Use Me and Abuse Me Day!

This is the day you have all been waiting for. It’s Use Me and Abuse Me Day! I hope you will participate in this virtual blog party as part of my blogiversary week! All you have to do is go through your old blog posts and pick one that may have been missed by readers. Come back here and post one link (URL), in the comment section of my blog. Feel free to include a short “hook” to entice other readers to your blog. If you have a book to sell, go for it!

 Welcome to my place. My guests would love to meet you!

That is when the party begins! As others post their links, peruse the guests and check out their blogs. You may see a writer here that you are not familiar with. Say hello!

I have a pretty long comment stream allotment, so feel free to have a conversation right here on my blog! Jump in and introduce yourself. This could be a great opportunity to make some connections and new friends.

Remember to only post ONE link or you’ll end up in my spam file. One is all you need to transport your new guest to your blog and then you can show them around your place!

Make sure that you help yourself to the drinks and the hors d’eovres. The champagne is flowing, I’ve tapped the keg, and the sodas are chillin’. The coffee will be fresh brewed all day and can be made anyway you like!

There has been some talk about creating a video for the occasion. I have to admit that I CAVED!

This is my personal VLOG debut and it does include some DANCING! The best parties always include dancing. Do you remember me saying in more than a few posts that I have no shame?

Roxy snuck in. She loves to mug for the camera.

Dance with me!


Here is my barely seen blog post from August that I thought ROCKED. One of the three comments was sooooo sarcastic. I love sarcasm! The third comment posted last night. How random was that?

The title sells itself: Just Put Your Lips Together and Blow! Please…

It would be awesome if you considered following my blog. It is always an adventure!

Go ahead and abuse me! Have fun!

The doorbell is ringing. Gotta go!

Since this has been such a huge success, I am going to host another blog party on Wednesday, June 6th!

272 thoughts on “Use Me and Abuse Me Day!

Add yours

  1. What a great idea! I just started blogging and I am loving it. I write about everything, but I love to humor, opinion, sex/relationship topics. My most recent post was on 5 Truths About Men. I also did one on what I call the ‘Sex Window’ (the small window of time that sex is actually a possibility).


  2. Love how you encourage us to find blog friends “down there” (see your video). Um down where? Oh right, blog roll. The long scroll stroll to this spot must qualify! How did I get to be a day late?

    Once I was invited to a party that started at ten o’clock, and showed up at 10 a.m. to a house full of bleary eyed — they meant 10 p.m. I’d post a link to my blog, but I’m way too serious for a party, so will just pick up a few stale cheetos off the dance floor and start reading. Thank you. Cheers!


    1. You haven’t missed this month’s party. It starts tomorrow at 7 AM Mountain Time. It will last a couple days I am sure!
      This was the original party last month, but I am sure that bloggers will be happy to “see” you!

      The Cheetos bags will be opened soon!


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