Rocky Mountain High

Along with the re-election of our President, Coloradans legalized marijuana. What does that mean? It is now legal to grow six plants in homes across the state. Adults over the age of 21 will be able to purchase an ounce from regulated retail stores, but publicly rolling a joint won’t be tolerated inside or outside.

I am sure that early revelers will be out and about smoking a bowl in celebration, but the amendment won’t be certified for up to two months according to the Boulder Daily Camera.

Personally, my lungs can’t handle cigarette smoke and I detest the stinky smell of weed, so I won’t be partying down.

Remember the characters Cheech and Chong? They were popular when I was in college. I can just imagine a conversation between the two of them.

Cheech: Dude! Did you read the paper today?

Chong: Papers? Dude, they’re right in front of you.

Cheech: No, the newspaper. It says that people can smoke weed in Colorado.

Chong: I thought we smoked weed the last time we were in Colorado.

Cheech: It’s legal now.

Chong: You mean we won’t get thrown in jail?

Cheech: Well, the DEA could still bust your ass.

Chong: So it’s illegal?

Cheech: No, it’s legal, I just told you.

Chong: Dude. Pass the bong. You’re giving me a headache.


After all the speculation and arguments on both sides, we’ll see what happens with tax revenues, dealers, and early drug use.

I wonder if John Denver is smiling down from heaven.

Click here for the YouTube video Rocky Mountain High

The top photo is a winter wheat crop. No marijuana fields yet.

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  1. Ghad, how did I miss this? LOL! John Denver smiling from heaven yes, one of my favorite dudes! Loved him. Okay, well, I’m not a pot smoker but I know people that do love it. I actually had elevated eye pressures/glaucoma, so I qualified to smoke it cause it lowers eye pressures, had surgery instead. I know its one of the best anti-emetics around for chemotherapy patients and let me tell you there’s a lot of chemo given out, so maybe they will smoke it in clinics. What a concept. I don’t really think it’s as bad as alcohol…this is my nurse and adult observation. I can’t believe I missed this. I guess the election, my recent job, book and life has me held a bit. I never skip your posts cuz I love em. :)!


    1. Awww! Thanks Lilie!
      I posted around 10 yesterday, because I wrote it after seeing the results. Much later than my normal 7 in the morning post!
      We already have medical marijuana dispensaries so we’ll see how this next step goes. Maybe “up in smoke!” Hahaha!


    1. It is a tough one and I am surprised it passed. On the news just now, one of the biggest supporters looked completely shocked. He didn’t even know what will happen since it is still illegal federally!
      I am just the reporter on this one!
      Thanks for weighing in Kristy!


  2. HA! This was a pretty funny post. I saw this proposition in the news and had no idea you guys were voting on this measure.. Cheech and Chong crack me up. I’m sure they’d be traveling to your state soon, but California is also a good state for them too. You know, with them having glaucoma and everything. 🙂


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