Heads Up! A Party Invitation

I wanted to give you a “heads up” that the next Use Me and Abuse Me Day is coming up this Wednesday, June 6th. That’s the day you can come to my blog for a virtual party. You are welcome to leave a link to one of your posts in my comment section on Wednesday. I found that leaving a hook Β or brief description helped lure readers to your blog.

Remember that you don’t go to a party with a to-go box, fill it with appetizers, and leave. In other words, don’t drop off your link without clicking on a few. This is an interactive party where you look for new bloggers to hook up with. Well you know what I mean. Introduce yourself. Chat them up! You may even subscribe to a couple!

Since I will be allowing you to abuse my comment section, all I ask in return is to consider subscribing to my blog.

Capturing these photos to get the point across gave me a headache….It seemed like such a simple idea. “Heads Up, right?” I think my husband Danny poured a couple hundred tennis balls on my head to get these shots…..

I took this after 8 tennis balls bounced off my head…

Missed the shot again! My eyes are still crossed…

This is about to put my eye out!

This one hit the planter and then my shoulder after 6 balls hit my head…

Snapped too early

I was laughing so hard, I had to lose the scarf. Closed my eyes! Dang it!

Am I yawning or about to be knocked unconscious?

Why can’t I learn Photoshop and super-impose them like everyone else?

Well anyway, you get the idea….

Head’s up! The next Use Me and Abuse Me Day is coming this Wednesday, June 6th. Get ready for another virtual party!

I will post around 7:00 AM Mountain Time

There is still time to choose the ending in Fractured Dreams!

71 thoughts on “Heads Up! A Party Invitation

Add yours

    1. Thanks Ellie! When I first looked at them, I thought they are so awful since I am flinching and squinting in these foreshortened photos, but then I thought, “That’s what makes them funny!”
      See you Wednesday!


  1. Thank you for the use and abuse me day! I can’t believe how you enjoy abusing your own head by standing in front of a tennis ball throwing machine… awesome!


  2. At least the last picture on this post was not you lying flat on your back tennis ball bruised and passed out. I think we should be ordered to subscribe and donate Nerf balls. To be continued on Wednesday, buddy!


    1. I should have had one taken like that! What was I thinking? We just came down from the mountains and it was threatening to rain so I took these in a hurry.
      Love the Nerf ball idea for next time. Wait, next time???? I think I would wear a hard hat! πŸ™‚
      See you on Wednesday!


    1. Oh you are too kind! Hahaha! At first I looked at the photos and thought they were too unattractive to use. Then I realized that was the “beauty” of them and used the ones that contained a ball!
      Looking forward to seeing you on the 6th too!
      Thanks August~


    1. These are untouched photos I can assure you or I would have taken the wrinkles out of my forehead! πŸ™‚ I just adjusted the color.
      I am so glad you will be coming to the party Tom. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s posts last time!d See you Wednesday~


  3. Excellent idea! It was really wonderful last time!
    And, should you find the answer to the question on why you can’t learn Photoshop – please publish the answer in your blog!


    1. It’s only because I haven’t bought it! Hahaha! I should bite the bullet and take a class…someday. I think I would have a lot of fun with it since I love messing around with photography.
      I am so glad to hear that you will be coming to the party. See you Wednesday Scott!


    1. Hideous! Hahaha! I am still laughing….
      I hope you will come by with a link to share since there will be a lot of new bloggers to check out!
      Thanks Darla! You are the hideoust! …looks like a French word…. πŸ™‚


  4. I’m on it chica! It was a great idea last time and I was able to discover some good blogs. Blissful Adventurer and LameAdventures rock! Hope to meet a couple more. By the way, that day was my highest visitors rating, You’re awesome. You Rock! Some people actually ventured off to check out the Guat πŸ™‚


    1. I am so glad to hear that! It gave me shivers since it’s my intention to get my followers to meet up. πŸ™‚
      How cool is that! Thanks Guat for making my day!


  5. ha ha ha! Oh! Susie! You do me PROUD with this photo shoot; I am giggling away. And? It’s kind of unfair that you still look hawt while having tennis balls thrown at your gourd.

    Your ‘use me and abuse me’ idea is such a great one – the last was a MASSIVE success – I loved it!


  6. Sounds interesting, Susie. I wasn’t around the blog world for the last one since I’m relatively new to this (only about 8 mos. now). Will have to join up on Wednesday. Thanks for the invite.


  7. OK, this time I am digging something deep and maybe even a little serious. My blog has nosedived like a cargo freighter in Nigeria since I left so I could use a boost from your many loyal readers πŸ™‚


    1. Oh hey! It’s not you. It’s summer! You could post one of your photo blogs since readers will be racing from blog to blog with virtual cocktails in their hand, but anything of yours will be fantabulous!


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