Don’t Touch Your Clocks…Yet!

It is Daylight Saving Time when we are told to set our clocks back one hour, but I am begging you, DON’T DO IT! Think about it for a minute. How important is time? There must be a moment every day when you wish you had a few extra minutes, let alone a whole extra hour, right? So why not save it! Yes! Save the hour and use it when you really need it! It is Daylight Saving Time after all.

What if you already changed your clocks? No problem. Change them back again. Now you are in control of time. Don’t you feel all powerful-like?

True story: Back in college, I had a friend who did this every year. Terri would sometimes wait for days before using that precious hour. Then, later in the week, I would run into her. She would smile and say, “Sue, (everyone called me Sue back in the day), that extra hour really helped last night when I was studying for midterms. I think I aced them today!” I would think. Wow! You are so powerful-like. And then I would forget all about it.

Last night at midnight, I woke up and remembered. It’s not too late! I can do it! I can be all powerful-like too and so can you.

How will you use the hour?

Vote in the Presidential election on Tuesday. You can look up at the clock and scoff, “Bring it on line, I have plenty of time!” In fact, that makes a great chant!

Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Dig into that bowl of Halloween candy, settle into a comfy chair, and catch up with an old friend. They may not answer the phone since they won’t recognize your out-of-state phone number and think you are an automated campaign caller. Call your friend with the free hour after the election!

You can run that extra errand. How many times have you been on your way home only to realize that you need to stop at the dry cleaners, or grocery store, or the Department of Motor Vehicles?

You can sleep in after Monday Night Football, or after watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (love that guy’s googly eyes), or after reading blog posts like this one until the wee hours of the morning.

Go outside and play.  You could rake leaves and jump in them, take a bike ride, or walk around the neighborhood and play ding-dong ditch. Nothing gets your heart pumping faster, especially when someone mistakes you for a prowler and calls the cops.

Catch up on your favorite TV shows or check out a new one. I must be one of the last people on Earth who hasn’t seen The Walking Dead. I could finally discover what all the maniacal, man-eating-man, zombie buzz is all about.

Make a bucket list. Never written your ultimate list of things to do before you die? Here’s your chance. Use this program to get started, share, and support others! It is an amazing one hour time suck!

Print your photos and put them in an album. Then decorate the pictures, pages, or album cover, or…Sorry! Your one hour is up.

Clean out your cupboard/basement/garage. What? Waste an hour doing a laborious chore? Just think of the satisfaction you’ll feel when you don’t trip over boxes or have a pot land on your head. A pot? That’s what happened to me the last time I searched for something in my garage. It left a mark!

Take a nap. I could dream about everything I could be doing if I wasn’t so dang tired from waking up in the middle of the night, thinking about how I should write a blog post about saving the hour.

But I’ll use the hour to call my parents while watching an episode of The Walking Dead, munch on a Snickers bar, and then will go outside and play ding-dong ditch. I already voted!

How will you use the extra hour?

101 thoughts on “Don’t Touch Your Clocks…Yet!

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  1. Im gonna nap for twenty one minutes, clean for four minutes, move furniture for ten minutes, chat for twenty minutes, and check the internet stuff an extra fifteen minutes. Haha great post


    1. That is the classic way to use it that’s for sure. I went to bed late and got up early to write the post yesterday, but it felt good to see the sun this morning!
      It is a great week so far! I hope yours is too! Thanks August!


  2. I remember, when I used to live abroad, setting the cloks back and forth, it was a bit of a drag. But, where I live we don’t do that, since daylight is more or less the same all year ’round.


  3. I spent my time the night before, per the usual, writing blogs, working email, etc. But it felt like I got it with extra sleep in the morning and that was nice. Even though little girl came in early and asked for breakfast. I sent her away. See what a good mommy I am. LOL. I got up at 8 am,


    1. Nice! Very nice!
      I usually take the hour of extra sleep, but not this year. I got up too early to blog this – irony abounds sometimes! I used it last night after seeing my little girl at work! Have a splendid week!


