Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Rolling into Roctober

Fog in the Boulder Valley and snow-capped mountains. It must be October!

Do you know what time it is? It’s another Use Me and Abuse Me Day! Yep. It’s that special day when you can use my blog by abusing my comment section to meet some new writers. It’s a virtual blog party!

Go through your posts and pick one you think the guests might enjoy. Paste ONE link (URL), in my comment section. Feel free to include a short “hook” to entice other partiers to come to your place (blog).

That’s when the party begins. As others post their links, mingle with the guests and check them out. Click on their links. Say hello! Introduce yourself. Tell them Susie sent you.

This is a great opportunity to make some new friends and follow a few new blogs. Hey! Maybe they’ll follow you back!

This is my way of thanking all of you Wild Riders for coming by and reading. Because you are the best, I have spared no expense. I set up the bar, the never-ending fresh appetizers, the deluxe coffee maker and delectable desserts. Everything is calorie-free and on the house!

All I ask that you consider following my blog.

Remember that no one with any sense comes to a party, fills a huge doggy bag and leaves. If you leave a link, click on a couple before you go.

Rock out to this fantastic dancing video to get you in the mood!

Somebody teach me how to do the splits like those guys. Ouch!

Have fun and remember to dance!

Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter. The more the merrier!

209 thoughts on “Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Rolling into Roctober

Add yours

  1. Wow looks like the party is happening. Love that video. I like those two guys in the black and white film, with brass in the back. They had dance moves way ahead of their time. Love it! Inspired to get my groove on now.

    But before dancing, here’s my link for the party. Anybody who’s ever gone to the supermarket during “rush hour” and runs into this person can relate. Hope you get a laugh.


      1. Ha! Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. I’m still hanging out here introducing myself to your peeps. They had some funny stuff, especially that chick with her first date story and her killer stomach. That was too funny.


    1. Love your message in your beautiful post!
      Thanks for following and for coming to join in the fun! Click on some links and tell them Susie sent you and they should click back!


    1. Just read your post. Congratulations! Wow! What fun you had.
      Thanks for coming to the party! Make sure to pour yourself some well deserved champagne and “mingle with the guests!” (click on a few links..) 🙂


  2. Sorry I’m late. I was working the pole. Now I have to wade through some of these great new posts! Wowzers! There are a lot of people I don’t recognize!

    I would love to share my post “Tell Me Your Iktsuarpok Moment.” I love language and sometimes our English just doesn’t do justice to what we are experience. But other languages have just the right word! Just read the word and leave me a comment. If I LOVE your response, you just might become my featured blogger next month and win yourself a coveted place in my sidebar! Check it out!

    Off to meet some of your fabulous peeps.

    Right after I tweet this delicious goodness. Let’s for letting us make a mess of the place. Sorry about the bathroom. 🙂


    1. Renee! I LOVED the possibilities roiling in my noggin over Iksuarpok moments.

      I’ve already subscribed to your blog, but had myself on a blog hiatus hoping to hit word count this week. I a wee bit ahead, so I gave myself a treat today. SO glad I did.


      1. I am so glad you came by too! I blew off my page count today. I try to hit 10 pages of rewrites a day, but this is waaaay too much fun! I’ve loved reading everyone’s posts!


    1. You aren’t late at all!
      There are tons of people here right now! The party will last for days since people can come anytime to click on links!
      Help yourself to the bar and the buffet and say hello to the guests! They all brought their best posts to share. I know since I’ve read all of them! Yep I need to go out for a bike ride or something! Hahaha! Have fun!


  3. I loved watching that video with Punkin! He was mesmerized! Wish I could do the Irish dancing!
    Okay, here’s my post, “Heard Any Good Jokes Lately?” Perfect for Halloween season, short and quick, and hopefully it will give you a chuckle or put a smile on your face:

    Thanks for another Use Me and Abuse Me Day, Susie. I missed the last one.


    1. Thanks for coming today Lynn! Loved your post and video. You were making those a year ago. Amazing! The kids must love them. I do too!
      Have fun! And make sure to help yourself!
      I am going to be out in your neck of the woods in a couple of weeks!


