Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Dance Bomber Edition

Colorado received several inches of rain in the first days of July. Fire restrictions were lifted and it’s greening up!

Hello to all of you Wild Riders out there! It’s another Use Me and Abuse Me Day! Here is your chance to join the virtual party, meet new writers and learn some dance moves.

Choose a link from your blog and paste it in my comment section. Go ahead and sell it whether it’s a post, a video or a book. That’s when the party starts.  Click on a few links and tell them Susie sent you and they should click back. Feel free to have a conversation right here on my blog too. Virtual champagne toasts will ensue and friendships will be made. I hope you will subscribe to some new blogs and get a few new subscribers too!

All I ask is that you consider subscribing to my blog.

Just remember your manners. No one goes to a party and fills a doggy bag and leaves. Make sure you check out a few new bloggers by clicking on their links and saying hello!

The party wouldn’t be complete without some dancing. Roxy and I had fun making this video for you! It’s pretty short and includes an instructional video on how to become a Dance Bomber. I got the idea the night after our hike in Breckenridge. We were passing by a wedding reception…..Well, you’ll see.

So get ready to mingle, chat up your new friends, and hey, maybe you will get lucky and go home with some new subscribers!

Be sure to get off your chair at some point ….. and DANCE!

Photo of Breckenridge Ski Resort by Susie Lindau

209 thoughts on “Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Dance Bomber Edition

Add yours

    1. I loved this one about steampunk! Great choice!
      Thanks so much for coming! We are starting the day with mimosas and brunch. Help yourself!

      ……rocks out to Everybody Dance Now!…..and turns to answer doorbell……


            1. Hi Sheri! Thanks for stopping by! Here’s a glass of champagne. I hope you enjoy meeting my guests! (by clicking on their links)
              I really enjoyed your post and am glad to hear your husband has recovered enough to work on his jewelry. Are you writing a book about it?


  1. You throw the best parties, Susie! That photo makes for gorgeous decor. 😉 I’ll be back to mingle later. So glad things are looking greener!

    I’ll share one of my most inspiring posts, thanks to the interviewee, Keri Potts. Keri, an exec for ESPN, fought off and fled from her rapist during an Italian vacation. Her story can’t gain enough eyes/ears IMO:


    1. Thanks for coming while you are visiting Barbados! Sounds like another blog post in the making. 🙂

      Here’s a mimosa! Have fun mingling with the guests as they arrive… oops! There’s the doorbell!


    1. Sounds delish! All of your recipes are wonderful mouth-watering concoctions!

      I really used to be able to get Low, Low, Low, Low, even with heels! Thank God I wore flats last Saturday night! Hahaha!

      Here’s a mimosa my dear and have fun meeting the guests!


    1. I am so glad you came VB! Glad you enjoyed my crazy video. Hahaha! I am not counting on a career in dancing… LOL!

      Help yourself to a mimosa and say hello to the guests!


      1. Thanks, Christine! I enjoyed visiting your blog (am now a follower) and also reading your interview on thehotpinktypewriter–it was interesting as well as informative with several good pointers for writers.


    1. Thanks Prudence! So glad you stopped by! Here’s a mimosa. Help yourself to brunch and have fun mingling with the guests by clicking on a few new links! Tell them Susie sent you!


  2. Woo Hoo!

    You are a WONDERFUL woman for doing this, Susie.

    Instead of my blog, please may I post a link to Jeffrey “Hammerhead” Phillip’s blog that’s helping the wonderful Mystery writer Steve Brown who’s fighting leukemia? Steve’s just had a bone marrow transplant and is doing well but the bills are huge.

    Fifteen writers from The Mystery Writers of America and The Romance Writers of America have got together to include their book for Jeff’s ‘Sell Books for Steve Day’ which is happening next Monday, July 16th.

    What we need are people to spread the word and please use the #SteveBrownBMT on twitter to follow the stream.



    1. What a great cause!
      Since Prudence already posted the link, feel free to add another comment with a link from one of your posts too!
      I hope you’ll enjoy meeting some of my friends by clicking on their links. 🙂
      Thanks for coming to party with us today!


  3. First up I’m so glad the fires are nearly gone 🙂 and second thank you for letting me join the fun here and leave this info. My blog is and most of the posts are poems. A few of the better ones are Cascading Moon, Wind River, My Red, White and Blue, Feather Light and Kiss Ride which correlates with my book, Kiss Ride, a novella on Amazon.
    Here’s the link:
    I’m having so much fun with the poetry I would like to try writing songs, we’ll see. I always wanted to write a Romance novel and so I thought why not. I’m halfway done with the second draft and this is where I NEED opinions as I am not a student of literature. I’m going to have someone beta it and I found a publishing company to put it professionally on kindle, etc. and they will also print on demand. I know marketing, marketing, but first things first. Does this sound like a good plan, let me know.
    Once again, THANKS Susie for the party!


    1. It sounds like a great plan! You’ve got a lot of great ideas!
      Love your poetry and I can see where you could take it to the next level with song writing. 🙂
      Help yourself to the mimosas and brunch and have fun dancing with the guests!
      Thanks for coming!


  4. You are so cute busting out the dance moves! I love the Snarky Comments by Roxy at the end of the video! Nice job on the vlog, Susie! As soon as I finish my coffee, I’ll break out the moves, too! Here’s a link to one my most random posts, inspired by a photo my daughter took on her honeymoon:
    Ugly Foot Finds Its Doppleganger

    Thanks for the yummy chips. I brought some of my hubby’s homemade salsa to share. Off to visit some of the other links!


    1. Thanks for coming by to rock out with me. Roxy is queen of snark! Hahaha!
      Glad you joined the party. Loved that post and talk about nasty!
      Tell your hubby his salsa is the best I’ve ever tasted!


    1. So glad you made it to the party Laura!
      Your post is a hoot and I didn’t get it until I looked at the photo! Hahaha!
      Have fun meeting the guests and clicking their links!


  5. what a bonehead, I posted on wrong post, please forgive me….Glad to hear you got rain, I spent the morning providing a drink for my thirsty garden and writing today’s post… it always takes more time than I budget, but it’s worth it.
    thanks for the invite, I always think my latest is greatest, but went back in time for another post.
    I’ve been following since father’s day and your post about your dad –it was great to go back in time… thanks, again. Working at Making the Days Count and looking forward to the ride!


    1. Thanks so much Clay and for coming to the party! Help yourself to the drinks and the brunch.. 🙂
      Have fun saying hello to my friends. Click on a few links and tell them Susie sent you!


    1. Thanks so much for dancing with me! I just coined the term “Dance Bombing” this weekend. We’ll see if it catches on… 🙂
      Love that post!
      Grab a glass of champagne and have fun meeting some of my friends!


    2. Wow! Love the blue hair! I once died a few strands of my hair blue when I was a teenager, but only with food coloring and it washed out in the shower that night. I felt so rebellious at the time. 🙂 Rock on, blue-haired ladies!


    1. Thanks for watching my dorky video! So glad you came to the party! It is fun to put words in their mouths.. 🙂
      Loved that review. Great choice!
      Here’s a glass of champagne. I hope you enjoy meeting my guests! …runs to answer the door…..


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