Lurking in Darkness – 150 Word Flash Fiction

He had watched her for days.

Sheila crouched over her rose garden and snipped dead blossoms. She stood and stretched while running her hands along her lower back.

He slipped behind a tree as she crossed the yard.

After laying the shears on the garage workbench, she stepped inside the house.

He followed.

After taking a shower, she dried herself and then stopped. Were those footsteps? She peered into the empty bedroom. I’m imagining things. 

He watched her dress from the dark hallway. Saliva accumulated at the corners of his mouth.

A twenty minute nap is just what I need. She padded to the bed and slipped under the covers.

It was time. He lunged on top of her.

She bolted upright and gasped.

He growled and bared his teeth.

Pulling the sheet to her throat, she scanned the room. “Is that you Max? It can’t be!” She whispered her last words. “You’re dead.”


When I was writing my Oh Thrill Me Baby post, I called my sister to see if I’d missed any creepy films. She mentioned Pet Sematary. I have never seen that movie based on Stephen King’s novel, but it inspired me to write this.

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Do you believe that a person can be harmed from something or someone beyond the grave?

76 thoughts on “Lurking in Darkness – 150 Word Flash Fiction

Add yours

  1. OMG 😯
    i love reading/watching thriller/horror ..this one is a big Wow..
    the whole idea of someone watching you gives me creeps…
    i truly believe in the powers of spirit world..never seen but still do..


  2. I never saw pet cemetery! You must know by now I’m afraid of the dark, but not afraid to confront it. When I’ve the time I shall write something scarrrry. hee hee. Big things today 🙂


      1. Because his name is Stephen King and he can tyop [intentional — show versus tell] anything he wants

        Okay. I should be putting these thoughts to work on my WIP rather than hi-jacking your comments, Susie. Ciao!


    1. Ahhahaha! It makes me wonder about people who have put their dogs down when they were vicious….
      Yesterday when I wrote it, the house kept making popping noises from the strangest places. Our house is totally haunted!
      Sweet dreams!


  3. The chick sitting in the theater with her hands over her eyes? Taking an occasional peek? Choking to scream, “You idiot!!!! Stinky is fine! Do NOT get in that shower!”

    Totally me.

    Hey, Susie. I love this Flash Fiction Friday gig. How does one get in the loop for it?


    1. I just write them and find a photo. Sometimes I jump into the Flash Fictioneers on and use her prompt.
      Because I am getting into photography, I am using my own photos more often.
      If you decide to write one, you are welcome to post the link in my comment section!


  4. In the creatively sneaky ploy to avoid a novella masquerading as a comment, I’m dipping in for a twofer. On the pet cemetery topic:

    There was a DJ in Cincinnati (I used to travel there on my job) who made insane calls in the mornings to real businesses. One morning, he called a pet cemetery and asked the receptionist about pricing to bury his….

    Wait for it….(suspense)

    recently deceased Ant Farm pets. Then, he started naming them.
    TOTALLY hysterical.


    1. Hahahahaaha! …and there’s poor little Jimmy John…sniff… and….old hairy Larry …. sniff…
      That must have been hysterical! I wonder if it is recorded somewhere…. 🙂


  5. Awh super as always, Susie! I am so not watching that, I love dogs. There are some vicious sounding dogs around the corner who have just moved in, I’m keeping my eye on them 😉


      1. Very funny! They growl at Sandy every time we pass and she just gets excited but isn’t scared. Way to go Sandy!


    1. Thanks so much V!
      Hahaha! Yep. Not so much. I was thinking Great Dane/Rottweiler/Mastiff mix.
      By the way, he likes to be scratched behind his left ear. NO! LEFT EAR! HIS LEFT! NOOOOOOOOooooo……


  6. Now, that was a wild ride! It was scary enough when I thought “he” was a living, human stalker. Worse when it began to sound more as if he’s a vicious dog – who can’t possibly be reasoned with. But the ghost of a vicious dog?! That’s definitely horror. Good job.


  7. I was spending the first night away from my soon to be ex-girlfriend. I had borrowed two books from her. Emily Dickinson’s poems and Pet Sematary. I read the poems and started Pet Sematary. I read til early morning and was enraptured by the story when the Willimantic to Boston train crossed the trestle that was near my back door and blew its whistle. After I got down from the ceiling I changed underwear and finished the book. You’re a fine flasher.


    1. Hahahaah! Oh my gosh! That sounds like the book had you glued, or is it unglued????
      Kindred Spirit suggested I don’t watch the movie, but read the book.
      When I started “It,” by Stephen King, I began to have nightmares and couldn’t sleep. I never finished “it.”
      The movie was terrible in my opinion.
      Thanks for sharing Tom!


    1. Well that’s a relief! Lately, mine have only been noise makers; mostly banging on dressers. So much better than seeing someone staring at me from the foot of my bed….
      Thanks Renee!


  8. *peers out from under the bed* Safe to come out, yet?
    I don’t think physical harm is possible, but it might well be that if one has a weak heart they can scare one to death!


    1. Danny and I watched Misery again last night. I can see why Kathy Bates won an Oscar for best actress! She was so sweet and so diabolical! I want to read Pet Sematary! I love being creeped out in October!
      Thanks Nelle!


  9. I totally read that last line wrong, until you mentioned “Pet Sematary.” That changed the whole thing for me, and I had to reread it. Then it gave me a chill. Freaky, girl!


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