012 – There is very little rose die back and that will save me soooo much time!

April 13th, 2011

An icy garden

April 2011

April 24th, 2012

These are the last of the tulips in 2012 and it isn’t even May!

Last year in April the snow slowed down the tulips and this year they have already bloomed!

This year our spring is so summer-like.

Last year was like an ice age. What a difference!

Lilacs in full bloom on April 24th, 2012. I have similar photos from last year  in the middle of May!

We are not out of the woods for freezing temperatures until May 15th, but if we continue with this warm weather, we will have amazing fruit this year!

I have already made fresh rhubarb pie and the raspberries are about to bloom!

Raspberry rhubarb pie. Yum!

This is the end of a very lean ski season.

Avoiding the rocks.

Climbing them instead!

If it does threaten to freeze, I will be the crazy lady in the yard protecting everything with sheets like a Hampton’s homeowner covering furniture at the end of summer.

It is a good thing that weather isn’t like a bell curve or we would hit temperatures in the 140’s in July. It is supposed to chill out at the end of this week, but I have lost my faith in weather forecasters.

In the meantime, I will take advantage of the nice weather!

Have you been experiencing any strange weather?

All photos by Susie Lindau

103 thoughts on “A Heatwave Cometh Early – A Photo Essay

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  1. Beautiful post. We have had a wild winter and spring this year. I agree, forget the forecast and just step outside and see what new surprise awaits. As Bob Dylan said, “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”


    1. Our winter was so mild. This is the first one that I remember with such low snow totals. We usually get a big storm with a ton of accumulation. The forecasters kept predicting it, but it never hit! We could use some moisture. I am afraid we could be in for a big drought.
      I just look outside the window to check on the weather!
      Thanks Sophie!


  2. I love these pictures – and oh, the lilacs!

    Here in Florida, the past couple of days have been uncharacteristically cool (which has been gorgeous) and we pretty much skipped winter this year. It got really hot, really early (except for the aforementioned days). I suspect we are in for a wicked hurricane season…


    1. I worry about hurricanes too and tornadoes. It seems like we are getting more super storms since the cold and warm fronts are more extreme.
      I have a big bouquet of lilacs here in the kitchen!
      Thanks Amber!


  3. We had a warm winter and now a warm spring… we’ve had at least 7 days of 80 plus already, and we’ve been into the 90s. It cooled back to seasonable now, but long range forecast (NOAA climate prediction centre) says trending warm. Enjoy!


    1. It makes me wonder what summer will be like. We are all so fearful of terrible heat. You just never know. I don’t care what kind of new super Doppler they use, the weather remains unpredictable!
      Thanks so much JM!


  4. Great post. Beautiful pics! I’m a Colorado native, and I’ve never experienced more short-sleeve winter days than I have this past winter. I don’t know if it’s global warming, but SOMETHING is going on!

    Oh, and here’s a big shout out to rasberry-rhubarb pie!!!! Be sute to make enough for all of us next time! 😉


    1. It was a warm winter; a record breaker and I think we will have a wild summer too. If only we would get some rain…Our sprinklers have been running since early March!
      Have a slice of virtual pie!
      Thanks John!


  5. Photos are wonderful! The second feet/leg pic much better than the first, I must say. 🙂 Biggest thing wrong with the weather is that the bug will be worse this year as the ground, at least, in Indiana didn’t freeze long enough or deep enough to kill most of the eggs. I am a believer in “Global Warming”, but will keep all of that to myself…


  6. We live in Sierra Nevada range and had a similar very dry, very warm winter. Unheard of in this region. 2 weeks ago had a foot of snow after two days of rain/hail. Next week was75 degrees. No question of global warming and it’s effects.

    Great post.


    1. I think it will bring with it many super storms as well. We have already seen the devastation of not one, but multitudes of tornadoes in one storm and this is only April!
      We worry about the long term effects on our ski areas and water sheds.
      Thanks for coming by Barney!


  7. I enjoyed watching you empty your camera. Great shots and Great Toes! We had a huge Wisteria tree in our backyard when I was a kid, and that sure brought back some memories. It will be interesting to see what happens in the garden this year.

    like a Hampton’s homeowner covering furniture at the end of summer Love that line… I’m stealing it at the first available opportunity!


    1. Thanks Ted! I treated myself to a pedicure on my birthday!
      I have always loved Wisteria on our travels to warmer climates. I can’t believe this one is so happy!
      It won’t be the first time that I emptied the linen cabinet with sheets to protect the plants. I am glad you liked that one! 🙂
      I am keeping my fingers crossed.


  8. We will continue to have extremes in the short and long term but I cannot believe how many people(including some running for president) think global warming is a hoax. The human footprint will continue to affect what ever the earth’s normal cycles would have been now more inclined to warming.


