Favorite Friday Photo

This is one of my favorite autumn photographs, taken with my Nikon Coolpix Camera in early October.

While the East continues to get pummeled with rain and snow, the West has remained warm and dry. Forecasters are finally predicting snow this weekend. From nearly 80 degrees, we will plummet to a low of 9 degrees on Sunday. That’s what I love about Colorado. We get the warm before the storm!

Danny and I will finally hit the slopes. I am hoping for some fresh champagne powder, but at this point, I would settle for anything resembling snow. There are less than 10 runs open in the whole state so I will have my elbows out!

Lets go skiing!

Are you a powder hound or do you prefer warm weather?

87 thoughts on “Favorite Friday Photo

  1. That is a wonderful photo; I hope you have it framed and hanging somewhere. Now, as far as my thoughts about snow in November–are you crazy? Snow is for winter–winter only begins in late Dec, ergo snow should only begin in late Dec–that’s scientific fact. (Or, I am just making it up to suit my position.) 🙂


    • That is how it was in Wisconsin when I was growing up, but I think the weather there now is just as strange there as everywhere. They didn’t get much snow last year at all! Out here it is normal to have crazy weather.


  2. lovely photo.. and gack to the cold weather. First Nor’easter here and it is blustery and miserable. I’d rather be sitting on a beach. Have fun skiing!


    • Thanks so much!
      I can’t believe it is November! I washed windows this week in the 70 degree sunshine! Amazing. And so weird… Snow coming in reminds us in Colorado that Thanksgiving is right around the corner!
      Enjoy your fab weekend weather!


  3. Great photo Susie, and I hope you two find that magic snow soon. I was telling my wife just now how you two seem to have the kind of marriage that we do, we genuinely want to be with our spouse! God bless.


    • Nice! The skiers and boarders will love it! I love the stormy weather. I think it comes from my Wisconsin upbringing and memories of skiing, ice skating and sledding!
      Have a great weekend filled with hot chocolate and lots of yummy comfort food!


  4. It was t-shirt weather 3 days ago, this morning there’s layer of snow. Thin, but still. I went running yesterday and burned my lungs on the cold air.

    As far as which weather: I love it all, but if I had to choose I’d go with warm weather – the complete opposite of how I was 10 years ago.


    • You aren’t getting older are you Byronic Man??? I guess we all are and that is the point of life- to live long enough to be considered older than dirt!

      Hey at least you are out running! Good for you!

      When I first moved out here from Wisconsin 25 years ago, I used to laugh at people when they complained about the cold weather. Yes Coloradans complain because we get spoiled with 300 sunny days a year.
      I have to admit that I have become more of a fair weather skier and won’t go until the temps are in the teens! 🙂


  5. Although I personally loathe skiing, I am happy that this weekend seems like a perfect one for you and Danny to indulge your passion. The weather here in NYC is going to be pretty mild. The snow that fell earlier in the week will have all melted since temperatures should reach the low 60s. Milton and I will be indulging our passion, theater, over at Lincoln Center. It will almost seem like a normal fall day — just with a lot less trees around.


  6. Is this the view from your yard? Make room, I’m packing my bags. 🙂 Simply gorgeous. (Okay. I wrote this last night and it’s still sitting here on my computer waiting for me to hit “post.” How bad is that? There was only one comment when I saw this. Let’s see were I stand by the time I actually go through processing. LOL.


    • I’ve done that too! Or thought I posted, but didn’t Photos seem to attract more likes than comments, but it’s all good!
      Glad you stopped back!
      That is my backyard.
      Now we are up in Breck where the snow is “sprinkling” or “misting.” We really need a good dumping of the white stuff!
      Thanks Debra!


    • We are in Breck right and are hoping that the snow comes our way. It is in the Southwest….
      Isn’t it funny how much hype there was about the end of the world and how little is being speculated now that it is getting close! Hahaha!


    • Thanks so much! We got a couple of runs in yesterday. It is really early and only one run is open so I risked life and limb with so many out there.
      There are a couple of trees in the yard and ironically my fridge is full of apples! 🙂
      Thanks so much for stopping by!


  7. That is an amazing shot! I prefer cooler weather overall. I like snow, up until around February. Then I’m done with it. Unfortunately that is when Maine gets the most snow, between Feb and April. I would say my ideal weather is in the 60s to 70s during the fall season.


    • Thanks Darla!
      I remember your posts last year and your cabin fever! 🙂
      We have snow on the ground from a small storm that went to the south of us. It will be in the 50’s to 60’s this week. I am ready for a good dumping!


    • It was a pretty wild scene on the slopes this weekend since there were only two runs open! It will get less dangerous as the mountain opens up! My biggest fear is being slammed into by a novice skier!
      Thanks Scott!


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