The Intruder – 100 Word Flash Fiction

From the corner of the cramped bedroom, he watched her chest rise and fall under the floral comforter. He inhaled the familiar lavender scent. A quivering flash of lightning coincided with the rumble of thunder and she stirred.

After crossing the room to the bedside table, he reached for the framed photograph, but tipped it over. She sat upright while scanning the darkness that cloaked her quarters. The rhythmic pelting of rain against the window filled the room.

He slipped under the covers and ran his pale fingertip along her warm thigh.

She screamed, but he was already gone.


Have you ever had a ghostly encounter? I had one last night! I’m writing a few scenes for my book based on my experiences.

You are welcome to leave the link to your flash fiction in my comment section!

Photo by Susie Lindau

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  1. The Flash was great certainly captivated my attention. Excellent.
    Yes! Omg…when my father in law passed away my husband and I both had an encounter with a very vivid woman appearing. Clear enough for me to have the ability to give a description to a sketch artist….so bizarre. She came by 4 times…chilling.


    1. So glad you can relate to my experiences! I have seen many of them too! Some really stuck in my mind. I tried drawing a few of them, but couldn’t quite capture the image in my mind’s eye.
      Thanks so much!


  2. Who ya gonna call? 😉 But seriously, if they got to really bother you, you could try blocking them with your mind. That is,making a conscious decision not to see them. It may or may not work. It sounds like you like in a highly energized area. Of course, from what I’ve read, you don’t want to. So enjoy your visits. Your fiction piece was well done! I didn’t see that one coming. 🙂


    1. It doesn’t work that way since they usually wake me up in the middle of the night. I hear something that wakes me and then see them before I know what is going on. It is different than a dream since I can see them in my room. Then they fade. I don’t really mind the sightings, but hate the noisy ones that I can hear over the humidifier. I finally screamed at them a couple of times and that worked until three nights ago. This really loud tapping on my dresser kept me from falling asleep as you can imagine. I turned the humidifier back on and have slept like a baby since!
      Thanks so much Debra! I will keep you posted…


      1. I thought it might work. I slammed the door on mine when he freaked me out. But I have noticed he moves things to get my attention from time to time. They usually show up where I’ve already looked. I just have to wait it out. Irritating.


  3. Oh.. my god!! Did this happen to you?? That would be terrifying.. your fiction always surprises me.. I expected the “intruder” to turn into a little kitten or something funny! But a ghost!! Yikes!!


    1. It is weird since I hadn’t had any experiences until I visited my parents in Wisconsin. They live in a 100+ year-old house that was used as a mortuary at one time. Talk about haunted! After that, I have had one after another. Sometimes there have been lulls for almost a year, but they have been whooping it up for a while now…
      I will check out your story! Thanks!


      1. Most curious. Any connection between you and the mortuary (former residents, “clients”) other than your parents’ current ownership? I’m not really into ghosts but am fascinated by the possibility that they’ve followed you to an alien environment.


        1. No relation. I had heard as we get older we may start having paranormal experiences and women are more sensitive. They definitely have followed me. Check out my about page and click on the link “some of my own experiences.” That will take you to my night at the Stanley which I could write a book about!
          Thanks for reading!


          1. Read your story about the Hotel Stanley–what fun to have successful sightings during your visit. Really weird that these ghosts are so predictably active. Good thing they’re benign–not like the spirits (and characters) in “The Shining”.


            1. I kept telling my sister who organized the overnighter that nothing would happen and you couldn’t summon ghosts.. In my experience, they show up when they want to. I could not believe what happened. In fact we had pulled out a Ouija board and after a minute I pushed it and they all screamed, but that’s when the porch door opened at the end of the hall. So crazy and there were 4 of us who witnessed it. I am so glad that nothing except for picture frame has been destroyed. The weird thing is that I have only been frightened a couple of times. Usually it takes me a couple of minutes to process what I just saw! Thanks so much for reading it!


  4. I enjoyed your story, Susie, and share Chris’s frustration, as well. I would love to experience something ghostly, so I’m obviously open-minded about it, but it hasn’t happened. Not yet, anyway.


    1. Did you read it? I haven’t, but have heard it wasn’t written very well. I guess the author was really embarrassed. Rich and embarrassed now!
      Thanks so much Hook. That means a lot to me! I am working hard!


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