The Colorado Massacre

I know that you wild riders out there come to my blog for a full cup of adventure, but today I am filled with profound sadness.

Last night in Aurora, Colorado, 24-year-old James Holmes, armed with an AK-47 and two other assault weapons while wearing a long black coat and gas mask, killed 12 and wounded 59 movie-goers at the premier of The Dark Knight Rises. As Holmes stormed the theater, he released several tear gas canisters.

He was found leaning up against his car in the parking lot still wearing the mask and holding a rifle. He did not put up a fight and admitted that he had booby-trapped his apartment.

Police are continuing to investigate the apartment where they found a very sophisticated bomb.  The complex and four other buildings have been evacuated.

Holmes is from San Diego, California. He had recently dropped out of the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver. His parents are in shock and his father reportedly arrived in Denver early this morning.

Please include the victims and their families in your thoughts and prayers and give your loved ones an extra hug.

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  1. I’m back with an insight into James Holmes. He wanted to be the Joker, the nihilist destroyer. He was described as a glass of water, inocuous. Knowing that can send a man over the edge. In the end he is no anarchist antihero, but rather a man whose fanatasy vision of himself overcame the reality.


  2. It saddens me that this is a viable option for some people. I have family in Aurora and thankfully, they are all safe. A friend of my aunt’s was in theater 8 at the time… so scary to think people who were looking for a bit of an escape through entertainment will no longer be here. Life is precious, love hard those you hold dear.


    1. Oh my gosh. Some of the bullets blew right through the wall into that theater. I am sure they are very shaken up. Thank god they are okay.
      I have had some close calls in my own life, so every day when I wake up, I am thankful.
      Thanks Tameri.


    1. I know. My whole family attended a fund raiser and Kelly went out afterwards with some of his friends. His phone died and I worried until 1:00 the next day. I figured that chances were slim that they had gone to the movie, but you never know…..


    1. I wrote it and then almost didn’t blog it. Then I read it to my husband who said that I had to. I knew that many hadn’t heard about it yet. I am glad I did. It took me a while before I could answer comments…..


  3. What frightens me the most about incidents like this, beyond the horrifically low value the perpetrators place on human life, is that no-one seems to see them coming, yet once they happen it becomes clear the warning signs were there. That was true of Anders Breivik not so long ago. I just wish I knew what the solution was. In my own country, as a result of the Dunblane and Hungerford massacres the Labour government introduced extremely restrictive gun control laws, but that didn’t stop the recent Cumbrian or Northumbria shootings.

    It may be there is no truly effective way to prevent incidents like this – obviously you can’t lock someone up for something they might do, and with the best will in the world, people who need serious psychological help are gonna fall through the cracks. And even if gun control laws in the States, or anywhere else for that matter, are tightened, there will always be a black market looking to make a profit. I hope I’m wrong, though.


    1. It is easy to see it coming after you combine all the bizarre interactions he had. I don’t know what the answer is either. I think that the economy has put a lot of pressure on people. There is no way to know what what was or is going through his mind, but there is speculation that he snapped when he didn’t get hired right away. I really don’t know since I shut off the TV and haven’t read anything. It was too upsetting. I just have been praying for the victim’s and Holmes families.
      Thanks Jake!


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