Use Me and Abuse Me Day!

This is the day you have all been waiting for. It’s Use Me and Abuse Me Day! I hope you will participate in this virtual blog party as part of my blogiversary week! All you have to do is go through your old blog posts and pick one that may have been missed by readers. Come back here and post one link (URL), in the comment section of my blog. Feel free to include a short “hook” to entice other readers to your blog. If you have a book to sell, go for it!

 Welcome to my place. My guests would love to meet you!

That is when the party begins! As others post their links, peruse the guests and check out their blogs. You may see a writer here that you are not familiar with. Say hello!

I have a pretty long comment stream allotment, so feel free to have a conversation right here on my blog! Jump in and introduce yourself. This could be a great opportunity to make some connections and new friends.

Remember to only post ONE link or you’ll end up in my spam file. One is all you need to transport your new guest to your blog and then you can show them around your place!

Make sure that you help yourself to the drinks and the hors d’eovres. The champagne is flowing, I’ve tapped the keg, and the sodas are chillin’. The coffee will be fresh brewed all day and can be made anyway you like!

There has been some talk about creating a video for the occasion. I have to admit that I CAVED!

This is my personal VLOG debut and it does include some DANCING! The best parties always include dancing. Do you remember me saying in more than a few posts that I have no shame?

Roxy snuck in. She loves to mug for the camera.

Dance with me!


Here is my barely seen blog post from August that I thought ROCKED. One of the three comments was sooooo sarcastic. I love sarcasm! The third comment posted last night. How random was that?

The title sells itself: Just Put Your Lips Together and Blow! Please…

It would be awesome if you considered following my blog. It is always an adventure!

Go ahead and abuse me! Have fun!

The doorbell is ringing. Gotta go!

Since this has been such a huge success, I am going to host another blog party on Wednesday, June 6th!

272 thoughts on “Use Me and Abuse Me Day!

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  1. Just stopping back to check in…(oh, you’ve already cleaned up the place? Good timing on my part!)
    Seriously, Will be interested in you de-briefing/ reflective comments over the mania you created.
    Great idea…(hope you’re not suffering from clogged blog hang-over!)


    1. Clogged Blog, yep got that! Hahaha! Everything is cleaned up, but there are still a few checking in to click away which is awesome for everyone!
      I was going to do a short recap in my blog tomorrow and go into more depth on June 6th when it will be time to Use Me and Abuse Me once again!
      Thanks so much for making it a Wild Blog Party!


    2. Actually the number is still growing of clicks out to other blogs! I will have to update it before I blog tomorrow…It is really awesome to see everyone making new friends!


  2. Hi Susie

    Ha! It’s going to take a lot more than mention of a couple of digital drinks to make me dance in front of a camera. In fact it takes a lot genuine drinks to make me dance at all (and then it’s more of a case of random staggering).

    I worked very hard on clean interpretations of “Just Put Your Lips Together and Blow! Please…” but it was a waste of time and I certainly didn’t thinking of whistling! Maybe I should have had another of those drinks…

    Here’s my sad and neglected link, which does happen to mention Old Crow, but I’m not an alcololhic. Alholic. Allo-colic. And I don’t drink too much either.



    1. Oh Nigel! I am so glad you came by! I taped my own dancing without any imbibing or I would have really rocked out. Hahaha!
      Have fun reading the links and making new friends!
      The drinks are flowing and the party seems to be revving up once again!


    1. Thank you Barry! It worked out really well for everyone. I can see all of the links out of my blog! Help yourself to a drink and have fun meeting some new bloggers!


  3. I’m LATE to the party! That’s what I get for being diligent and hard working – it never pays off!

    Wow! Just wow! What the hell are you like, woman? You are crazy. Great moves but where was the voice? And unphotogenic my ass! You’re gorgeous!

    Oh and my book goes free today on KDP for forty eight hours from midnight Pacific standard time. Amazon tell me it might take a couple of hours for it go live. So please feel free to enjoy a Reckless Sexy Night in Rome. Hehehe!

    Loved this, Susie. You seriously rock the blogosphere!


