It’s Show Time!

A thought wriggled into my mind the other day.  Okay, hold your jokes about how that was a momentous occasion. It occurred to me how blogging is like live theater. I took a class many years ago and remember when my professor gave us a list of why people go to the theater. I think the same reasons apply to blogging.

Theatergoers want to be swept away. The theater can move an audience to tears or make them laugh. Through song and dance they can be entertained, momentarily forgetting their own troubles.

I love reading blogs that convey a message, make me think differently about a topic, or bring a smile to my face.  Some have been so poignant that I have teared-up or cried. Others have been so hilarious that I read them out loud to my family.

Theatergoers want to be seen. Those fancy balcony seats along the side of the theater are not only for the patron to look down, but for the average theater-goer to look up.

In blogging, we have avatars and make comments which provide the same effect. Being seen on someone’s blog is a great way to entice readers to check out your own blog. Many times I have clicked on a comment or avatar and not only did I find a new blog to read, but I subscribed!

Theatergoers realize there is a live aspect of the show and anything can happen.  The old good luck expression, “Break a leg,” seems counter-productive since many actors have tripped and fallen on stage. Others have forgotten lines.

In blogging, where else can you read an author’s work hot off the press?  I have tripped by missing an error after proof-reading my story a bazillion times. Either I found the typo or it was pointed out to me by a reader after it was in the blogosphere. I always pick myself up off the blogging stage, correct it as soon as possible, and then pretend like nothing happened. Oh yes. I am a natural actress.

Theater is a spectacle. So much of the mood of the play is determined by the lighting, the sets and the costumes.

The same can be true when we customize our blog, reflecting who we are and what our focus is going to be.

Photography has become the rage with eye candy sites like Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and Stumbleupon. The inclusion of a few photos can help express the tone and may seduce someone into reading your story.

Theatergoers attend shows to see live actors. After the performance, some fans will wait at the backstage door in hopes of getting a signed autograph.

We can “talk” to the author of a blog and make a connection by making comments. We often get immediate feedback and can have a conversation. How cool is that? I have made many friends this way and feel elated when I have the opportunity to make contact with an amazing blogger.

There are other similarities:

The cast and crew of a Broadway play hope to win the Tony. This is the ultimate prize of the theater and all hope to be recognized with this prestigious award.

As bloggers we all hold our breath, at least I do, Monday through Friday when the Freshly Pressed winners are listed on the WordPress front page.

Some plays are overnight sensations, while others flop. The ones that show us something new, transform, or entertain us stay open and run for years. The ones that don’t make a connection or bore the audience, shut their doors after they are panned in the reviews.

There are many reasons to blog. Personally, I am blogging to create a following and to practice my writing. My mom taught me long ago not to talk about me, myself, and I. Okay. I admit that my blog revolves around me, but before I press publish, I always ask myself a question – out loud, “Who will give a s#!t about this?” Then I edit one more time and hope that my doors stay open…

Does it feel like opening night every time you press publish?

Why do you blog?

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  1. I would never have made the connection, but you are so right! Blogging is so much fun and for so many varied reasons. It’s more than a creative outlet for me, it’s a chance to stretch around the world and touch as many hearts as I can.


    1. And you do touch a lot of hearts with your kind words Tameri! I can’t believe the amount of friends I have made here and like you, they stretch around the world!
      Thanks for reading!


  2. Well written.. the theater surely is an apt metaphor for blogging! Have you been Freshly Pressed?? I, for one, have long since given up hope.. I think they must be looking for something I just don’t have, lol, and I’m not going to sit and wonder why:) Guess I’m just happy to have a platform to write, perform, and meet other awesome performers with excellent shows.. like yours!! xo


    1. Thanks so much Smidgen and I love your blog! I have been Freshly Pressed twice which is a miracle.
      I just checked your blog and you are using over 9 tags and categories. That blocks you from the Reader. You can only have 9 in total. I would take your last 4 posts and eliminate some so they total 9 and then you will get on their radar! That is the only thing keeping you from being FP’d!


  3. I never really thought about it that way, but yes it makes sense! As writers we wait for the blogging audience reactions…comments or likes. As a reader (or audience member) I definitely look forward to some hot-off-the-press blog that makes me laugh either about family, travel or food. Good post.


