Make a Wish!

When you have an opportunity to make a wish, does one pop into your head or do you have to think for a minute or two?

What’s a wish?

A wish is a hope or desire and I have had my share, but I’m really careful what I wish since so many have come true. I take a little time to consider how it could change my life. My guess is that most people wish to be rich and famous or to return to good health. There couldn’t possibly be anything wrong with good health, but money and fame have been known to cause some problems.

Wishes do come true.

I always wished that someday I would have a fruit-producing garden. I imagined picking an apple and eating it right off the branch. Well now I have one and there are so many apples, the tree split in half. I am up to my elbows in pies and applesauce. I am giving them away by the bagful. The raspberries came in buckets, but I got so many bee stings, I am now allergic!

The trunk split under the weight.

Even my mulberry bush produced like crazy!

Wishing bones.

My sister Patty and I used to snap the Thanksgiving turkey wishbone apart. The one who ended up with the longer part of the bone got their wish. She won almost every time. I wonder if her wishes came true. She probably wished for her own bedroom and was glad when I finally moved out.

Magical wishes.

I was introduced to Aladdin’s Lamp through Popeye and Donald Duck cartoons. Whoa! I really wanted to find one of those magic lanterns. Many years later, I bought one at a garage sale. I bet I rubbed it just in case. If a genie had materialized, it would have taken me a long time to come up with three wishes.


Fountain Wishes.

Our family used to go out for pizza at Lombardino’s, an Italian restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin. I remember its beautiful miniature replica of Rome’s Trevi Fountain. The highlight of the night (other than the spumoni ice cream), was when Dad would give my sister and me a penny to throw into the pool. Back then, I wished for a dog.

Random wishes

My dog Roxy is passed out on the couch dreaming about the pool she splashed in and all the doggy friends she made at the kennel last week while we visited family in Wisconsin. I bet she wishes our trip was longer.

Birthday wishes

I wished for a pony before blowing out the candles on more than one birthday cake. By the time my parents actually considered the idea, I decided it would take up too much time in high school. They say you always get what you wish for, but the timing can be a bit off.

Shooting stars

Shooting stars are another opportunity for wishes. I was amazed when my dad first pointed them out in the summer sky while camping. Many years later, I was overwhelmed during a meteor shower. I couldn’t wish fast enough! One night, while driving to Boulder to pick up my daughter from dance class, a huge flaming meteor hurled across the sky and looked as if it crashed right outside of town in Louisville. Actually, the meteor landed hundreds of miles away. It was so alarming, I forgot to make a wish!

We are really wishing on shooting meteors.


Wishing lanterns

While vacationing in Wisconsin last week, Danny’s brother Jamie and sister-in-law Karen invited my family and parents to their house in Madison for dinner. At the end of the night, Jamie called us outside. With my son Kelly’s help, they launched a sky lantern! We were supposed to make a wish as he lit the paper wick and it began to rise. I panicked. All kinds of wishes rushed into my head. I didn’t want to waste a wish on something frivolous or one that only made only one person happy.

As it floated into the air, I wished we would all have a safe and healthy year and would meet again next year to launch another one!

Check out the commentary. Can you guess which voice is mine?

Do you still make wishes? Do you keep them a secret?

Here’s another way to make your wishes come true.

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130 thoughts on “Make a Wish!

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  1. This reminds me of a segment I saw on a travel doco once about the Chinese Lantern Festival – so magical to see thousands of lanterns lighting the sky and, quite likely, new year wishes with them. Apparently they haven’t bothered with public liability yet – which is good, because it would no doubt ruin the festival! Love this wild ride, Susie 😉


  2. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever really done “wishing.” Maybe when I was a small child before blowing out the candles because that’s what you’re supposed to do, but I don’t remember any of them.

    Not sure why it hasn’t been a thing for me. My kids always did, though.


    1. Love Popeye! That is so funny how cartoons have somehow impacted our lives. 🙂 It is how I was first introduced to some classical music too!

