Be Careful What You Wish – 110 Word Flash Fiction

James hid it under a log hoping to forget, but the memory taunted him. He returned to work as if nothing had happened, but that cawing crow; it never left him alone. He could hear its call while he moved boxes in the warehouse. It glared with its beady yellow eye when he left the building. He cringed at the sight of its long haggard wings racing him home. When he looked through his dirty windshield, the crow was perched on his roof waiting – for him.

He had to face it.

He bolted from the car, sprinted to the log, and rolled it over.

There it was. The winning lottery ticket.


Kind of an interesting ending, but I am sure that winning has freaked out more than one lucky person.


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Photo by Madison Woods –To read more 100 word flash fiction click here for the Friday Fictioneers!

Do you play the lottery?

Have you ever gotten something you wished for and then regretted it?

Check out this rare Twilight Zone spoof with Rod Serling and Jack Benny!

83 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Wish – 110 Word Flash Fiction

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  1. the lottery – oh, my when I remember to get a ticket that is… I made a list of all of the ways I could pay it forward with the winnings – it often makes the drive home from work much easier, especially after a long day. by the time I get home, I have forgotten my troubles and when I check my numbers I am always disappointed, but it doesn’t kill the dreams!


    1. Since you would pay it forward, you gotta win! I just recently started playing since I am so lucky and would pay some of it forward, after paying a few bills! 🙂
      Thanks Clay and good luck in tonight’s drawing!


  2. Crows have always scared me.Maybe it’s the ominous feeling I get whenever I come upon one. But this little bit of flash here, well…it’s something to ..umm, crow about…


  3. Great little bit of flash, Susie! I have on occasion wondered what a winning lottery player does do with that ‘golden ticket’ before he or she turns it in. We hear about what happens to people after they have spent the money… but, what about before? You know there are some very interesting stories out there!


  4. Hello!!!!
    It’s me again Margaret..
    Are Ya NnnnnnA—
    Never mind…
    How bout them Olympic Uniforms?

    “Made in China”?

    Well, just stir fry me and call me Hoisin…cause…I’m quick dried, STIR FRIED … and laid to the side…


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