Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Dance Bomber Edition

Colorado received several inches of rain in the first days of July. Fire restrictions were lifted and it’s greening up!

Hello to all of you Wild Riders out there! It’s another Use Me and Abuse Me Day! Here is your chance to join the virtual party, meet new writers and learn some dance moves.

Choose a link from your blog and paste it in my comment section. Go ahead and sell it whether it’s a post, a video or a book. That’s when the party starts.  Click on a few links and tell them Susie sent you and they should click back. Feel free to have a conversation right here on my blog too. Virtual champagne toasts will ensue and friendships will be made. I hope you will subscribe to some new blogs and get a few new subscribers too!

All I ask is that you consider subscribing to my blog.

Just remember your manners. No one goes to a party and fills a doggy bag and leaves. Make sure you check out a few new bloggers by clicking on their links and saying hello!

The party wouldn’t be complete without some dancing. Roxy and I had fun making this video for you! It’s pretty short and includes an instructional video on how to become a Dance Bomber. I got the idea the night after our hike in Breckenridge. We were passing by a wedding reception…..Well, you’ll see.

So get ready to mingle, chat up your new friends, and hey, maybe you will get lucky and go home with some new subscribers!

Be sure to get off your chair at some point ….. and DANCE!

Photo of Breckenridge Ski Resort by Susie Lindau

210 thoughts on “Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Dance Bomber Edition

Add yours

  1. Hey Susie,
    I’m playing catchup, but I know you’re going to forgive me cause that’s how you are. And while we’re on the subject- of your special you’ness- I’ve got to thank you for being there in a moment I wasn’t able to process to save my life. I had no wit, no banter. I was simply a mess. And you punched in with a comment and you let me know that when corners get chosen, I’m looking to be in yours as well. It’s a right back ‘atcha kinda deal.
    Now, I’m gonna mix for a tad before I get back at you with my links. But I did bring music. Some Nick Waterhouse, in fact. Cause you is trouble, lady. Of the best kind and always.
    It’s how you roll.


    1. This is so great Cayman and so are you!
      I rocked out to it! OoooooOOoo Trouble!! OooooOOOoooo Trouble!
      Life is full of surprises….

      Come back anytime and leave your link. Help yourself to the bar!


    1. Thanks Colin! **blush**
      Great contribution! Love the Stephen King quote! Hilarious!
      Help yourself to the bar and have fun mingling with the guests! (clicking on links) Tell them Susie sent you!


  2. Well, THAT was interesting. As always on the Wild Ride Express. I tell you what, Colorado, you have some very interesting blogging neighbors.
    As for the link-share thing, I’m going with the one I just wrote up about the Freeh Report.
    It’s not to be a downer, I just feel very strongly about what’s going on in my back yard with the football program I grew up loving. We need to rethink what success means in sports and in life.
    Keep on dancing, lady.


  3. Susie, you are the best stealth dancer I’ve ever seen! I’m sorry I missed the party, but I’ll look forward to meeting some more of the great people who’ve dropped by!


    1. Nice! So glad to see you here! It will still work if you click on a few links and tell them Susie sent you! Then they should click back!
      Have fun and help yourself to the bar!


    1. Oh, it’s late and I’m tired…the contest is the Seven Deadly Sins series. Each round centers around one of the 7 Deadly Sins – 600 word entries. Check out the winners in the previous rounds – it’s not too late to jump in.


    2. Thanks for coming and subscribing! I am glad you had a great time! The cool thing is, the party is always rolling so you can stop by anytime.
      I am looking forward to your lusty contest! It should be a blast!


  4. Took a two week WP vacation, so I wasn’t around for this one. But I still wanted to stop by and check out your dance moves, and believe me when I say that you did not disappoint… 🙂

    Your photo of Breckenridge Ski Resort is just beautiful, and I’m so glad that Colorado got some much needed rain in the first week of July.

    So what can I dredge up from my archives to put here? Hopefully something that you’ll like… Okay, I think you might like this one – It’s called “I Was A Child Groom”.


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