  4. Okay, I’ve searched archives and located a post from long ago. It’s titled Table for Two in the Loo featuring iPhone stealth pics and commentary from the Loo at Bucca di Beppo. I found the company in there much more entertaining than that at my table.

    No. I did not sneak my iPhone under one of the stalls.

    Here goes!

    And, I’m off to check blogs I haven’t yet visited. Renee! Hold on! I’m on my way to comment. The notice on your blog has been sitting in my inbox awaiting the right moment to read and comment. That moment is N-O-W!


      1. Thanks, Susie! I’m off now to hit that off-color post. Yes. I’m a loose woman adventurous type at heart. And, I’ve GOT to get back and subscribe to HaHasforHooHahs (sp?) — I’ll find it. The handy link is down the buffet line somewhere. I’ve read it once. MUST read it a second time.


  5. Hi Susie, I couldn’t wait to get home from work to start chatting up your guests! You always invite such interesting Characters! Thank you so much for another great party!


  6. Wow… I’m late to the party! I always like Susie’s Parties… we get to see her dance! Wait a minute… what’s with all the amateurs??? Great video, I guess I’ll have to wait till next month now. (I’ll be seeing Doug on the Big Island then) Oh, one thing… please no on show her how to do the splits… think of all the blogs we’ll be forced to read and have to make comments on how she strained this or that…

    I invite you to see my Photolog and tell me Susie sent you. If you like cats… today, Girls Soccer… Oct 2, Sep 25 or 27th, Seaplanes… Sept 24th… and to find out what happens when you put Mentos in Diet Pepsi… Oct 1st.


    1. Oh my gosh you are right. You would here all about my latest strain and sprain!
      Thanks for coming by Ted! The bar is open and the buffet has all been refreshed. The crowd is out the door! I’m sure bloggers will love your photo blog!


    1. Love that post! I am an amateur too so can relate.
      Have fun at the party! Click on the links and say hello! Tell them Susie sent you! Have fun meeting some new friends! The party should last through the weekend!


  7. There have already been 120 clicks out of my blog to all of yours! This party is rockin! Woohoo! I hope you are subscribing to some new blogs and you are getting some new followers too!


    1. My name is Chris Sheridan and I approved this message. But do NOT vote for me in November. I’ve got more skeletons in my closet than a large cemetery, and if asked to run, I will run away!


  8. My arrival as promised… The video: Before playing it, my immediate reaction was disappointment because it wasn’t going to be you dancing. But then I started it and I was immediately amused when the first thing I see, is a ballet scene from “Swan Lake” since you and I had just recently been trading opinions on “Black Swan”. Then I marveled at the great selection of dance scenes, and the longer the music played the more I loved it. It was inspiring and mood elevating for me! So GREAT song and GREAT video!!!

    But maybe next time, you can have a great video with great music, AND a video of you dancing? Yeah, I know… I’m greedy. Lol

    Most writers and bloggers start off with an idea and an outline for what they want to write, and then write and complete their idea in a finished work. But sometimes I go with total free association humor, and no idea where I’m going, or where I’ll end up. Instead of an idea, I start with LOTS of coffee, grab my keyboard and let my fingers fly!


  9. Hey Susie,

    It is me from zoomer’s. You had a great idea here. I like your blog a lot. Everytime I want to put my name as a blog they tell me I cannot, unless I want to pay eighteen dollars. boo hooo! I will keep visiting you though. I have three hundred some blogs here. I use to be on vox and really liked it but when vox shut down they transferred all my stuff here and then.. emailed me to tell me. LOL Have a good day.


    1. Hey! Thank you so much! So glad you came by.
      Are you Kimberly? You do have to pay for a domain name but believe me that is a steal of a deal. 🙂
      You should leave a link to one of your blog posts.


  10. Hey Colorado- That kinda dancing only happens at my place after a solid couple o’ friendlies and some Coltrane. And this comment was a summons in disguise, as you have been nominated for being way too addictive for your own bad ass self.


