A Twisted Tale – Flash Fiction

Alice hurried along the path of the ancient forest in fading light. Listening to her elders and obeying were two different things and now she was hungry and lost.

As night descended, fog slithered like silent serpents through the understory. She stopped in her tracks as it wrapped around her narrow ankles and swallowed the trail.

While reconsidering the fork one mile back, Alice noticed a twinkling light in the distance. She trotted towards it.

In the twilight, the thatch-roofed cottage appeared inviting and the scent of baked apples lured her to the threshold. She knocked twice and waited.

A white-haired old woman cracked open the door, peeked out at her and screamed.

Alice growled and burst through the entry, gobbling the pie with one bite. Her bushy tail wagged in delight.

Her elders never could understand why Alice chose to be a vegetarian.

What is your favorite fairy tale?

Photo by Maggie Duncan of the Fictioneers.

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87 thoughts on “A Twisted Tale – Flash Fiction

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    1. I am thinking of doing a series of twisted tales from the original stories we grew up with. We’ll see.
      I was hungry for the slab apple cake sitting on the kitchen counter when I wrote this! Hahaha!
      Thanks so much!


  1. Haha… very interesting! On another note, I’m always amazed at your ability to write, to follow, to comment, and to respond. You’re a true blogging gem within this digital sphere 🙂


  2. Hahahaha! That’s awesome. You know, I’ve been watching the first season of “Grim” and saw an episode the other night that this reminds me of. 😀 I was thinking about it as I was reading your piece. Your words brought the visuals to mind. Love that twist.


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