Fractured Dreams – Flash Fiction Friday – You Choose

mirrored hands

The scent of fresh pine tugged her from a deep sleep, but she hung on to the tendrils of the hazy dream. If she opened her eyes now, it would slip away.

Scenes flashed in a cool caress and pulled her into a subconscious state. She walked through a dark forest. She was not alone.

The hunter was close. His footfalls crunched on the leaves and twigs of the forest floor. Somehow the game had gotten out of control. She had wanted him to catch her like before, and yet the growing fear of a different outcome stood in her way.

I don’t trust him.

The Winner!

He peered through the doorway. The hospital worker scrubbed floors with a mop while she remained in a coma. This time he’d gone too far.

That was the first ending I wrote, but wasn’t sure that readers would like the dark ending. Was I wrong or what? Thanks for voting. The results will help me with the completion of my rewrite!

72 thoughts on “Fractured Dreams – Flash Fiction Friday – You Choose

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    1. Thanks Kecia! I am glad you liked this. I wasn’t sure anyone would play along, but many did!
      These flash fictions are helping me with a book I working on. Knowing that readers like a little darkness will help me with my rewrite.
      I hope you will stop by with a link on Wednesday!


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