I Am So Hot!

DSCN6723Colorado gets around 300 sunny days a year and this summer could be a scorcher. After skipping springtime we have leapt into mid-July weather. Boulder is one mile high in elevation and with the altitude comes thinner and drier air. It can be a very good thing (my hair and humidity hate on each other), until it gets hot and by hot I mean blast furnace heat. I don’t mind working up a sweat, but man, playing tennis in 100 degree blistering heat can be miserable.

I try to ignore the threat of being literally cooked on the courts by looking on the bright side. That is what I do best.

Here is my top ten list of reasons why I love playing tennis under the sizzling summer sun when it hits 100 degrees.

#1. Warming up will be no problem.

#2. My hair won’t fly into my eyes when it is soaked with sweat.

#3. Speaking of hair, I can massage some conditioner into it and can get a hot oil treatment!

#4. If I am low on protein, I can fry an egg courtside.

#5. I won’t get cold.

#6. Being covered in sweat is nature’s air conditioner. When the air hits my wet skin, it cools me down.

#7. I can easily lose 3-4 pounds of water weight.

#8. I can “bring the heat”every time I hit the ball. Really.

#9. I can sweat the toxins out of my body from all of my wild weekends.

#10.  When it drops to 90 degrees it will feel like a cold front.

How do you handle the heat?

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  1. Sigh.

    We wish. Here in the UK we’re having Monsoons, 14 degrees and it’s not pretty. We’ve only had two weeks of sun in May. Please send some over to us. I love hot, dry weather. What I can’t stand is humidity unless there’s a breeze from the ocean.

    And I’ve fried eggs on stone in Kenya.

    Great post!


    1. Thanks! Wow in Kenya no less. What a great memory. It must have been dang hot!
      We missed out on our usual wet season in March, April, and May. Last year June was wet too. Not this year!
      A reader from Germany sent clouds my way and I will send you the sun!
      Thanks CC!


  2. Send some off that excess heat down here to the Southern hemisphere, it’s like living in a fridge in Canberra in winter! Love the post as always Susie and I think you are, well Hot too!


    1. You are so funny! Thanks!
      I will send some your way! whoooooosh!
      We had a two day respite and now temps are going to soar once again.
      Thanks for reading Capt.Savage and stay warm!


  3. I melt in the heat! A SoCal native, who worked outside in San Diego for ten years, I can say that I have had enough of 90 and 100 degree days. People think I’m crazy, but I love my Pacific NW. When it rains, I get a ton of writing done. Winters are pretty; enough snow to go ‘awww, isn’t that nice’ and then it melts. Summer, delicious! Sunny and 70’s are perfect, with blue sky and snow-capped mountains to gaze at.


    1. You are so right and I can really relate this summer. Between gardening, tennis and blogging, I haven’t had the time to work on my book! I often find myself outdoors. We could really use a rainy day, but relief is no where in sight.
      By the way your chakra cleansing technique really works!


    1. You should see my hair today! It looks like I put my finger in an electric socket~
      It was satire for sure, but I have to admit to getting used to our blast furnace heat. I freeze when it is in the low 70’s now! Good thing since forecasters are predicting that the heat wave will continue!
      Thanks for coming by to read BT!
      Stay cool!


  4. I just played tennis for the first time in a year. Started at 9:00 a.m. No matter, here in Oklahoma City it’s already 90 degrees with humidity. But you are right, good for the body to release the water and toxins. So after a dip in the pool and a few toxins later from cold Mai Tai’s, it’s time to schedule the next match. It’s nice to be in the “hot” club.


  5. Sitting in a bath of cool water does the trick for me! But I think I must be wired wrong. When I’m hot, I have so much energy (like the 41 degree celius (105 F) day I chose to clean all the windows in the house). When it’s cold, I simply cease to function…


    1. Good for you! I went out and picked raspberries yesterday when it was 102 and then played tennis! I would have preferred it a little cooler, but oh well!
      Thanks Alarna!


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