Lurking in Darkness – 150 Word Flash Fiction

He had watched her for days.

Sheila crouched over her rose garden and snipped dead blossoms. She stood and stretched while running her hands along her lower back.

He slipped behind a tree as she crossed the yard.

After laying the shears on the garage workbench, she stepped inside the house.

He followed.

After taking a shower, she dried herself and then stopped. Were those footsteps? She peered into the empty bedroom. I’m imagining things. 

He watched her dress from the dark hallway. Saliva accumulated at the corners of his mouth.

A twenty minute nap is just what I need. She padded to the bed and slipped under the covers.

It was time. He lunged on top of her.

She bolted upright and gasped.

He growled and bared his teeth.

Pulling the sheet to her throat, she scanned the room. “Is that you Max? It can’t be!” She whispered her last words. “You’re dead.”


When I was writing my Oh Thrill Me Baby post, I called my sister to see if I’d missed any creepy films. She mentioned Pet Sematary. I have never seen that movie based on Stephen King’s novel, but it inspired me to write this.

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Do you believe that a person can be harmed from something or someone beyond the grave?

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      1. No… it was certain words you used. ‘followed’, ‘saliva’, ‘lunged’… those. I liked how she couldn’t see him before he killed her. What did she do to help dispatch Max? Is he on a vengeance tour?


  1. Good Read Wild Woman’ IF you want to watch a really good cult classic and like hunk’ check out ‘The Crazies’ when I first watched it’ I was floored it didn’t get the recognition – there must have been some world crisis that happened when it was released in the theaters. If you liked Alien like I did’ then there is another Cult classic Movie’ its high apt intense and over the top and should not be watched with grandma or the kids / family’. It will leave your nerves fragmented’. That one was directed by Richard Stanley but get the Uncut digitally Remastered version. HARDWERE – (1990) it’s pretty F’ n’ intense… and creepy… and Post Apocalyptic – Science Fiction – Horror – fantasy movie…I also Liked Descent uncut vision and Descent 2 uncut –


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