      Roxy is a total ham! She had just gotten back from the kennel and every time I stood up to take a picture of her while sleeping, she would jump up! Later that night, I had to “pose” her. She is wide awake in that shot! I just told her to “stay!” She loves the camera! Hahaha! I got about 6 other photos that look like she is sound asleep!


    2. Love Popeye! That is so funny how cartoons have somehow impacted our lives. 🙂 It is how I was first introduced to some classical music too!

      Roxy is a total ham! She had just gotten back from the kennel and every time I stood up to take a picture of her while sleeping, she would jump up! Later that night, I had to “pose” her. She is wide awake in that shot! I just told her to “stay!” She loves the camera! Hahaha! I got about 6 other photos that look like she is sound asleep!


  3. Beautiful wishes and what an amazing garden! Wow!
    I still make wishes – on the first star, shooting stars, blowing out candles – you name it, I make a wish and I always keep them a secret! LOL!!


  4. As a teacher at summer’s end, I am wishing for summer to last longer :)), I wish it every summer, but school comes along to end it. Seriously, besides the self-centered wishes of lottery winnings, I am wishing for a great school year for myself and my kids – and lots of energy to keep moving forward and continuing at Making the Days Count!


    1. I love that wish! I hope you win the lottery too! Why can’t you have both?
      One thing that may make summer seem longer is to break out of your routine. Your brain processes time differently. Hey maybe I should write a blog post about that! 🙂
      Thanks Clay!


  5. Hi Susie Lindau,

    I try to be mindful of my faith, whenever I have the tendency to want to make a wish: I say a prayer, instead. It works very well for me.

    George S Geisinger


  6. Yeah I constantly look for shooting stars and wish away when I see one. I’m hoping the timing kicks in soon though 🙂 But I’m with Lame Adventures on this one obscurity and fortune 🙂


      1. I’m a loyal fan, but sometimes she may consider me a stalker. But this is totally your fault seeing how I met her at one of your parties. Her and Blissful Adventurer 🙂 Good party.


  7. I wish that this boy named Devin Cristalbands asks me out tomorrow at school the school is called The Sixth Grade Accadamy and it is in Taylor Michigan and I hope that he ask me out before 11:00


  8. I just really want to end up with this boy named Dustin. I would love it if we dated quite soon. Please, this is all I want. Please make my wish come true. I wish I wish I wish.


    1. Here’s the dealio! I don’t have the power to grant wishes. I do believe that wishes come true every day. Writing them out is a great way to send an affirmation into the universe. Good luck to you and keep on wishing!


  9. errm so i know this is a massive favour but i want to be pretty and like everyone else please stop the bullying and give me a best friend….


    1. I think it’s great that you made your wish. Writing about them is a wonderful way to reinforce your hopes and dreams. I write down mine all the time!

      Sometimes people can be mean. Looking back, if I would have laughed at myself when I was younger and not taken myself so seriously, life would have been a lot easier.

      Keep your chin up and be sure to smile. Others around you will reflect your energy, so send out positive vibes. Everyone’s smile is beautiful and yours is too!
      Good luck and may all of your wishes come true!


