Stalked – 100 Word Flash Fiction

Wheat swaying in the moonlight swished like waves in an iridescent sea. She cut a path through the field, propelled by hunger and the seductive aroma of dinner. Clouds that had flitted across the sky now obliterated the only light source and she found herself concentrating on her footing.themoon

A twig snapped and she slowed her pace. The rush of adrenaline gave her the kick she needed. She pounced. As she snapped the rabbit’s neck, it emitted a childlike cry.  She lifted up her head and let out a victory howl. The clan joined her in discord. Dinnertime.

The other night Danny and I woke up to a pack of coyotes in our backyard. Their loud and unnerving howling is nothing like the movies. It is a high-pitched wailing. My daughter heard one of them kill a rabbit and it shrieked! Living in Colorado is still the Wild West in some ways. We are keeping a close eye on our Bichon Roxy. 

Have you ever hunted? Have you ever eaten rabbit?

The results are in on Fractured Dreams. The results surprised me!

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  1. Enjoyed your vivid description and the tension you created. Yes, I’ve hunted but prefer target shooting. I’ve experienced the haunting cry of injured or wounded rabbits and it is chilling. I’m not too fond of wild game.


    1. Thank you Rich!
      I never had heard the cry of coyotes or rabbits until moving out to Colorado. They are around throughout the year and are worse in the winter when the coyotes have less quarry to choose from.
      My mom made rabbit once and it really upset my sister and I! LOL!


  2. Hah, that was a good one! Rabbits indeed make an awful sound when they are in trouble or have been shot. Not a pleasant sound is it. There are coons around here that may get our dogs, best to go out with them, especially during the warm months. Good story!


  3. Well done. I enjoyed the perspective. I have heard coyotes howl and stalk around a horse’s stable. Not fun. Very little sleep that night. Excellent flash fiction!


    1. Thanks SF! It is unnerving. That sounds scary to have them stalking your stables!
      They were so loud and haunting. We sprang to the porch off our bedroom to get a peek, but they must have heard the door open and ran away. They hunt in this area every night!


      1. Kinda wigs me out a bit. There are coyotes in PA, but not too many in my county. I was out near Mt. Rainier when I heard them harassing the horses. To have them near by every night must be something else!


  4. My Goodness wow Susie what a thriller…but have to tell you this one is very poetic specially the begining.beautiful
    aa no i have never eaten a rabbit but heard it tastes good may be some day..
    loved the story..


  5. Great job!
    The cry of a rabbit being caught by a fox is bone chilling. So I can’t imagine the shrieks of a coyote.

    Can’t eat rabbit. Couldn’t eat Bambi either when we lived in Africa. (Kudu meat.)


  6. Came here from brainsnorts… and I’m not particularly surprised that I’m the only one who is rooting for the coyotes. I *love* hearing them yip and howl – I must be part canine.

    Good read, Susie. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks Julie! Haven’t seen you in a while. 🙂
      I have to admit to loving their blood curdling screams as well. I had hoped to record them, but they scampered away…


  7. Susie, you chained together some beautiful sentences here. We live out in the country in Arkansas and regularly hear a pack of coyotes howling and it’s always chilling. We believe we lost some cats to the coyotes last summer and you are well advised to watch over your bichon. Also wanted to say I’ve been reading some of your recent blogs and really enjoyed them, especially the one about your dad. Thanks for reading and commenting on my story.


    1. Thanks so much Bridges, that makes my day! I often wonder who is reading and who is just clicking in and out… 🙂
      I feel bad every time I see a lost cat poster in our neighborhood. Once in a while they stroll back home, but more times than not they never come back.

      This pack is aggressive and is seen sometimes later in the morning. Luckily our dog is a couch surfer and only uses her doggy door to “go” outside. She can bolt straight into the house without slowing down. I have often wondered if that has saved her since animals in pursuit of her would slow down I would think…..
      We keep it shut at night…
      You should come back and post your link!


  8. So well written, Susan, even if I feel for the poor rabbit.

    I’ve never hunted, and of course, my going anywhere near a gun now would not be a good thing.


      1. Susan is cool, but being called “Sue” is like fingernails on a chalkboard. Not sure why since that is what I went by in high school and college. Maybe because so many girls were named Sue! I rarely turned around. No lie!

        We don’t own guns either although I went after a few rabbits with my son’s air-soft one time. Key words- “air soft!”
        Thanks Nelle!


  9. No Ms. Susie, I’ve never haunted or eaten a cute little rabbit. Even though I’m sure they’ll probably taste really good… Now are hares rabbits too?… Back home in Nigeria, there’s something we call “Bush Rat” in English. I think those are hares, we roast them usually. I had it once, and it was pretty good.


  10. Hi Susie! I have never eaten or hunted a rabbit.. I did chase one once in a yard in New Jersey.. and almost got it, too… Maybe that was hunting? Great flash fiction piece.. I was really in the moment.


        1. Hahaha! I was the same kind of kid. We used to set up traps that consisted of a box propped up with a stick attached to a loooooong string. We could never get the rabbit to go under the box!!!!