  11. OMG!!!! *fanning face, holding sides, wiping tears … of pure laughter , of course* – Susie, your parties cannot be matched. It feels like I’ve been here for hours – Gloria, Renee (on the pole? who knew???), Jenny, and too many hilarious new friends to mention. There must be an award for this and if there isn’t we will invent one to present to you. Outstanding endless supply of munchies and drinks!
    While everyone is having a little rest here’s something to soothe you. They actually were here at the party too. Did you see them?

    I heard Gloria Richards singing along to this. Awesome linguist that she is!


      1. I understand how you feel, Susie, and since I’m feeling compassionate, I may write a post just for you on maximum campsite safety. Or I can just give you a quick summary now… When you go camping, remember to bring with you a tripod mounted 50 caliber machine gun, and at least 5 cases of ammo. Also bring at least a dozen Claymore mines to set up evenly spaced 360 degrees around your perimeter. But don’t forget to keep all your Claymores at least 25 meters away from your tent, because if they go off you want to take out the enemy and NOT you and your family, since this would be very counterproductive.

        And don’t forget to dig Fox holes at least 4 feet deep for yourself and each family member – because even when placed at the correct distance away, when those Claymores go off, there’s going to be lots of shrapnel flying, and you want “Charlie” to get all of that, instead of you and your buddies.

        Last but most important, an hour before sundown you will need to set up an alternating watch until an hour after sunrise. The watch should be shared equally by every troop in your unit, but do NOT entrust a watch to any soldier you suspect will fall asleep during watch – since the consequences can be deadly.

        And one last thing, even though I still can’t understand how any patrol could ever make this mistake, even though it has happened – do NOT use an alarm clock to mark time for alternating the watch! Because “Charlie” has very good hearing, and even the best defended position is gonna catch hell when he calls in your position and those mortar rounds come down on top of you.

        Well, I gotta get moving now, since I need to leave for my “session” at the V.A. but I hope that my training here has helped to make you feel safer and Happy Camping! 😀


    1. Yay! I found you quickly and easily up near the top! Unlike that other blogger who was WAY down near the bottom, and even though I was scrolling down at maximum speed, while so many blogger’s faces flew by like cars and trucks on an Interstate highway, it still took me a long time to find her! TY again for reading my posts and commenting, and now I’m going to click on your link. And please forgive the 2nd reminder, but don’t forget to moderate. Lol – I did it many times in my early teens, so for me, it’s like second nature. 😀


      1. This is why you come fashionably late to Susie’s parties. Latecomers are booted to THE TOP, probably should be the wall of shame but hey, there you are! Still, as you probably discovered, it’s worth troll to the bottom because there are some rockin’ blogs there. (Moderate? Seriously? Isn’t life too short?)


        1. Actually, I came late to Susie’s party because I’m chronically late for my arrivals wherever I go. This is because Time and I have a strained relationship. I resent Time because not only do I not like being told where to go, I also don’t like being told when I have to be there. And Time resents me, because I obviously have no respect for Time’s authority, and I enjoy taunting Time by totally ignoring Time as Time passes by. Time may a big deal in Physics, but that just doesn’t impress me, and I think that Time should just get over itself.

          I think that Space is far more interesting, and I don’t know why Time and Space are together, because with all that Space has to offer in a relationship, I just don’t know what Space sees in Time, and why Space wastes time spending time with Time, when I know that Space could do so much better. Space should hook up with Energy instead, because now they would be a very dynamic and charismatic couple.

          Yes, here I am on the wall of shame, but I’m feeling kinda out of place, since I have no shame, and shame is probably required here, along with a jacket and tie. So the Maitre d’ is probably going to ask me to leave as soon as he sees me. But since I have no shame, I won’t really care.

          I’m impressed that you don’t believe in moderation, and I’ll bet that you’re a lot of fun at parties! 🙂 I don’t really believe in moderation either but lots of folks here on WordPress do, and you know what they say… “When in Rome… you are probably also in Italy.” Unless you are in Rome, New York – but I’ve never been there, so I can’t really say much about it. And yes, life IS too short, which is why I just don’t buy that whole thing about “All things in moderation except for moderation.” BORING!!! But I’ll bet that Time probably loves moderation – It’s just the sort of thing that Time would be impressed with, because moderation is really boring, and right up there with clock watching, and watching Time go by.

