Be Careful What You Wish – 110 Word Flash Fiction

James hid it under a log hoping to forget, but the memory taunted him. He returned to work as if nothing had happened, but that cawing crow; it never left him alone. He could hear its call while he moved boxes in the warehouse. It glared with its beady yellow eye when he left the building. He cringed at the sight of its long haggard wings racing him home. When he looked through his dirty windshield, the crow was perched on his roof waiting – for him.

He had to face it.

He bolted from the car, sprinted to the log, and rolled it over.

There it was. The winning lottery ticket.


Kind of an interesting ending, but I am sure that winning has freaked out more than one lucky person.


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Photo by Madison Woods –To read more 100 word flash fiction click here for the Friday Fictioneers!

Do you play the lottery?

Have you ever gotten something you wished for and then regretted it?

Check out this rare Twilight Zone spoof with Rod Serling and Jack Benny!

83 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Wish – 110 Word Flash Fiction

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  1. Ooh, fabulous! That would be a really interesting thing to explore, when they do those ‘lottery winner’ documentaries. They normally focus on people blowing the money, but not the fear people might feel right after winning.

    BTW your posts haven’t been showing up in my reader this week! Grrr. I think I’ve gone far past fashionably late re: Wednesday’s party.


    1. Thanks Jules! I wrote it and then had to think about a punch line. Then it hit me how someone may be freaked out by winning especially if it was a lot of money or they had something to hide!

      Just unfollow and then follow me again! It is probably from unfollowing comments. Is there still an auto-follow on comments?

      Definitely leave a link at the party. It’s not too late!


  2. what a fun story…no Sussie i have never played lottery but there is a very sad reason behind it…whenever there is anything which comes with a gift on purchase i get the lowest thing on offer like 50paise off on next buy or Stupid ball pen whereas others will get cash or some other big gift…so after years of study on my luck I have concluded God doesn’t want me to win any money…..he intends to make me sweat for every thing….


  3. Ohhhh a creepy crow on Friday the 13th. So perfect!! And winning would freak me out, but no way would I hide it under a log. 🙂


    1. That’s right Hook!
      I was going for a twist based on stories I’ve heard where lottery winners have taken a long time to cash in their tickets. They hire a team and clean their house, get their nails done, quit their job…..I also wonder what happens if someone plays for kicks, but is hiding something….OOooooo!
      Thanks so much Hook!


  4. Where to start? The flash was nice nelle had a good twist for an ending. The clip was fantastic it showed three masters doing what they did best, It’s ironic Rod Serling closed with a cigarette commercial being as he died of complications during heart surgery no doubt caused by his smoking. Now onto my wish: I cooking class there was a woman who exuded sensuality and every male had designs on her. I got her, rather she got me. Everything went a promised but it turned into a freakin’ nightmare. She had a bunch of “little things” that disturbed her. I’ve got my neuroses but she pushed them into the Twilight Zone. Had to do it.


  5. I like the ending :). I have to say I have played once or twice never won lol.

    Mine is on the list :)… Will put a link here but typing from a mobile device. Happy Friday and weekend!!!
    Some of your kind followers stopped by my humble blog from the party. Thank you :)!!!


    1. Thanks so much! I have won a lot of great stuff but not one dollar from the lottery….yet….

      I am so glad that a few of my friends stopped by your blog! I will host another in August. 🙂
      Have a great day too!


  6. I don’t how I’d react. I’m sure there would be lots of dancing and screaming. Then the paranoia would set in. Everyone I’ve ever known would come knocking on my door. I’m sure it’s a blessing and a curse. Course…I wouldn’t mind finding out….Great story, Susie.


  7. My God Susie, this post has more comments by 10am than most get in a week! Awesome…I am so glad it was not a nasty dead crow under the log. I hope he wrapped the ticket in plastic 🙂
    Your umam party set me back on course this week and now I am feeling a bit more like my old self 🙂


    1. Thanks!
      Oh good, I ‘m glad you enjoyed the party! You can always come back to your old site you know… You were getting tons of comments, likes and follows and you were just about due for another Freshly Pressed. It will take time… How is it going over there?


      1. well, lets just say that perseverance is a trait I enjoy. I am learning and staying the course 🙂 we will get back to base camp and then start the big climb. Thanks always for the support and the parties! BTW – a belated shout out to my boy R Federer 🙂


  8. Nice twist! Winning the lottery has ruined a lot of lives and playing the lottery too much has, too!

    I’m a mountain-lover, too, who also has a half (or more) full cup. Always nice to meet another optimist.


    1. I am so glad to meet you fellow half-full mountain lover!
      After I whipped out the first couple of lines, I had to come up with something… then I thought of the lottery. Not always a good thing to win!
      Thanks so much!


  9. Well, that was a turn, good one. He must have known someone who won and then their life was in shambles. People tell you it ruins your life but most want that chance to figure it out. We used to buy them say on Fridays and then dream on, telling each other what we would do or buy. In the end winning big takes away your drive, so that is probably the reason for the demise. Just like in real life people feel better if they earn their money.
    Honestly I probably would not set the sucker down.


    1. Great comment Lilie! I wouldn’t set it down either. I hadn’t played in years. I’ve won so many contests in the last couple of years, I thought “Why not?” So I play once in a while.


  10. Hi Susie,
    Had a shot of Old Crow to celebrate your story. How can I not love such a great crow story? My first novel was titled As The Crow Flies and the first scene involves crows. Now that I know how to win the lottery, I’m headed to turn over some logs. Have a great weekend!


    1. Thanks so much Ron! Crows must have special meaning for you.. 🙂 Thanks for the virtual shot! **clink**
      Good luck with the log rolling! You never know…
      Have a great weekend too!


  11. Another flash with a nice twist Susie. No, I’ve never played the lottery, but once my assistant went to the ATM and a pile of cash spewed out from an account that wasn’t his. He turned it in. Once, in the spirit of drunken camaraderie my friends and I all purchased the same ill-fitting navy blue peacoat. The next day, sober and massively hungover I returned mine.


    1. You are so funny! Oh my. What did the bank say to your friend???? Peacoat? Well I hope you got a picture of your navy-clad gang!
      Thanks V! I hope you have a “cool” weekend!


  12. The ending surprised me, though in all honesty, the few times I do buy a lottery ticket, I’m never disappointed when I don’t win. As for the crows – I’m working on a middle grade fantasy and the crows in my book are enchanted and murderous, which is probably why I was REALLY expecting something else happening with your crow.
    A great use of 110 words!


    1. Thanks so much Mary! I am glad it gotcha! It would be a life changer.
      I love the sound of your crows! I have included them in my paranormal fiction.. There is something about their scavenger ways (cleaning the bones of roadkill) that makes my skin crawl. I love it!
      Thanks so much for reading Mary!


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