The Morning After

She collapsed on the sofa, kicked off her red boots and threw the boat key on top of the coffee table. She remembered the movie Die Hard and dug her toes into the cool carpet. I need a drink.

While stumbling into the small kitchen, her head drummed to the beat of her heart. Her clammy hands shook as she unscrewed the bottle of Jim Beam. She poured herself a triple.

She glanced at the clock and then across the room at the TV remote. No. I won’t turn it on.

She pressed the power button and smiled.


Dawn broke across the crashing surf as a bloated body rolled in with the tide. Soon, a crowd and TV crew gathered. “It’s another floater,” said the officer.


You gotta see this video. The Ukulele Orchestra “kills it!”

Are you an ambulance chaser or do you keep moving?

Photo prompt by Susan Wenzel

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  1. Ambulance chaser isn’t a luxury choice I have anymore. When My dad was younger he used to have police radio and would show up to all the fires and big events before the authorities. You can bet he was on their watch list.

    So, was she party to what happened the night before that led to the body?


    1. Hahaha! Can you joke with him about that now? Hilarious!
      I have no idea what happened. I am thinking messed up hooker or abused housewife that goes off the deep end. (pun intended) Hahaha! Either way it is not the first time she has killed… She is pretty sick!


    1. Thanks Brian! I had originally said that she was reminded of an old Bruce Willis movie and dug her toes into the cool carpet. My proof-reading-husband had no idea what I was talking about! 🙂


  2. Enjoyed it but didn’t get any sense of danger or foreboding. Was there a psycho killer on the loose? Was she the psycho killer? Was this a suicide (my first thought)? The only reason I mention psycho killer is that it’s mentioned in your tags. Whe n you get a chance, please read mine. Thanks!


  3. Susie- A femme fatale who rocks the red boots, drowns a triple J and has 101 evil uses for duct tape? Love. It.
    As for that David Byrne interpretation, you’re right on. The Uke!


    1. Thanks Cayman! Not everyone “got’ it. I didn’t have much time to write this one and usually try to make them a little bit more obvious.
      She had to wear the boots. I would have IF I were a pyscho , hard-drinking, boat driving, crazy chick! Hahaha!
      Going out today to hit some balls around the court? I am still of the walking wounded, but am getting really anxious to get back out there. 🙂


      1. Simpatico with you on the injury front. An old knee injury sidelined me for a couple days last month, and I’ve battled plantar fascitis for a few years now. Hopefully I can get out there this evening for a bit. Good wishes on your healing.


        1. Thanks so much Cayman! I am going to PT. Apparently, my alignment is all askew and that’s the reason for all my injuries. Why didn’t someone tell me not to stand with my weight on one hip! I have been doing it for decades! Hahaha!….oh well…..


              1. Okay. It’s your pelvis and rib cage. Hey, that’s no party either. Take care of yourself, Colorado. I need you around here to keep me in check. It’s not like anyone else wants the job.


                1. It’s MY job!!!!!
                  It’s not that bad. Apparently, I have been out of whack for a while. I want to be back playing tennis by the first week of September! I neeeeed to run!!!!!!!!!!!! The idea is to get into alignment and end the injuries! Woohoo!
                  Thanks Cayman!


        1. I am really new to this whole writing thing (a year and a half), so I’m still learning about the process. I was a medical illustrator and then a mom. This is a third career! 🙂


                  1. Not sure if my replies are going through…we seem to be having a storm that’s affecting the internet…but I put out 3 more posts today, and am collecting my thoughts for another.


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