An Invitation to Promote and Party!

My one year blogiversary is this Friday and I have been trying to come up with a way to celebrate. If you have been following my blog, you know how much I LOVE to party, so this will be a week-long celebration! I may have to buy a new dress!

I came up with a few ideas to mark the occasion.

I could throw a big party and invite all of my friends, but most still don’t know what a “blog” is and may mistake it for “dog” and wonder if I have lost my mind.

I could climb up to the top of Mt. Sanitas here in Boulder and scream from the summit, “Happy Blogaversary to me!” but I am not sure that anyone having a quiet Zen moment of meditation (this is Boulder), would appreciate my own personal shout-out.

I could make a list of my favorite bloggers, but I might miss someone and could start my first flame war. I would really like to celebrate in a positive non-combative way without flame throwers and word grenades.

I could link twenty (or forty), of my early blog posts that had 12 views or less, but others may see this as nothing more than shameless self-promotion and who wants to read I am Going Straight to Hell or My Household Confessional or The Mother of Invention anyway?

I could write a poem, transform it into a rap song and VLOG it, but I don’t want to give anyone indigestion or cause permanent hearing damage.

I could write a one year recap, but I like to keep my blog posts short and sweet, and if not sweet at least under 365 pages long.

I could coordinate a flash mob on the Pearl Street Mall, but I probably couldn’t get enough people willing to make fools of themselves and I am not sure that dancing alone is considered a “mob.”

I could treat myself to a spa day, but the last time I did that, my skin was so raw I couldn’t go outside for days.

I could run a contest, but there is always a winner and a loser and I don’t want anyone to feel bad about being a big LOSER while the rest of us are partying down.

I know! How about this idea. Wednesday will be Use Me and Abuse Me Day! Everyone has written a favorite story that didn’t get many views. Oh, come on. You didn’t start out with 300 views. Be honest! On Wednesday, May 2nd, 2 days before my special day, you are welcome to come by and post one link to one of your blog posts in my comment section. Include a short one line promotion, so you can entice others to read it. If you have a book to sell, you could promote it instead!

Then check out the other bloggers in the comment section and make some new friends. It will be a virtual party! Exchange twitter handles! Invite them to be Facebook “friends!” Subscribe to their blog! 

Since I am letting you abuse my comment section, all I ask in return is to consider subscribing to my blog. I can assure you that it is never all about me. Well, that’s not entirely true, but it usually includes some (a lot), of my own humiliation and laughter (on your part).

Hey! This looks like a fun way to celebrate! Okay, so I am distracted with Youtube videos again…busted!

Warning: Do not post more than one link or you will end up in my spam file and that would be considered piggy! No one likes the piggy at the party unless you are eating cake and then you are welcome to pig-out all you want!

So off you go! Peruse your old posts, write a short hook and come back on Wednesday to link it in my comment section. I will blog by 7:00 AM Mountain time.

Now if I could just find something new to wear…

How long have you been blogging?

How has it changed your life?

First photo by Susie Lindau, 2nd by Bonfire Wallpaper

111 thoughts on “An Invitation to Promote and Party!

Add yours

  1. You had me at “dance alone in public.” My bucket list includes participating in a flash mob. Since there are now two of us willing to dance when the mood strikes, you’re one person closer to your flash mob.

    I don’t celebrate my one year until October. But, I subscribe to yours, so I’ll be back to celebrate with you on Wednesday. Fun ideas! All of them blogs waiting to happen. Go on! Live it up.


    1. Woohoo! Another Flash Mob Dancer! Alright!
      I am so glad that you will be back to party on Wednesday! It should be fun and I am hoping that people jump in and introduce themselves in my comment section.
      You are about 6 months in, so this will be a great way to poach bloggers!
      Thanks Gloria!


  2. Hey Susie, congratulations on your Blogday 1! 😀 I’m coming up to my second blogoversary (spell checker wants governable!) in May so I think I’d better come up with a way to celebrate that – but, for you, your party sounds fun! I like the dance and colours videos – anything that makes me feel good is always a bonus! I’ll pop by on Wednesday with a link – I already follow you so I can’t do that again, but I can take part in your flash mob if you like. I don’t know where the Pearl Street Mall is, but I can join in the dancing here, on my own, in the UK. I’m still part of your celebrations though! See you Wednesday (although with time zones goodness knows when! ;))


    1. That is fantastic Tom! I will look forward to your link.
      I subscribe to that guy’s Youtube channel. He has some amazing videos!
      See you at my party on Wednesday~We’ll have a virtual Flash Mob event1


  3. Yay! A one year celebration! I have six more months to go. Party Party! Hmmm. Let me think, do I have a post I want to share. 😐 I don’t know. It should really be all about you! Congratulations chickie!


    1. It is about meeting new bloggers ! I would love for you to come and party it up in the comment section. Have a conversation in the comments! Meet new people; swap stories! It won’t be a party without you!
      Thanks Debra!


  4. Will there be any sugar-free cookies or brownies at the party? You know, for us diabetics. Guess you’ll need some gluten-free refreshments, too. Seems like a lot of our fellow writers are gluten-intolerant.


    1. Really??? Well I will add that to my list of virtual snacks along with beer for Tim O’brien! I think you will be able to find anything you are looking for as long as it includes FUN!
      I hope to see you on Wednesday!


    1. Thanks so much and I hope you will stop back with your link on Wednesday! There will be all sorts of mingling in the comments section! It will be a virtual cocktail party!


