Are you feeling it yet? That creepy spine tingling shiver that crawls up your back leaving your little hairs all electrified? Are you seeing shadowy figures in the dark corners of your house? Do they vanish as you gasp while swinging around towards the entity? Well, I am here to get you in the mood. For what? HALLOWEEN!

I’ve been buried here for centuries. LET ME OUT!

Last night, a vicious pack of coyotes howled in our backyard. I raced to the back door to let our dog Roxy inside. Luckily, she escaped the predators. This morning, Roxy and I took a hike in the open space around our neighborhood. I decided to go a different way. The path dead ended, so we bushwhacked our way to a clearing. That’s where we found the aftermath. The skull resembled that of a deer.

Watch the film at your own risk.

You won’t believe what’s in that hole…


Now are you feeling it?

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  1. Our property backs up to a ranch, Susie. More nights than not, I hear the coyotes howling and those blood-curdling, scream-like yip-yip-yips when they enjoy whatever they’ve caught.

    We also see a lone LOBO in the pastures behind us headed back to his lair in the early morning.

    Thank goodness Roxie is fine. When our dogs get their final run, we always train the flashlight along the fence line. If eyes shine back at us, it’s a no-go for an off-leash run.

    We had five sets of eyes one night — a pack — at the fence line, but they high-tailed it before my husband could load his rifle. They’ve never come into our yard. They don’t like jumping, and the ranch has both barbed wire and hatched, wire fencing to ground level.

    They did have one frisky cow who came over twice. She’s since been moved to another pasture.


    1. A frisky cow is right! Hahaha!
      I brought Danny to the site this morning and half the bones are gone..I woke to their shrill screams last night again. I won’t be letting Roxy out unless it is light after seeing what they did to that big animal! (((shivers)))


  2. Yikes real coyotes in your back yard that is the scariest halloween thing ever, aside from that video lol. Poor Roxy. Happy Halloween!


    1. Thanks Angelia!
      I love that music too. I am so glad I tingled your spine!
      We went back early this AM and they are still working on those bones. There were a couple hip bones that weren’t there yesterday. They must take them into their den……creepy or what????
      Happy Halloween!


    1. I showed them to Danny this morning who thought the same thing. The backbone is massive! So creepy.
      Happy Halloween! I am glad you liked the video. I only got one take when I was out there.
      Thanks so much John!
      Happy Halloween!


  3. Coyote howls are spooky alright! I lived in the country for 15 years and they were very much a part the program … bone-chllling at times. This summer, here in the city at our golf club, we had two baby coyotes who appeared by the 16th fairway to folic most mornings with mother watching from the shadows. Rather than shooting with guns, everyone was shooting with cameras. Interesting how the perspective changes!
    Happy Hallowe’en, Susie! I’ll be handing out treats (in my witch costume) at my son’s while they take The Adorables (Jack, 4, and Kate, 3) out with friends. I noticed that several of the big Hallowe’en parties in Toronto tonight are going to be fundraisers for Red Cross assistance to Hurricane Sandy victims. Nice to see.


    1. That’s great that they are doing that! It sounds like insurance companies had plenty on reserve, but the fund raising really comes in handy for those who are in need right now!
      I really believe that although I need to protect Roxy, coyotes have every right to be here. We just have to be vigilant. Those bones were big!
      Thanks and Happy Halloween Patricia!


  4. Music made the clip even more terrifying!
    Living in city I miss the company of all those wild buddies, all we get are squirrels and sometimes cats.
    Happy Halloween!


  5. If I wasn’t feeling it before, I’m feeling it now! Happy Halloween, my friend. I hope you all stay safe and warm inside… there are frightening creatures out there! But then, I think you like that. 😉


  6. Ooh. I’m definitely feeling it now. Happy Halloween, my friend. Don’t scare the cute little kids too much tonight. 😉 Will Roxy be wearing a costume?

    We get coyotes near us all the time. The often sound like their throwing a party. People need to watch out for their little dogs and cats.


    1. You are right about that! I couldn’t believe how big the animal bones were. We will be watching out for our little Roxy!
      She will be wearing an angle costume. Her favorite!
      Have a fun Halloween Debra!


        1. I will!
          I never touched the bones I went back there this morning with Danny. Some had been scattered. Some had disappeared and a few were out there that I don’t remember!

          That hole is the opening to the den! If I had known that, I wouldn’t have stuck my camera in there along with my head! Sheesh!


  7. The only howling we hear around here is the occassional stray dog. Lived in the affluent suburbs once, coyotes abounded. Inner city not so much. Have an interesting Halloween. Loved the little pic of Roxie and you. The background is stunning. If you can check out NYLONDAZE. com for NYC pics that rock.


  8. Great little video and the ending was perfect for tonight. Believe it or not, northern IN also has coyotes, mostly nocturnal, but they do prey on small critters and pets so even here we have to be a bit careful. Been some reports of cougars lately. One caught on a deer trail camera last week.
    Loved the video and look forward to more surprises.


    1. Thanks so much Paul!
      That was my first scary movie and it was fun to make. I had no idea at the time that it was a real den or I wouldn’t have stuck my face in it!
      It is amazing how wild it still is out there!
      I am watching Roxy more carefully.
      Happy Halloween!


    1. It was! Hahaha! Those ghetto mittens are everywhere!
      I can’t believe I put my head in that hole. It was their den! I didn’t know!
      The music is the best! I found Tom last night. It is hard to find free music.
      Have a Happy Halloween!


  9. Good scary clip!! As for coyotes – I’ve seen animals in south central PA that sure look like coyotes. Don’t know if that’s official though!

    I’m all ready for Halloween now, but I have to hold the feeling for five days – Governor Christie here in NJ wants everyone to wait till Monday because we’ve been scared enough for one week with the hurrimonster Sandy!


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