Are you feeling it yet? That creepy spine tingling shiver that crawls up your back leaving your little hairs all electrified? Are you seeing shadowy figures in the dark corners of your house? Do they vanish as you gasp while swinging around towards the entity? Well, I am here to get you in the mood. For what? HALLOWEEN! Continue reading

Cara Mia, It’s Halloween! Creator Charles Addams

I creep into the Halloween spirit by watching glimpsing at horror and thriller movies on television. While multitasking, I peek through my fingers once in a while to see what mayhem has arisen.

I’ve seen zombies, one of the Scary Movie series onslaught and one scene from Friday the 13th complete with Freddy Kruger. When flipping through the channels the other night, I stumbled upon one of my very favorite Halloween comedies – Addams Family Values.

The lines were poetic, the quips unrelenting, and the cast replete with Angelica Huston, the late Raul Julia, Joan Cusack, Christina Ricci and Christopher Lloyd had me laughing out loud. I have always loved these deathly, creepy, and wonderfully morbid characters. Continue reading

You Got This! You Can Do This!

This is my first published piece in the Boulder newspaper! I wrote it out of frustration after watching the last blow out and listening to the same old explanations. I have a different take on CU’s football team.

My daughter Courtney and her dance team before the game

An Open Letter to the CU Buffs

I just returned from another disappointing loss; this one against University of Southern California. My husband and I stayed for the whole game as brutal as it was. We are your super fans.

You guys are defeated, deflated and some give the impression of being dejected. It was apparent in your body language and energy after the third touchdown. I just have one question: Why? Continue reading

From Virtual to Reality

My illustration of the virtual people who read my blog for the first time.

When I began blogging, I remember getting the jitters. I had worried about using my real name. Since I was blogging for a writer’s platform, it made sense to send it into the blogosphere along with my words. Name recognition could help me some day.

My friends and family wondered how smart it was to expose myself to strangers. Some thought I could be conversing with thugs from prison. “Hey,” I said, “everyone makes mistakes and if they enjoy my blog, well, that’s a great sign of positive reform!”

They wondered how I could possibly make friends online.

What I write is more revealing than anything I say in public to my real friends. Writing gives me time to collect my thoughts which are usually whipping around aimlessly in my pea brain. People who read my blog know me better in some ways than people I’ve met in real life.

Pretty strong statements, eh? Well, I believe they are true, for me anyway.

Blogging is one-sided like a lecture. The feedback given through the comments is where the magic happens. Conversations have continued on Facebook, Twitter and through email.

Flash forward a year and a half and I have made some pretty amazing friendships. Do I even know what these people look like? Some use photos of themselves on their blogs and others use avatars of furry little creatures. Does it matter? Hell, no. It’s what they say that matters.

Writing is the great equalizer. Words draw people together by interest, content, and support.

The most wonderful surprise of this whole blogging experience has been the community I have found.

Now, when I go on a vacation, I want to meet my virtual friends in real life. My husband Danny and I recently traveled to California. I contacted a few bloggers located in the area and we met for dinner.

Lynn Kelley, me, Debra Eve, August McLaughlin, and Debra Kristi

Those same jitters returned as my husband and I walked into the restaurant. As soon as I spotted Lynn KelleyDebra Eve, August McLaughlin and Debra Kristi, I relaxed. It was like meeting old friends for the first time. We knew what was going on in each others’ lives since we are part of the same blogging community. The connection was instantaneous. We filled in the details, talked about future plans, and shared ideas.

The night raced by. When they stood to leave, there was still so much I wanted to ask them. Knowing that I would “see” them on their blogs, Facebook, and Twitter made it a little easier.

We will come back again. In the meantime, Danny and I would love to meet my other blogger friends when we travel. He says that his goal is to be Mr. Susie Lindau and carry my bags around the world. Good thing I didn’t use the profile name Little Miss Granny Panties!

Have you ever met bloggers in real life? 

Oh Cali, How I’ve Missed You! A Photo Essay

Have you ever traveled somewhere and felt an instant connection? I feel that way every time I am in California.

Maybe it’s because of the beauty created by its people.

On the beach in Santa Barbara

Maybe it’s because this is a place where the mountains meet the ocean. Continue reading

10 Secrets of a Happy Marriage!

My husband, Danny, and I celebrated our 25th anniversary on October 10th. Many have asked, “What’s your secret to a happy marriage?” Here are my Top Ten Secrets!

Secret #1:

You have to be willing to go the extra mile.

I went one thousand miles when moving from Wisconsin to Colorado after our wedding. Danny is the most romantic guy around. He asked me to marry him at the top of the gondola in Aspen after giving me nine plastic rings over the weekend. He continues to surprise me. “Gasp!”

Secret #2:

He’s my best friend and I don’t keep secrets from him.

I can tell him anything, but I can also read his mind when it’s screaming, “That is way too much information, Susie. Sheesh!” Continue reading