Move Over Reese Witherspoon!

After all the begging, pleading, and licking, I caved. No, I didn’t run out and buy those fancylike hiking shoes even though Roxy has been lusting for them. She still LOVES her Ghetto Mittens.

She wouldn’t take no for an answer, so I gave in and made another movie.

I know you think her Ghetto Mittens are cruel and unusual punishment, but the video proves how much Roxy really loves them. It also shows that she is a real camera hound. She LOVES the attention.

She has a lot to say in her new feature. Roxy knows every line from Legally Blonde, so watch out Reese Witherspoon!

Here is the original!

Are you a dog or a cat person?

71 thoughts on “Move Over Reese Witherspoon!

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  1. Roxy is so cute in her ghetto mittens. Great idea to add them to her hind feet, too! What a good dog! I’m a dog person. We have two dogs now. Before we moved, we had four dogs, and five a year before that. I need to stay away from puppies!


  2. That is soo wrong. Funny as hell in a handbasket, but still wrong. Which only goes to show that my nomination of Susie Wild Ride for One Lovely Blog is peach.
    You and Danny have to get those Ghetto Mittens onto Shark Tank, pronto.


  3. There’s something about your blog–Miss Priss and Scooter were perfectly content watching TV with their father and then zap–they heard Roxie’s name. They each had to have a turn sitting on my lap watching Roxie while the other one sat on an extra chair. Heaven forbid I should make one of them be on the floor. I’m sure they wanted to know what new item(s) they might ask for next.


    1. I love it! Roxy is so happy that they watched her video and are wearing the shoes. She is still begging for them. I need to get out to REI and buy a pair or two!
      So funny! I bet they are super cute.


  4. I had forgot that moment in filmmaking. And now we have another! Throwing treats to get your dog to do something is one thing… Fake Throwing is another… have you seriously thought of the psychic ramifications of such actions… I did not see the ‘no animals were harmed’ disclamer at the end either… but then, the look on Roxy’s face said it all… ‘l’ll amuse the poor thing’…


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