It’s Just Around the Corner – A Party Invitation!

When going on an adventure, you take a risk.

You never know what you might find.

Is anybody home?

By stepping outside your comfort zone, you learn about the world and yourself.

We found a cabin built over a placer mine along an old mining road in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Chinked logs held together by nails, spit and courage. I know, but it sounded good in my head.

 Remnants of another life.

A path made by wildlife or virtual partiers from post to post. Wait. What?

You never know what you will find around the corner, but I do know this. Wednesday, July 11th is Use Me and Abuse Me Day – The Breckenridge Edition. Here is your chance to gain a few more subscribers and find a few more friends to follow. All I ask is that you consider subscribing to my blog. Start looking for a link you would like to leave in my comment section. It can be anything from a Youtube video, a blog post or book you would like to promote. Be ready to have some fun and click on a few links too. Tell them Susie sent you and they will click back.

Now rest up because this is going to be an adventure you don’t want to miss.

Spread the word!

When was the last time you discovered something new in your area? 

All photos by Susie Lindau

87 thoughts on “It’s Just Around the Corner – A Party Invitation!

Add yours

  1. Great pics, Susie. What a wonderful find, almost like taking a detour into the past, huh? Reminds me of the movie Jeremiah Johnson that hubby and I watched last week! Hmm, now I need to figure out what to wear to your party…


  2. So cool. What a way to invite people to your hook-up parties. IYKWIM. Alas, I’ll be on an airplane, so I’ll likely miss most of the fun.


    Maybe the airport will have free Wifi so I can check things out for a few minutes. Fingers crossed and raising my virtual glass to you now!

    If you get a chance, will you bop over to my place and leave Tech a note. He’s at overnight camp, and I’m collecting stories to send to him. Would love an original Susie Lindau comment. Two rules: Don’t be sad and be funny! 😉


    1. Sounds Fun! I will leave a note with Tech!
      I just finished the most ridiculous video ever. I really must have lost it. Yes, there is dancing! At least I own my dorkiness! Hahaha!
      Have fun and check in anytime. Bloggers check back all the time and leave and click on links!
      Thanks so much Renee! It is so good to see you here!


  3. I’m always amazed when I finally notice something — a house, a store, a monument — that I’ve passed hundreds of times without seeing it. Sometimes it helps to get out of the car and walk. We miss a lot when we drive.

    Here the link to a post I published two years ago. It’s about my unbelievable incompetence with video cameras. I’d do some pretty serious revising if I were writing it today, but too late.


    1. You should come back tomorrow and post the link on ,my Use Me and Abuse Me Day post. Then the party really begins! Many will stop by with a link while looking for new bloggers to follow like yourself!
      Besides, you have to see my new dance video. It is ridiculous!

      So true that we miss so much in our cars. It takes effort to get out and poke around, but it is always worth it!
      I hope to see you tomorrow!
      I’ll be posting around 7-ish Mountain Time!


      1. How appropriate that I chose a post about my incompetence. Obviously, I can’t follow directions. I’ll try again tomorrow. Thanks, Susie. By the way, I’ve already watched your dance video, and thought it was great.


  4. These pictures are absolutely stunning. And I love your sense of adventure! This looks like an amazing time. These are the times that make for a good life. Maybe that sounds corny but I mean it.


  5. I love that line: Chinked logs held together by nails, spit and courage.

    Okay, my Colorado friend, what is “placer?” I lived in Placer County in Northern California, and never did ask what it meant. Now that I’ve moved south, now my Buff friend uses it in a post?? What gives? 🙂


  6. What a gorgeous, lush hike, Susie. It was wonderful seeing snapshots of your adventure. I would have loved to have seen that cabin back in the day.. did you find any ghosts?


    1. No ghosts! Just that little rusty pail. I love how people leave those artifacts for others to see. 🙂 Thanks Smidgen!
      I hope you will come back tomorrow for the Use Me and Abuse Me day! It’s going to be a fun party with some Dance Bombing!


  7. Glad to hear you got rain, I spent the morning providing a drink for my thirsty garden and writing today’s post… it always takes more time than I budget, but it’s worth it.
    thanks for the invite, I always think my latest is greatest, but went back in time for another post.
    I’ve been following since father’s day and your post about your dad –it was great to go back in time… thanks, again. Working at Making the Days Count and looking forward to the ride!


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