A Leap of Faith – 100 Word Flash Fiction

“Follow me,” said Tucker.

Kristie held the heavy backpack close to her cold body as a shield against the biting wind. The wet snowflakes nipped at her face leaving it raw. She tried to keep up while trudging through the deep snow. Her legs quivered with exertion. Am I ready for this?

Kristie followed him to the edge where a swirling white cloak enveloped them.

“Kristie! Can you believe we’re here in New Zealand? Let’s do this!”

After unstrapping her board from the pack, she clipped on her boots. “Here goes nothing!” Then she sailed over the cornice into the air.


This is the time of year I begin having skiing dreams. I stalk follow celebrity snowboarder Louie Vito on Facebook. He is on his way to New Zealand to snowboard. I can only imagine, hence the flash!

You may remember my humiliating experience with Louie.

Do you look forward to the change of seasons?

Feel free to leave the link to your flash fiction in the comment section!

76 thoughts on “A Leap of Faith – 100 Word Flash Fiction

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  1. loved the story…you always weave amazing fictions 🙂
    i would love it if seasons would change like my blog header…that way i wont get bored of them and crib less..
    i love spring and fall 🙂


  2. I remember my first (only) attempt at snowboarding. My sister and I took a one hour lesson, during which time I impersonated a human catapult. One hour and one minute later, I was back to skiing for good.
    Love the flash.


        1. Well that’s good! I hurt for a week afterward! I tried it twice and had heard the third time is the charm. I can do falling leaf but couldn’t link my turns. This year will be different!


  3. LOL! Did Louie ever reply to your X games post? I loved that post. 🙂 And great flash fiction piece! I’ve never tried a 100 word challenge. The shorter they are, the harder they are. Well done. 🙂


    1. Louie retweeted the link so he must have read it! Too funny!
      I love writing flash fiction. They are such good practice for me in concise writing. I have another teed up for tomorrow. It’s a twisted fairy tale…
      Thanks so much Sophie!


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