  10. thanks for the inspiration, i left my school because i got in an altercation with a boy and chose not to fight back. he hit me in the face multiple times and i did nothing, i even began to bleed. I didn’t even plan on telling the faculty what happened because we have a strict school and didn’t want to get him into trouble. Some how faculty got involved and i got called into the office and explained what happened then the other boy claimed i had been racially bullying him and i was saying mean things which was why it happened and then i turned into the bad guy. In the past years i hadn’t been the greatest student, my behavior was not bad but i would slack in class and not turn in assignments. But every year i had been gradually growing and becoming more mature. At the beginning of this school year my development was completed i was on task everyday at school, great behavior in and outside the classroom. I was turning every paper on time and was doing so good in class and on my assignments teachers where emailing my mom just to say how good i was doing for once my parents couldn’t have been prouder. But based on my bad record for laziness and grades there was a certain administrator that did not like me and was dealing with the situation. I wasn’t even given a chance to tell my side of the story, if i tried to explain what happened I was considered not being remorseful. So I realized that the best situation for me would be too accept what the school had thought and beg for forgiveness. I loved my school i had been going there for 6 years and loved all my friends. In the end even though multiple students came in to the faculty and told them that i was not a bully they were told there opinions would be used but once they had left there statements were thrown out. In the end my parents and i had scheduled a meeting with the headmaster of the school to plead my case finally but when we got there the main faculty member who had been trying to gather evidence against me was there and didn’t even give my parents or I a chance to talk. in the end my 2 options were to unroll from the school and nothing would be put on my permanent report or face a long term suspension that would render my college choice or an expulsion. I was basically left with one option to unroll from my favorite place in the world. I was so sad and began going to public school and am truly miserable. I am on the brink of begging my old school to let me come back. All i wish for is that i am able to return to my old school tat i love or in some miracle i can wake up one morning and be back on the day a few months ago and prevent this whole situation from happening. I cant keep living with looking at my parents faces everyday and seeing all the disappointment in their eyes. I cant look at them without feeling shamed about the embarrassment i brought on them. I am willing to do anything to bring my life back to normal please help me susie.


    1. Look, right now everything looks awful. You were wronged. The system isn’t fair. In fact it sucks. But as long as you want to continue in it you have to adapt. The upside is you’re staying in school. While public school may not be your ideal place learn to adapt. you try you’ll find friends. One thing though, keep your backstory short. Too much information might give the impression you’re looking for pity. Show the people around you that you can stand up in the face of adversity. As to the faculty, they’re probably clued in. Don’t give them a reason to get down on you. Don’t be a suck-up but show them you’re willing to learn an advance yourself. Make sure guidance knows you want to attend college. Keep your grades up. It might look like you got hit with a major shitstorm. You can turn this around and it will make you stronger. We’ve all been handed a rotten deal at some point or another. The difference between the survivors and the losers who skate by is that the survivors work through the bad times. The skaters let the world coast by and they grab what they want. One important thing, you’re going to get a lot of advice. A lot of it is full of crap. Maybe this. The person who determines what happens is you. You’re in high school, you’ve got a long road ahead of you. There’s going to be things that are going to come up. Use this as your template for dealing with adversity. Don’t do anything stupid because once it’s over they’ll forget. I know. Make your mark as someone who took a really bad situation and prevailed. It’s 2 am and this will give me something to think about tonight.


    2. First of all, I am so sorry this happened to you. It sounds like a huge injustice. I think it is great however, that your parents stood by you in your defense. It is strange how life sends every one of us obstacles, but it is through them that we grow as individuals. The people that seem to float through life, don’t have the opportunity to build character. This may seem ridiculous, but you may actually benefit in a big way from this experience.

      I don’t know how much time you have left in school before going to college, but I can tell you this, people can sense when someone is burdened with something and they will run in the other direction. I would try to put it out of your mind when you are at school and keep your past on the down low.

      My advice is to do what may be very uncomfortable, but get involved in the new school somehow. You are probably hoping the old school accepts you back, so you are not moving forward. Look at it this way, they would be even more impressed if you show them how well you have adjusted and what an exceptional student you are. Get to know your teachers. In a year, several of them along with the principal could write letters of recommendation.

      My guess is in a year from now, you won’t want to go back.
      In the meantime, forgive yourself for that day. Let go of regret. We all do stupid things not realizing the outcome.

      Make sure to smile and give other students a chance. They will reflect what emanates from you. I don’t know if you pray, but I would pray that you find a group of kids to hang out with. You were becoming a great student so don’t punish yourself or your parents more by letting your grades slip or by getting into more trouble. Prove the administrators wrong by continuing to be a good person.

      Try to make positive choices and keep your eye on the prize of getting into college. Your parents will relax a little if they see you adjusting. Parents are always as happy as their least happy child. This has been a huge setback, but you can use it as a way to learn and grow.

      I’ll say a prayer for you. Let me know how it goes! Hang in there…


  11. I wish to have a lot of money, have my own car, be practically sisters with raye and brenea Holman and to pass the ahsege next month


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