Gift or Curse? Flash Fiction

Cutting across the yard on the way to school had been a habit for Oscar. But today when he gazed at the caution tape across the old McAllister place, he shivered while memories niggled like dead flies waking up on a warm windowsill in winter.

The night hung in the foggy corners of his mind. He had gone out with Marty and Dave after they paid a guy ten dollars to buy a handle of Jim Beam. Oscar didn’t drink a drop, but his head throbbed with every step. His swollen knuckles must have battled a cheese grater.

He found Dave in the parking lot.

“Dude! Where’d you go?”

Oscar’s heart fell into his bowels. “Wasn’t I with you?” The recollection twitched.

“After you caught that bum attacking Cindy, you vanished! And how’d you get to McAllister’s so fast?”

The realization crawled out of the darkness, stunning Oscar. Oh my God. I flew!


Which super power would you like to have?


Here is the trailer for the new Iron Man 3 movie to be released next summer.


62 thoughts on “Gift or Curse? Flash Fiction

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      1. Hi Susie, Flight and Flex Stretch would negate small stature for sure. I returned today from a Gathering of Authors charity event this weekend; fund raiser for St Jude. Met many FB and TW friends, face-2-face 🙂
        Hope you enjoyed your weekend!


  1. Good trailer … I love the sounds of the sinking in the ocean, the iron like going down. Cool. This looks even better than the one I saw must have been #2. Hey Susie, any snow yet?


  2. Fun story, Susie! I’ve heard that many people have flying dreams. I’ve never had one, to my knowledge. Super powers… I think I’d take the ability to become invisible or to beam myself around. (Heck, then we could have coffee or din any time! ;))


  3. Oh man! The way you interspersed the flies in there, creepy cool. I always love your flash fiction, Susie!

    What would my superpower be? I think the ability to manipulate energy around me. That way, I can have multiple skills, like flying. Flying would totally rock.


  4. I think I would want to be a super spy, someone who is really smart, skilled in self defense and interrogation. But, having said that I might change my mind and want to be something else tomorrow!

    And, I’ll be honest, I didn’t know there was going to be an Iron Man 3!


    1. That would be great to be like James Bond!
      >>>cue music<<<
      There we are scaling up the side of a building with terrorists just inside the window, but wait. Was that Batman and Robin? Holy super power Batman!

      I am looking forward to the next Iron Man!


  5. What an interesting idea, that using your super power would leave you with something like a hangover! I wonder if this should happen every time, or just while the gifted person is getting used to the new abilities?


    1. That’s what I was going for. I would think that if something like that happened, it would have some kind of reaction. Like your mind wouldn’t be able to comprehend what had happened at first…
      I am so glad that you “got it!”


  6. Fun flash fiction! Not easy to get that amount of atmosphere across in 153 words.
    Nice to have superpowers generally – except that one would feel this nagging obligation to use them to use them in helping the downtrodden and rescuing people and bopping the naughty – one would probably be buzzing around like a blue-bottomed-bumble bee, with no time for oneself.


  7. Serious fun. This reminds me of that movie about the three boys who evolve with powers – Chronicle. In the end it seriously messed them up. I think I’m with Emily. I’d like to have super spy powers. Or be kick-ass powerful like Selene in Underworld. Without the needing blood part.


    1. I’m with you. I’d rather crave milk shakes or chocolate or chocolate milk shakes than blood any day! Hahaha!

      I didn’t see Chronicle, but I got that from the previews.

      I am going for invisible, flying, kick-ass power, with an incredible memory and the ability to stretch to any height. I don’t think I am asking for much.
      Thanks Debra!


  8. I would have to go with flying. I haven’t traveled much in so many years, I’d like to just zip over to Hawaii at least once. That Iron Man movie looks great, my husband and I love those films.


  9. That would be my superpower! That may be why one of my favorite characters is my lesbian vampyre, Erin. She gets to fly and have all the hot chicks! LOL!!

    Great flash, Susie… I especially love the line about the flies on the windowsill… and the photo!


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