Bedtime Stories – 125 Word Flash

Kassandra slipped under the comforter. As she drifted off, a thought pulled her back. “Did I lock the back door? Oh, he’ll be home soon.”

A few hours later, she heard heavy footsteps. Her heart pounded. She peeked out from under the covers. A man wearing a black hoody ripped through their room. He emptied her jewelry box into a pillow case.

She awoke from the nightmare.

Her heart banged away as relief flooded her body. Then she inhaled the foul odor of rotting flesh.

Something weighted her down. “Dammit Jack! Get off me!” Kassandra pulled the covers off her head. Two black eyes set in a pale face bore holes into hers. She screamed.

“Jack won’t be coming home,” he hissed through yellow fangs, “ever.”

Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night with the feeling that you forgot to lock the doors?

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    1. I am going to have to watch that movie again. We have several doors, so I am constantly locking them as I come in, but once in a while, I forget…..
      Thanks so much Cayman!


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