Catching the Love Bug

Last week, I picked up my daughter from Denver International Airport. While I waited for her in the tented and skylighted terminal, I noticed a brightly colored 1990 Volkswagen Beetle. At first, I thought it had been artistically painted, but the gathering crowd took countless photos, so I took a closer look. I couldn’t believe what I saw!

Over 2,247,000 glass beads woven with colored yarn covered the entire vehicle including the dashboard and steering wheel. The Vochol was created by two families from the Huichol tribe of Western Mexico. It took 7 months and almost 10 thousand hours to complete. They are known for their traditional and sometimes intricate yarn paintings, but the use of beads is a new inclusion in this art form. Religious and cultural icons such as the deer, sun, corn and peyote can be found on this unusual “canvas.” They created this piece to share their beliefs and culture with the world.

The Vochol is a mash-up of the slang word for Volkswagen –Vocho and the Huichol.

Herbie would fall in love at first sight!

I imagined the looks Courtney and I would get if we rolled out of DIA in this slug-bug!

The Vochol will be auctioned off and proceeds will benefit artisans of Mexico.

I think the new owner will avoid mud puddles and buggy areas.

After the horrific events that took place in Aurora, Colorado last Friday, I looked over the photos I had taken the day before and thought, “The Vochol is a symbol of hope.” People from all over the world fly through Denver each day and enjoy The Vochol just as the world is coming together in prayer and mourning. This work of art shows the resiliency of a Mexican indigenous group which has survived and so will we.

The Vochol will be on display at DIA until August 31st, 2012.

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119 thoughts on “Catching the Love Bug

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  1. i wish I too had some talent like that…i know one can’t have everything but that is superb…what a gift to be so hugely talented
    Susie what a lovely post
    beauty that car
    Hugs n love in:)


  2. So true, and so awesome! Hope, lots of hope, Susan, because hope is everything. I lost hope once, and it near ripped me into a million shards.

    To all of you there and who deal with the unimaginable. *hugs*

    And thank you for sharing this.


    1. I almost didn’t check it out and I am glad I did. Courtney and I actually missed each other. She walked out to the car and then called me! Good thing!
      Have a great day John!


  3. pretty amazing – thank you for sharing. It is definitely more uplifting! I drove a Beetle in high school and in college before getting my brand new car…. at the time I did not appreciate it, but I remember driving it in the summer with NO AC – just the side window tilted inward to create a funnel effect… it got great gas mileage, though I yearned for a ‘cooler’ car in more ways than one… I’ve given up on being cool, it’s just too hard to accomplish! I’ll be just as well satisfied making the days count….


    1. You have your priorities straight Clay! My husband had VW’s back in the day and when they conked out, he would buy another for $50 and drop in a new engine! I knew his family while growing up and they had a super cool VW convertible!


  4. I wonder if that’s the same one that (was?) here in DC at the National Museum of the American Indian. I wanted to go see it but didn’t make it. Your pictures of it made my day.


  5. Nice. I missed it when I was at DIA in June/July. Time makes everything better , I think. Oh wait I spoke too soon, our bodies fight time or maybe it’s just our minds. I must catch the news about the tragedy. I saw pics on the net of the victims and we all were very sad. Thanks for all your posts… Definitely look forward to them with the upbeat charm you show.


    1. Awww! I needed to transition back to my 300 sunny days in Colorado. The Love Bug was just the thing!
      I am keeping the news off. I know what you mean about time. It does heal us.
      Thanks so much for that sweet sweet comment Lilie!


    1. Hahahaha! I hadn’t thought of that! I would have to build a giant glass bulletproof box that could get dropped over it like a special edition replica. Guess that wouldn’t work. Then I would need some kind of cloaking device and park it illegally where it wouldn’t get run into…. hmmm….I will have to think about this….


  6. Out freaking standing. the bug is a masterpiece. You’ve got a good eye and taste beyond belief to post the pics and enlighten those of us who sometimes have a small fog bank around our heads,


    1. Thanks so much Tom! That is so nice.
      It is a masterpiece! I didn’t know anything about the Huichol so their idea to share their culture with the world is a success! Don’t worry, I have a small fog bank around my head once in a while too! 🙂


    1. And we are reminded of hope every day, if we take the time to look around our beautiful world.
      I wonder if VW will produce a car with a similar paint job? I would hate to scratch it!


    1. Thanks August! I loved my first car. It was a red Datsun 4 door. I would tell guys it was my little red Corvette. You should have seen their eyes! I would have to correct them after they would get all excited. Their shoulders would sink and they’d said, “Ohhhh….” Hahaha!


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