  4. I’d like to say I used it for the Walking Dead, but I will watch that no matter what–love that show! Although I actually cried at last night’s episode! And funny, but snickers was my snack choice too. I guess I haven’t used my hour yet then. Hmm, I will have to think about it! 🙂


  5. Colorado- As always, you give me something to ponder. Which, despite the implicit danger to such an endeavor, is still a pretty good thing. I went for a supersized walk/run on Sunday afternoon, unaware that I was using my time coupon until just now. So there’s that.
    As for Ferguson, if you’ve not read “Between the Bridge and the River”, you may want to give it a shot. I had no idea the guy could write,and Holy ‘Mo Rivera, he can write. The story is a bit raunchy, but it’s so damned good (IMHO).


    1. I will check out Ferguson!
      Glad you enjoyed the hour during the waking hours. I have already cashed mine in too! It was pretty creepy tonight when it got dark at 5:00! Sheesh!


    1. Yum! I have developed a taste for chocolate and nuts as I have gotten older. I do remember going out shopping when I was really young with my mom who always bought us “turtles.” Back when time was endless!
      Love to sleep……zzzzzz


    1. Good one! I still couldn’t watch the entire show. As soon as a guy was getting a chunk bitten out of him by another guy, I flipped the channel. Hot Tub Time Machine was really stupid, but at least there weren’t any cannibals….


  6. Man, that is tremendous pressure for me. What to do with an HOUR?!?! Ahhhhh. Oh snap. I think I burned it up trying to get the golden balls in Bingo Bash in the wonder rooms. Darn those things!!! Dumb balls. Lol.

    I am new fan of The Walking Dead. My husband BEGGED me to watch the series. I didn’t want to. Zombies scare the wee out of me. But I tried it. It took about two episodes and I was hooked. We caught up on all seasons right before the new season started. Love the show. LOVE! But I would recommend eating before not during. Haha.


    1. Golden Bingo Bash Balls? Whoa! Sounds like a great hour!
      I can’t get past the slowness of the the show and stumbling zombies. They just pop up into the scene even though they groan and move at a snail’s pace. But it’s the cannibalism that makes me flip to another station… eeeeuuuuww!


  7. What an excellent read! I love the idea of saving the hour…only problem being I would probably waste it trying to figure out what to do with it. Your garage sounds like mine, though, so maybe I should start there… 🙂


    1. I started cleaning out closets yesterday and the garage is in better shape now than when that pot landed on me, but there is always something to organize when I have an hour. If I could find another extra one! 🙂
      Thanks Alarna!


  8. Splendid advice O’Wise One, and very timely too. This plays nicely into my motto, “Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.” Can we carry them over from year to year? If you build up enough it would be live time travel. Everyone else is in tomorrow, but I’m still in yesterday.


    1. Hahahaha! I am printing out your comment Russell! Anyone who calls me O’Wise one is a friend for life! 🙂
      I have the same motto when it comes to boring chores! I LOVE your idea. There must be a way to do that. Now let me see…Hmmmm…
      Thanks so much Russell!


  9. I still don’t get it. So it’s lighter out when we wake up in the morning, but it gets dark earlier in the afternoon. What are we saving?

    I don’t watch zombie movies either, Susie. And most of the Halloween candy is gone, except for the crummy stuff (I ate the last Snickers just yesterday). I think I’ll take that nap now.

    Great post.


    1. I guess they want it lighter outside when the little kids go to school. They changed the date by a few weeks a couple of years ago to save electricity. By December, the days are so short, it doesn’t make much difference!

      I tried to watch Walking Dead again. First of all I was laughing at how stupid the zombies were. They were super slow and moaned so how did they constantly creep up on people out in the open in broad daylight? Oh yeah. Camera angles. When I looked up and a guy was getting munched, I flipped the channel. AGAIN! Gross… and dumb… 🙂

      How did you survive Sandy?


  10. This was a great idea… you know to wait. I usually don’t because I know right away what I’m saving that hour for … sleep. Precious sleep. An extra snooze, an extra moment with my pillow, an extra moment of rest. Ahhhhhh as a mom sleep is the most awesome thing, any time I can get more, I try.


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