Stalked – 100 Word Flash Fiction

Wheat swaying in the moonlight swished like waves in an iridescent sea. She cut a path through the field, propelled by hunger and the seductive aroma of dinner. Clouds that had flitted across the sky now obliterated the only light source and she found herself concentrating on her footing.themoon

A twig snapped and she slowed her pace. The rush of adrenaline gave her the kick she needed. She pounced. As she snapped the rabbit’s neck, it emitted a childlike cry.  She lifted up her head and let out a victory howl. The clan joined her in discord. Dinnertime.

The other night Danny and I woke up to a pack of coyotes in our backyard. Their loud and unnerving howling is nothing like the movies. It is a high-pitched wailing. My daughter heard one of them kill a rabbit and it shrieked! Living in Colorado is still the Wild West in some ways. We are keeping a close eye on our Bichon Roxy. 

Have you ever hunted? Have you ever eaten rabbit?

The results are in on Fractured Dreams. The results surprised me!

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  1. Very nice imagery. This flash works well. What I don’t understand is how did your daughter know that it was a rabbit that shrieked? Cats meow, dogs bark, but what sound does a rabbit make other than, “Ehhh, what’s up doc?”


    1. Thanks so much!
      Hahaha! Good ole Bugs!
      Courtney heard the scream and I deduced it was a rabbit from what the neighbors have told me about the sound they make while being munched. I guess the worst is when you can hear their bones being crunched. Eeeuwww! Luckily for that sound you have to keep your windows open and we have air conditioning….


    1. Thanks so much! It does make my hair stand on end and I would love to record them…I can’t believe how loud they are even with the windows shut! I hope you have a shriek-free weekend!


  2. Hey Susie, I’m not far from where Bridges (see comment way above) and I live way out in the middle of nowhere. My nearest neighbor is a mile away and we do hear coyotes often. We have a cougar we hear and see from time to time too, in the area, even though Game and Fish says there aren’t any. Right.

    Loved your story from a coyote’s POV!


    1. Thanks Madison! I have seen every animal imaginable in Colorado except for cougar. We saw moose running across the bottom of a busy ski run last year, black bear, fox and porcupines.
      I keep my eyes open since they are around!


        1. One night I was on the phone in the mountains and my dog was going nuts. I opened up the front door and there right in front of us was a prehistoric looking creature with huge feet. She stared for the split second I needed to grab her collar. I shut the door and went back and snapped some photos. They have no fear!


  3. Rabbit Stew is tasty Susie. The Cat has a taste for squirrels at the moment – he is on a killin spree due to our warm wet summer. Loved the story. I’d cack my pants at that shrieking sound. Not very Daniel Boone I know but the truth!


    1. That is too funny Jim! Until they can open doors, I fell pretty safe.
      They do still produce a shiver since the sound is the eeriest I’ve ever heard!
      Thanks Jim!


    1. Hey Andy! Thanks for dropping by. I haven’t hunted either and probably couldn’t shoot one if facing one down. Even when I was the most frustrated with them after they ruined my garden, I still swerved out of the way with my car!
      Thanks for reading!


  4. Why is it that everything tastes like chicken? Even alligator? (Yes! I admit I’ve had it a couple of times and enjoyed it at the, though now I’m a pescatrarian- vegetarian and ocassionally fish). I enjoyed your flash fiction. Can’t wait to find the time to read all these comments.


    1. Thanks so much!
      Alligator! Wow! I would think it would be tough, but maybe with all that floating around while lurking for quarry it may put on a little fat! Hahaha!


    1. Thanks Barry! Just leave your link in my comment section some Friday. That would be great!
      I know. Those rabbits don’t always make it back to their hutch… 😦 The circle of life…


  5. Your writing rocks, Susie. You’re exceptionally good at flash fiction. Nice! We lost a cat to a coyote years ago. Yes, keep a close watch on Roxy!


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