          But not Space! No way! Space is into being infinite and there’s no moderation with infinity! Infinity is has no limits, and neither does Space, and I think that having no limits is very exciting! Which is just another reason why I really dig Space, and why I STILL can’t understand why Time and Space are together!


            1. I have NO idea WHY you would ask me that question? And WHY do I have NO idea why you would ask me that question? Because I know that you are an intelligent woman, and you already know that I have been drinking caffeine again and a LOT of it. Lol 😀

              But since you asked me your question with a smile, after reading my very long and meandering reply, that is probably way too far across the line of tolerance for weirdness for most readers here… I’m now smiling back at you. 🙂 And I’m going to follow your blog, which I had intended to do some time ago, but then didn’t… only because I got lost in writing replies similar to the one here about Time and Space, and then I got lost in another dimension where even my wife couldn’t find me, and boy was she bugged with me when I finally found my way back! I sure heard about that one!

              But that was then, and now I’m heading straight for your blog so I can follow you. Because I think that you actually get me…even when I’m my most difficult to get, and that can be a very rare quality that I don’t very often find. So thanks for that! 🙂


              1. You are perhaps the funniest man I have ever met! I suspect that your wife is a very patient woman! I think the reason why you forgot to follow me before was because you wrote me an essay length riff on the caffeine buzz you’d been experiencing that day 🙂


                1. So you are admitting that it was YOUR fault! Thank you for your confession. You know that part of the so-called “Miranda Rights” that cops use in the US when making an arrest, when they say “anything you say can and will be used against you…”? Well I wrote that. That was my idea all the way. The only reason it’s called the “Miranda Rights” is because that is my ex-wife’s name, and she liked being arrested and handcuffed frequently!

                  Of course I’m not implying anything, or making any assumptions here about you, and be advised that none of what I have just written is true – because you are right, and I DID it! I confess!!! I wrote that essay length riff that resulted in you not being followed then, and I’d do it again! Except that I can’t, because now that I’ve already followed you, it’s too late.

                  But it’s not too late for me to write essay length caffeine driven riffs, because I’m doing it right now!

                  Wait a minute… my wife is reading me the dissenting opinion, that she DOES think it’s too late, and now she’s waving a pair of handcuffs at me – cause she’s saying it’s the only way to get me to stop typing!!! It’s true that she is a very patient woman… but not THAT patient!

                  Further replies from me will have to come later, but I’ll be back eventually… Or maybe even sooner, cause I’m a big Houdini fan, and I’ve done much study of his skills, and I think that I can slip these things fairly soon!

                  Thanks so much for your “funniest man” compliment! It’s one of my all time favorites! 😀


                  1. Haven’t you read Shades of Grey? You’re not meant to escape from the handcuffs! (At least I think that’s the general theme. I could only manage the first 120 pages, and I only lasted that long so that I could read the first sex scene. Which was not at all titillating. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. And don’t even get me started on the writing!)

                    And speaking of writing, I went out on a date today with a guy who used to be in law enforcement and who is trained to do statement analysis. He knows how to identify where in a statement a person starts lying. He can’t ever, ever find out that I have a blog…

                    Thank you for another great laugh!


    2. Just wanted to thank you again for posting this JBW, and also let anyone who sees my reply here know that it’s very well written enjoyable reading, and well worth taking the time to read, especially if you love camping in the great outdoors, and you are a frequent camper.

      I was impressed enough to follow your blog, and I haven’t followed a new blog since this past June – which is because I’m having trouble keeping up with all the posts from the blogs I’m already following. But I sense that your blog is worth adding, and no I don’t say that to ALL the girl bloggers. Lol 🙂

      My name is Chris Sheridan and I approved this message. But do NOT vote for me in November, because I have more skeletons in my closet than a large cemetery, and if asked to run, I will run away!


  12. Well the party has been kickass!… A big thank-you to the one who made it happen! Susie you’ve been a lovely hostess this evening!.. Well the fun and frolic has carried on for quite a while now… I think the guests need to just relax for a while, sipping on the refreshing lemonade that is being served to them..Meanwhile all of you can go through this interesting article which I’ve blogged…Relax…Take it easy…Read 😉


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