Ice Sculptured – 200 Word Flash Fiction

Mary had brushed off her mother’s warning about the shortcut through the woods. Footsteps crunched in the snow behind her. She had been stalked.

He grabbed her by the arm. “Gotcha! I’ll give you a head start, little girl. Ready? GO!”

She bolted from the shabbily dressed man. Rounding the corner of the old mill, its blades dashed through the frigid water in the cold evening air. Then she passed a stand of evergreens. Snow covered needles fell in her wake. She slid down the embankment onto the ice-covered lake. After reaching the middle, she stopped to catch her breath. He closed the gap behind her.


Cold fingers grasped her slender neck. With a loud crack, the icy surface opened up. Mary fell forward. He fell in.

“Help! Please help me!” He cried as he splashed around in the icy water.

She crept on her hands and knees away from him, careful not to break through and then began to sob.

Soon all she heard was the whisper of the wind.

She glanced down and screamed. He stared at her with pleading eyes while clawing at the ice beneath her. Then he slid away trapped inside the frozen tomb.

Have you ever skated on thin ice literally or metaphorically?

The photo prompt is by Lora Mitchell.

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You are welcome to leave the link to your flash fiction in my comment section even if you used a different photo.

96 thoughts on “Ice Sculptured – 200 Word Flash Fiction

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  1. Mary’s going to have nightmares about this! Then again, at least she’ll be alive to have nightmares. One of the most chilling (sorry!) horror stories I’ve ever read, all the more so because there’s nothing unreal about it.


  2. chilling! Very well written and descriptive. The forest, mill and lake all popped vividly in my mind. I could clearly see it in my mind. The setting reminded me of a nearby lake and mill in a state park.


  3. I’ve come to hang on your words, Susie never knowing what to expect next. For me you developed a good sense of suspense with vivid imagery. If you aimed for horror, I think you hit your mark. Well done!


  4. You write the most suspensful stuff I’ve ever read. I want to turn away, but my morbid curiousity won’t let me, and I keep coming back time after time for more. This sent chills up my spine. Excellent work!


  5. Wow, that was really good! You are a great writer Susie! Growing up on a large lake, I frequently tested the thin ice, and learned when to stay off! Once, my friend and I were riding our bikes on the ice in the bay we lived in. In the morning, ALL the ice was gone from the lake! Thin ice indeed.


    1. That is scary! I have such a healthy respect for thin ice. We have a small pond in our backyard and when it freezes I am very careful even though I would go out far enough to drown!
      Thank you so much John!


  6. oh, right, i forgot all about the picture. nice job. i like the icy fingers on her neck. and i couldn’t help trying to trim it down to 100 words. wasn’t easy and doesn’t read as well of course.


    1. Thank you Rich!
      I used to be brutal when it came to editing. When I blogged my Sexercise piece, I had to add a few words and I took a lot of heat for those adjectives. I decided that the story was more important than the word count.


  7. Hi Susie,
    Regret is a great theme, and I can’t imagine anyone who can’t relate, who hasn’t made some casual decision that led down some dark path unforseen. Also like the rich descriptive detail leading up to the cllimax. Ron


    1. Thanks so much Ron! I felt that I needed to paint a vivid picture of how fast she was running without going to deep into her POV.
      It’s those little decisions that we can regret the rest of our lives if we are lucky enough to tell the tale. I know I have my list!


  8. Although I always find your flash fiction vivid, I thought this one was vivid-er to add a moronic voice to the feedback. I could picture it so clearly in my mind, it was as if I saw a short film. Very solid storytelling Susie.


  9. Great story Susie! I can’t seem to frame this one, though. I picture Mary on the ice with her grandfather, I also picture her on the ice with a serial killer! Perhaps you explained it somewhere in the comments section, but I purposely avoided it in the event that you did. I thrive on ambiguity! 🙂

    Thoroughtly enjoyed it!



    1. It is sometimes hard to project the tone. I thought that mentioning “little girl” in a derogatory way would set it up as well as “his icy fingers around her slender neck”…Are you avoiding horror today John?? Not me. I dive right in! 🙂 Thanks and have a splendid weekend in the Colorado sunshine!


      1. Perhaps, but seeing as Halloween is right around the corner, I won’t be avoiding it for long! You’ll definitely notice a theme in my upcoming stories! 🙂

        You enjoy that sunshine too! We’re pretty lucky, eh?


    1. She was! But I think she may have thought there may be a chance that he wouldn’t make it across the lake. When I was growing up, the lakes we skated on were spring fed and every winter someone broke through….
      Thanks Rochelle!


    1. Thank you Barbara! While growing up in the land of ice and snow, it was one of my fears as a youngster. My parents always warned me about skating on thin ice. In this case, it’s what saved her! Yay!


  10. Smart girl. She listened to her intuition/instincts/small voice inside of her … warning her this was a dangerous man. During grammar school, taking a short cut home, I fell through some ice, waste deep. School mates saved me. I get reminded at every school reunion.


    1. That must have been so scary! How ironic is my story. Waste deep without sure footing could have been fatal. Thank God you had friends with you!
      Sounds like a story to blog about sometime…
      Thanks Lora!


    1. Thanks so much Ellie!
      I didn’t know either until the end! I had always thought about the horror of what it would be like to break through the ice and see those above while the current sweeps you away….a pretty terrible way to die.


  11. Oh, I like this one! Dark and twisted… very well done… especially the ending… “then he slid away inside the icy tomb.” Such cold finality.

    Excellent wordcraft, Susie!

    Tina swears my middle name is ‘thin ice’. It’s probably a good thing I skate so well! Lol!!


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