  5. Hi,
    Wow, coming up to your first year that is fantastic and congrats. 😀
    I love the idea you have come up with, sounds great, it certainly will be a blog party of sorts, and of course I will be expecting some fantastic virtual food to go with it all, and don’t forget the streamers. 😀


    1. Streamers! I almost forgot streamers! There will be all kinds of fun to be had. I better go to bed early on Tuesday night! 🙂
      Thanks Mags! I am so glad you are going to join us!!!


  6. What a wonderful idea! Although… the flash mob was pretty cool too!

    I have marked my calendar so I do not miss this event. You have reached a milestone and this fantastic… yes, there must be celebrating (makes note to pick up a couple of bottle of champagne and party hats).

    I’ve had a couple of writing blogs up for more than a year, but I don’t post on them every day, so I think for my anniversary I will use my Project 365 blog, which I started January 1… so I have a while to go before I can celebrate my anniversary.

    I am looking forward to yours, Susie! xx 🙂


    1. That is so awesome Veronica! I can barely keep up with one blog and I post 2-3 times a week! I will look forward to celebrating yours!
      I’ll see you on Wednesday. There may be some dancing too!
      Thank you!


  7. What a great idea. I did something sort of similar but not for a blogoversary. I did it instead of passing along one of those silly blogging awards we get to often. I will be back Wednesday to share my link. Thanks so much. And congrats on nearly completing a year!


  8. If Robert DeNiro was dancing by himself, you could call THAT a mob. As for the dress, rap song and top o’ the mountain zen moment? I say go for the hat trick. Oh, and bring a camera so it can burn up youtube, cool?
    Happy BlogDay a bit early.


    1. Too funny! Thanks Cayman! Come back on Wednesday to party in the comments! I am thinking of doing a Youtube video for “Use Me and Abuse Me Day!” We’ll see…. 🙂


  9. Hmmm… A Celebration Blog Clearing House. Nice idea, I may be back with one… how to choose… they’re all so good.

    I’ve been blogging for 2 1/2 years with 1 year off… so, I guess 1 1/2 years. I would have to give serious thought to how it has changed my life. One thing is certain, I have been exposed to many wonderful writers of all types of writings… and I am spending a hell of a lot more time on my computer, reading blogs like Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride… which is all about her.


    1. Awww! You rock Ted!
      It is all about me! Hahaha!
      I have met some wonderful people too! I hope to meet up with a lot of them in real life.
      I will look forward to reading your story on Wednesday. Wear your party hat. 🙂
      Thank you so much!


  10. I’ve been out for a week, and what do I read first? How about the great news of your blogiversary and a brilliantly altruistic idea to boot?! Love it!

    Congrats and cheers!


    1. Thanks Corey! You are awesome! I hope you will stop by and leave a link and then party away. I think I am going to include my first personal vlog introducing the party on Wednesday. What do you think?


      1. As long as you promise to bowl your little dog on the kitchen floor 🙂

        I think it’s a great idea. Don’t forget the drinks. Sorry, that’s the Irish talking. And to steal someone else’s idea…streamers…and bubbles…and a cake where a naked person jumps out…and a clown…

        Never mind. Forget the clown. The rest is good.


        1. Naked always gets attention. That’s good!
          Not sure about bowling Roxy in this video. 🙂
          The drinks will be flowing. Don’t forget. I am a McCartan! Thanks for the atta boy. I think I will go for it!


          1. Anytime Susie!

            Also. I really just confused myself with having two WordPress logins. I have one for my old .wordpress site and the current self hosted one…trippy.

            It’s almost midnight…too…late…to…think….


            1. Well I have had a glass of wine after playing tennis and running today so I am amazed that I kept both of you straight! Hahaha! Must be the coconut oil I started eating on my toast in the mornings! Hahaha!


  11. Happy (early) blogoversary! GREAT idea for a way to celebrate! I celebrated 1 year in Feb, and I can definitely say blogging has changed my life! I’ve gotten some really unexpected opportunities, but best of all, made some amazing new friends. I thought it would be all about the writing, but it’s really about the community (cue sappy music) 🙂


  12. Hi Susie! Wow, what a great way to celebrate your blogoversary! Happy blogoversary to you! May it last throughout the next year and more! Now about those three hundred hits. LOL! I WISH! LOL! But it’s good to see you and get back into the swing of things. I’ve missed everyone! See you tomorrow. I have a feeling that your site is going to burn up! LOL! 🙂


  13. I feel like a whore exploiting your generous gift to the blogging community in honor of your own anniversary. Yet, I did try to follow you several weeks back from my computer at work and I could not understand why it didn’t happen, but then again most everything I do from that PC I loathe at The Grind enters The Dead Zone.


  14. Dear Wild Thing… I thought it only fair to warn you… I will be putting on 2 links tomorrow. One is my favorite, and the other I think tells an interesting story your friends may have experienced and will enjoy hearing. To avoid the Spam Threat, I will be sneaking one on after the festivities are well underway and you are too, let’s say, distracted to notice. Your’s was one of the first blogs I read when I first tried Madison Wood’s Flash Fiction. I think it was about the dead mummified guy you were so in awe of. The picture of you on your bike in the Rockies is indelibly burned into my mind. Happy Blog Day tomorrow!


    1. Oh Ted! That is so nice! It is quite possible that I will be too distracted to notice! Hahaha! Go for it and by all means have fun and feel free to poach my commenters!
      Thank you so much!


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