    1. Thanks so much CC! I am so glad that you made it! The post will always be up and I will include it my blog for a while to get more readers to check out these amazing links.
      Congratulations on your book! It sounds awesome!


    1. Thank you so much Jenny! I am so glad that you came by to leave a link! Have fun checking out my friend’s links. It is a virtual party that never ends so help yourself!


        1. I have spent soooo many hours looking for new blogs to follow over the last year and I knew that this was a very talented bunch. Some don’t get viewed by many so this was my way of connecting everyone! I am so glad!


    1. How cool is that?
      Thank you so much for dropping by! I am so glad that you are saving this. It is an amazing group of bloggers and their links are well worth a visit. Maybe you will make some new cyber friends!


  4. Brilliant! Love the dancing, love the vlog, love the idea. I’m one of those party guests that come to dance and don’t bring any nibbles – so sorry no neglected blog post. Maybe NEXT party! Go Susie! Oh and Guapo also sent me.


  5. oops! I got here late! I just found out about your’ party from ‘butimbeautiful’ who found out about it from ‘El Guapo’. Can I stay? I brought rum!
    Here’s a link to my favorite blog post so far
    I just started writing again in December, after a 26 year “hiatus” (I graduated from fashion design school thinking “I wanna be a writer!” Then I thought “Oh, that’s just silly!” and a few years later gave up writing “for good” to concentrate on career
    About a month after I picked it up again, I remember that in February 2011, a psychic told me I was going to be writing and would be very successful at it…I argued that I already had a career and I didn’t have time to write, then promptly forgot about it…until 11 months later when I realized I was doing it! Prescience or planting of a seed? Who knows? (and who really cares? I’m enjoying the hell out of it!)
    Oops, look, I’ve almost written a whole post here! I tend to do that! (hence the name Blatherbabe!)
    Anyway, GREAT party! Love so many of the bloggers I’ve met here!


    1. That is so great! I am glad that you made it here to my blog! Thanks for the rum. Have fun checking out the guests.
      I will be hosting again on June 6th!
      Thanks so much!


  6. Hi Susie! Great video, and even better dancing! I’m very late to this party, because I just found out about it from a reblog. But this is one of the more original ideas I’ve seen on WordPress and I’d like to join in. So here is my link to a post about what happens to a guy who’s been married for over 20 yrs, when he’s left wifeless for a few days, and suddenly has to fend for himself.


  7. Move over Ellen.. Susie’s in town and she can dance better than you can!! Hey.. can I play?? I’m bringing my famous pink ruffle rainbow cake!! I’m baking another pretty fancy cake but it isn’t posted yet.. but if you stop by I’ll give you a poem and a slice of that one too:) I love you Susie.. you’re so bubbly and full of awesome ideas!! I’m off to see who else is here… got to mingle:D xoxoxo Smidge


  8. Susie, Loved it… Thanks to my friend Rose and her follower El Guapo for pointed me this way. I am now going to make my own and dancing clip and join in the party, although mine is going to be music from my CD collection, maybe a bit of vintage 1980’s disco, maybe Saturday Night Fever… Hope that’s not too scary… Ok here is my forgotten hardly seen blog entry…

    Thanks for the party invite, I had a ball!

    Capt. Savage
    (Lost in the 1980’s and never been the same since)


    1. Thanks so much!
      Just so you know, I can’t post comments since WP decided I am a spammer. I am trying to resolve the issue and will come and read as soon I can leave a comment. Sheesh!
      The next Use Me and Abuse Me Day is June 6th so I hope you will come back and party with us then too!


    1. Excellent! Nope! I just wanted to get bloggers together to read each other’s forgotten posts! Thanks for coming by and stop back on June 6th when I host again!


  9. Hi Susie! This is such a fun idea. I have seen your name pop up on comments of numerous sites I visit and FINALLY decided to check out your blog. I figured this would be a good post to comment on, since you are basically inviting self pimping! 🙂

    My name is Misty . . . and I take pictures of crazy people/things I see and post them on my blog. (Hi Misty!). This post is by far the most viewed one on my entire site, although I don’t think it’s my best. But all those views can’t be wrong, so here you go:


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