Rocky Mountain High

Along with the re-election of our President, Coloradans legalized marijuana. What does that mean? It is now legal to grow six plants in homes across the state. Adults over the age of 21 will be able to purchase an ounce from regulated retail stores, but publicly rolling a joint won’t be tolerated inside or outside.

I am sure that early revelers will be out and about smoking a bowl in celebration, but the amendment won’t be certified for up to two months according to the Boulder Daily Camera.

Personally, my lungs can’t handle cigarette smoke and I detest the stinky smell of weed, so I won’t be partying down.

Remember the characters Cheech and Chong? They were popular when I was in college. I can just imagine a conversation between the two of them.

Cheech: Dude! Did you read the paper today?

Chong: Papers? Dude, they’re right in front of you.

Cheech: No, the newspaper. It says that people can smoke weed in Colorado.

Chong: I thought we smoked weed the last time we were in Colorado.

Cheech: It’s legal now.

Chong: You mean we won’t get thrown in jail?

Cheech: Well, the DEA could still bust your ass.

Chong: So it’s illegal?

Cheech: No, it’s legal, I just told you.

Chong: Dude. Pass the bong. You’re giving me a headache.


After all the speculation and arguments on both sides, we’ll see what happens with tax revenues, dealers, and early drug use.

I wonder if John Denver is smiling down from heaven.

Click here for the YouTube video Rocky Mountain High

The top photo is a winter wheat crop. No marijuana fields yet.

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  1. In addition to Colorado, Washington State legalized weed as well. I had a brief mental image of my dad, sittin’ on his deck watching the sunrise saying: “Yeah, but have you ever watched Star Trek when you were high?” It’s for the Glaucoma, right Dad?


    1. Seriously. We have had medical marijuana here for a while and that has made it practically legal since it seems like anyone can get a prescription. It will be interesting to see where we are 2 years from now.


  2. I am curious about something. I remember hearing that the federal government (i.e., the DEA) can still bust people for smoking the ganja even though it is legal within some states. How does this work?

    And, as another commenter said, cook it if you don’t want to smoke it. There’s a secret to cooking it, but it’s easy to research.

    I strongly suspect that we’ll see the legalization of marijuana in my lifetime. Will I be Cheech and Chong-ing it? Doubtful. But I don’t think it should be illegal.


    1. The DEA can swoop in at anytime although the feeling is they focus on big time dealers and not individual users. 60 Minutes just did a great story on all of this. They also stopped by one of Boulder’s medical marijuana dispensaries and taped the process of making pot brownies. Although I didn’t see the interviewer eat any, I am sure he was offered a bite!
      Thanks so much Catie for stopping by! It will be very interesting around here!


    1. It is supposed to ease the pain and help with digestion. We have medical dispensaries already, but anyone can get a prescription is the opinion of most people. This will really be something to watch.


    1. A person can smoke it in their own home,. but not in public places.
      I wasn’t sure if I should blog about this since a stay far away from politics, but after I thought up that Cheech and Chong skit, I had to hit publish. I loved those guys!
      Thanks so much Catherine!


  3. Oregon’s Pot bill went down! Still have medical marijuana. It’s getting to be like the last days of prohibition around here. Your state might be getting a few visitors. Denver could be the New Amsterdam! What will the jails in CO and WA do with all those empty beds? Maybe let the stoned sleep it off?


    1. I just looked her up. Interesting gal! “Love her most favorite recipe, “Haschich Fudge,” a mixture of fruit, nuts, spices, and “canibus sativa.” From Wikipedia!
      Thanks Tom!


  4. This is something that is long overdue, and with time, more states will go this way. Trillions of dollars have been wasted on anti-drug campaigns that could well have been better spent on health care and other issues.

    Colorado was always my favorite state, now more so!


  5. Now CO will be even more popular (good news – bad news).
    We’ll see how it goes. With all the construction and change in demographics, there’s a concern about drug turf wars – the MX cartels probably aren’t happy.
    But Cheech and Chong – thanks for the giggles!


  6. I’m with you, no thank you. I do believe it should be legal. I’d not be smoking it up, I’ve seen too many in places they can’t leave because of doings involving this stuff. Until the federal government signs on, take great care.


    1. We are the guinea pig state. In another two years it will either be viewed as a great idea and other states will follow with similar legislation or a really bad one. Time will tell!
      Thanks for weighing in John!


  7. A colleague today suggested we should move to Colorado (or Washington state) and open up a little “Mom and Pot” store to sell weed and munchies 🙂


    1. We have tons of dispensaries, but I think it will be a different license. In this economy, I think there will be a lot of interest in new business… 🙂 Love the name Mom and Pot! Hilarious!


    1. Thanks! Cheech and Chong were my favorite comedians back in the day!
      I am glad that they made it illegal to smoke it in public. Stoners can smoke at home. Then they’ll be too sleepy to go out and drive anywhere! The Pizza delivery service is going to go waaaaaaay up in this state! Hahaha!


  8. My hubby and I used to laugh so hard that we would cry at Cheech and Chong movies….between their antics and outrageous humor…do you remember the one where Stacy Keech slowly turned into a lizard? We loved them….right Dude:) I joined your artistic and fun blog:)


      1. Whenever we needed a night of hysterical laughing we either went to see them at the movies or we rented the movie…you will like the one with Stacy as it is so out of character for him and he plays it just right:)


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