Date Swap!

Graduation celebrations, town festivals and picnics filled this Memorial Day weekend. The unofficial kick-off to summer rocked and yet I noticed an underlying somber mood. Americans were reminded of the service men and woman who gave up their lives for our country. I agree that we need to reflect and pay tribute, but Memorial Day... Continue Reading →

This is so Hideous!

Are you sick of the word awesome? I use it all the time in comments, posts, and daily life. I also overuse amazing, fabulous and fantastic. Some words start to feel worn out after a few years while others still remains fresh.  The word cool has been around forever! William Shakespeare used the word a few times... Continue Reading →

A Misspent Saturday Night

I think there is something wrong with me. I never give up. I am like the head on the ground in Monty Python and the Holy Grail who yells at the knight who has beheaded him, “Come back and fight like a man!” Saturday night I discovered my coral beaded choker had my favorite gold... Continue Reading →

Without a Doubt? 100 Word Flash Fiction

While Jane examined her reflection in the mirror, panic slapped her perfect, oval face. Her heart raced with the rush of adrenaline. She took the elevator to the lobby and walked across the street. After checking through security, Jane stopped to take a deep breath before turning the doorknob and entering the vortex.  Caught in... Continue Reading →

It’s Show Time!

A thought wriggled into my mind the other day.  Okay, hold your jokes about how that was a momentous occasion. It occurred to me how blogging is like live theater. I took a class many years ago and remember when my professor gave us a list of why people go to the theater. I think the same... Continue Reading →

My Gelatinous Friends

As spring slides into summer, my thoughts turn to jellyfish; don’t yours? I find these undulating sea creatures so fascinating with long tendrils trailing behind their gelatinous bodies. They are the ballerinas of the deep while dancing through the ocean current.  Skeletonless, they are original shapeshifters. When confronting an enemy, the dance transforms into a... Continue Reading →

Use Me and Abuse Me Day!

This is the day you have all been waiting for. It’s Use Me and Abuse Me Day! I hope you will participate in this virtual blog party as part of my blogiversary week! All you have to do is go through your old blog posts and pick one that may have been missed by readers.... Continue Reading →

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