  4. Love the comparison of blogging to theater. I suppose I blog to improve my writing skills. At least that was my reason for getting started. I continue to post for that reason, but now I also do it for the sense of community–something I had never expected to gain from blogging.


    1. The community is the coolest thing and I had no idea that’s what I would find. We all started in a dark room, sending our posts out through the internet hoping someone would read them! I am so glad I did! I have formed many friendships through blogging.
      Thanks Kathryn!


  5. I blog to scratch the writing itch. It comes upon me every day. The blog is a wonderful way to get those ideas that rattle around in my head. It’s also a place that I can show off without having to do anything really stupid.


  6. Susie, thank you for this great analogy! I’d like to say that I blog to improve my writing skills, but really, the blatant truth is that I am at heart an actress who loves center stage, the spotlights blazing – and your post today explains why I’m loving blogging so much!


    1. That is sooo cool! I was never in theater, but I have been loving the responses from those that have. I think we put ourselves out there to entertain and ultimately to be judged and we hope that our audience keeps growing!
      Thank you so much Sally!


  7. Love! There is some truth to this. Except that I can hide behind a picture and no one needs to see what really look like in real time. THANK GOD! LOL. You had me bursting out loud in laughter in the first two lines. 😀 It’s funny because just today I was rethinking my blog to better reflect me, my life with the kids and my available time while making it (hopefully) fun and totally geeky. We’ll see. There may be a change coming in that stage show lineup. Hahaha


    1. I LOVE that idea! I just updated mine as you can see. I think it is good to keep evolving as we get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. I can’t wait to see your fun geeky site!
      Thanks Debra!


  8. Great post, and a great metaphor. I’m not quite sure why I continue to blog…maybe it’s just cheaper than buying all those journals and/or it’s an excuse for me to post funny stories?


    1. You are a natural and a Recommended WordPress blogger. Why would you leave? YOU ROCK! I have stopped reading magazines and have cut back on TV since blogging. I am waaaaay more entertained here!
      Thanks Heather!


  9. Since I reside in NYC and I’m an avid theatergoer, I’ve seen countless plays and musicals on and off Broadway through the years. Only recently has it occurred to me that there are any similarities between blogging and theater, but that came from a small off Broadway comedy revue called Blogologues. Blogologues is staged blog posts opened up for the theater but essentially performed verbatim. It’s a very cool show. I think you would love it. Your site should probably be in it, but there’s no way to “audition”. Check out the link:


  10. This was an excellent post, Susie. I was a theater major in college and can relate… that is an interesting idea. And yes, it does feel like ‘opening night’ a little.

    Incidentally, since you wrote about ants, I have been invaded by them. I am holding you directly responsible.


    1. Thanks Ted! I am so glad that you could relate! I was never in theater so it was a leap for me.

      Sorry about your ants. Get a couple of bait stations. Run a line of cinnamon perpendicular to where they are coming in. They follow the ant in front of them so they get confused when they hit the cinnamon.. Hit them with vinegar and they will die. I still have cinnamon along the windowsill and anywhere I think they were getting in. Let me know if that helps! Good luck!


  11. I started my blog when my TV broke. I had no television for almost a year, and was entertained by reading funny blogs, and writing. I edit a few hundred times before pressing “publish” – but always find 20 more things to fix.

    And I agree with you – there is a show time feeling to it all. Especially when you’re waiting for a favorite writer to post something new and entertaining.

    ps – since I bought myself a new TV, I don’t read or blog as much. ::waaa::


  12. Wow! That was so true. As a thespian myself I see things from the other side of the curtain, but the same concept applies. Will anyone notice that there’s a hole in my tights or my wig is askew? Will they know if I screw up my lines? What if when the curtain opens there’s only 10 people out there watching? Ah, those were the days.

    Keep up the good “theater,” Susie!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Thanks Patricia!
      I have seen it through my kids eyes when they performed. I am so glad that you agree about the similarities. My hope is to entertain the reader in some form. The connections I make through the comments keeps me going!


  13. Its a compellingly blossoming passion within.It fulfills me,endlessly drawing me deeper. Practice makes perfect and so i keep moving,til I’ve actualized! Thanks for the challenge!


  14. I write on my blog to give me the spark for writing fiction. It’s an exercise. I’m quite thrilled that people are reading my blog! Perhaps they’ll read my fiction too?


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