  11. I have eaten rabbit. I have also watched them get butchered. Brutal, I know. When I was young my girlfriend used to raise rabbits. Her father would butcher then when they reached a certain age and her mother made all kinds of rabbit recipes. It was so odd to eat what had been a pet the week before. I won’t even tell you what I saw the ONE time I accompanied her to watch the butchering. Never again. Poor little Bugs. (Bugs bunny, I mean)


    1. Ooohhh!
      My cousins who lived in Milwaukee had them for that purpose for a while and I couldn’t even imagine.
      I was a medical illustrator so you would think I could!
      They always say that one trip to a sausage factory will cure you from eating meat for a lifetime! Eeeuuwwww!!


  12. This is excellent imagery! (And glad you’re keeping a close eye on Roxy!)

    I’ve never hunted or eaten rabbit, and I feel pretty confident that I’ll be able to say the same 50 years from now, LOL (If I haven’t died from a Reese’s peanut butter cup-infused vodka overdose by then.)


  13. I don’t hunt. No moral reason, just don’t. I’ve had and prepared rabbit. The best way I’ve found is simmer in white wine with garlic and rosemary. It takes time but the kitchen smells great.


  14. No, and no. 😉 I tried not to catch fish on purpose as a kid, and threw those back in the water. I respect the food chain, but am glad I’m not at the tippiest top of it!
    Keep flashing us, Susie! lol Love it.


  15. This was cool, well written and the ending genuinely caught me by surprise. I liked it!

    The results on “Fractured Dreams”? Well I guess that there’s over 46% of the readers out there, who are just in the mood to be morbid, and they’ve got that right, cause it’s a free country. But personally, I find women in comas boring – as well as just way too easy!

    Give me the real challenge of a woman with burning fire in her eyes.. after that ice water lands on her back, causing those loose bikini top strings to go flying as she leaps up and tries to kill me! Now that’s the kind of challenge that I LIVE for! (and may die for, someday too – but nothing in this life is certain, so screw the risks and just GO for it!)

    Women in comas are for wimps! Or maybe the incredibly lazy…

    And those of you who voted for a viral video of a woman open mouthed snoring, please seek professional help first thing Monday morning, cause that’s just really hard core and that kind of mind I find kinda frightening…

    Have I ever hunted? Of course I’ve hunted! I’ve hunted for my car keys, I’ve hunted for my car in those really big lots, I’ve hunted for my wife when she’s pissed at me, I’ve hunted for the TV remote when it was in an undisclosed remote location, I hunted for my pants, and I’ve hunted for panties – unless she wasn’t wearing any, but hey, no problem! 😀

    We have ALL hunted. But not ALL of us are big enough to admit it, so just get real and get over yourselves, people!

    But now this next question, I find very disturbing. Have I ever eaten rabbit? You mean like that crazed and feral woman in your story? Oh, wait a minute… she was really a wolf, wasn’t she… Never mind, we’re good here, and it was just a brief misunderstanding; Glenn Close flashbacks are now receding and soon to be gone. (I just don’t know what Michael Douglas saw in her – even before she went psycho!)

    Actually, I don’t think that I have ever eaten rabbit. But I’ve eaten a bunny! And yes, there was lots of high pitched wailing! Lol 😀

    Have a GREAT weekend!!! 🙂


    1. Chris! I am glad that you liked my flash.

      I never know what you are going to come up with and somehow you take the road less traveled in your comments, but that’s what I love!
      You have to remember that I wrote all three endings and of course thought they were all tremendous! (kidding)
      You are right about hunting! That seems to be a frequent pastime of mine. I always put things somewhere special so I can find it more easily next time and then promptly forget!
      As far as eating rabbit or said bunny, TMI dude!
      Have a fantastically “hideous” (awesome) weekend too!


      1. Oh, go ahead and think all three endings were tremendous, cause you wrote them and you should revel in the high level of their shear hideosity! Cause if you didn’t write them, well not only are you guilty of plagiarism, but I couldn’t have enjoyed some kidding with them. 🙂

        Ah yes, the special place that is so special, no one will ever know the true depth of the secrets hidden there… or that your stuff is there too.

        TMI duly noted, and hey, if ya ever need to put a leash on me here and reign me in, please do it… and I promise not to tell you how much I like it!

        Well now I must be going, cause I don’t want to wear out my welcome, and there’s also this huge thunderstorm bearing down on our home as I type this. Proximity to electrical and electronic devices is probably not a good idea, and… AAUGHHH!!!


  16. Hi,
    A great short story, and great ending very unexpected. 🙂
    I have had rabbit, if not cooked right it can be very tough, I found it has a strong flavour, but I liked it, I haven’t had it for years though.
    I couldn’t imagine what it must of been like to hear the coyotes, very frightening I suspect especially if you have animals around you would certainly be worried.


    1. My Bichon was safe and sound in her bed, but one time I heard them and her doggy door was still open. I raced to shut it before she escaped. Whew!
      I love duck, don’t think I have had rabbit since I was a kid. Pretty gamey as I recall.

      Thanks Mags and have a wonderful varmint free weekend!


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