    1. If you look at the Earth a mere 100 years ago and compare it in terms of how we have polluted it and built concrete all over it, I find it hard to believe that we haven’t made some kind of huge impact. I always think of the Matrix and when the alien says that humans are like a virus.
      Thanks Carl! Here it is~


  9. I think the biggest mistake made was calling our climate change “global warming.” it’s more like “global weirding” with all the strange weather swings. It’s like Mother Nature is menopausal. I hope this does not mean we are near the end.

    Two days ago it was over 70 degrees here in Western, New York. Yesterday, it snowed on and off all day. We had a 45 degree temperature swing. Today, the snow is gone and our tulips – which had, of course bloomed early – appear to be okay. I just wonder whassup?!


    1. I am worried about the fruit trees. It hasn’t been below freezing at night for weeks! I am keeping an eye on the sky in hopes that we don’t get a killer frost. It is soooooo early. Thanks Renee!


  10. We had 2 weeks of summer in March, but we are paying for it now! I am inclined to agree with the Matrix thing. We could leard a lot from old tribes that only used to take what they needed. We all need to know if we singularly make a difference we are all making a difference!


    1. So very true and scary at the same time. It makes me wonder about what we are doing to our planet. I just stopped buying wild caught fish since I heard that the fish are caught by nets that are 1 – 5 miles long in the ocean. They kill everything. I heard that there will be no fish left if we continue at this pace over the next 40 years…farm raised for me!


  11. Beautiful photos, Susie! I love the simplicity of the moth. We’ve had screwy weather in northeast Ohio. The heat wave of 70s and then a day of 80 in March was freaky. We typically have snow into April and have had first week of May snow storms before. Now we are back to normal with clouds, rain threats and colder 50s. My allergies have already kicked in as well. I am hoping for some steady high 70s and 80s days this summer. Ahhh…


    1. It won’t be long now! The allergies hit hard and early here as you can imagine. The trees are still the biggest cause of pollen, but grass will soon take the lead.

      Those moths are such a pain. They stain everything they poop on! I just keep vacuuming them up!

      Thanks Barbara!


  12. I loved your pictures. I would really like to plant a wisteria bush. I think they are so very pretty. Now that we are planning to move, though, I doubt I’ll go the effort. Thanks so much for sharing. 😀


    1. Thanks Catie! I have had it for years and last year was the first time it had any blooms and I think they got nipped by that storm in the pictures. This year has been amazing, but it took so long to become established.
      Good luck with your move. That can take a lot of energy!


  13. I am laughing at Rene’s comment. So true! The change is simply amazing! What a difference between this year and last? Wow! Beautiful shots. I want to be sitting on that porch with you.


  14. Is that all your garden, that is gorgeous! I’m never putting mine on my blog lol. I can’t believe that change from snow to Spring beauty in less than a month, what is going on?


    1. Yep it’s my garden. I have spent years on it!
      The snow is from last year at exactly the same time. There has been no snow this year which is strange. March and April are usually our snowiest months! Our normal is to go from snow to sunshine and stay under 60 as a high temp and 30 as a low. It has been really mild and now very warm like June!
      Thanks Catherine!


  15. Oh what a difference a year makes! Our weather here in Kentucky has been downright bizarre this year. Barely any snow. Incredibly early heat. Can’t believe it was 88 there yesterday. Hope it wasn’t humid. Take care and enjoy the weather!


    1. We are at a mile high elevation, so it is always really dry here. I didn’t know that about Kentucky’s weather. Seems to be how most of the northern and central States experienced winter. It makes me wonder about summer….
      Thanks Kathryn!


  16. Last Monday we were at 90, then this Monday it was 40. We are just starting to even out. Love your photos and that rhubarb pie looks yum and pretty!


    1. Wow that is a huge difference!
      There are always weird years, but this is the weirdest on record for us. I just pray it doesn’t snow!
      Thanks Coleen! I am so tempted to snack on it, but I will hold off until after dinner…I hope!


  17. Hey, Susie! We’ve had goofy weather here in Northern California too. Hardly any rain from October through February. So little snow in the Sierras it was scary. Thought for sure a drought was upon us and there’d be hundreds of wild fires. But in late March and April we’ve had freezing temps, rain, rain, rain and more rain and tons of snow up in the high country. Ski season is really good right now. Wasn’t at Christmas, but it’s fantastic now! I guess we’re going to have every season arrive two months later than normal.

    I’m not complaining though. It’s a beautiful spring here finally. The wisteria here is amazing this year as well and the wild flowers are blanketing the hills and sides of the roads. Mother Nature just takes her own sweet time in 2012. Maybe it’s because it’s the last spring we’ll ever see, according to the Mayans!

    Beautiful pictures of your yard too! Looks peaceful. Well, except for the ants and the moths that is.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. It is the opposite here! No snow in the mountains and summer arrived early. Sounds like the weather is at extremes!
      I am keeping on top of those bugs…. 🙂
      Thanks Patricia!


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