Boycott the Madness

Back in the day, the Friday after Thanksgiving was the traditional kick-off for holiday shopping. After perusing the advertisements in the morning, we would devise a plan for the next day. Then we would enjoy time with our family by watching the Macy’s parade, football games, indulging in delicious food, giving thanks and then relaxing. I am not sure if it was the recession or someone’s complete and utter craziness, but retailers have opened their doors earlier and earlier, slowly creeping into the wee hours of the morning until it was MIDNIGHT.

But this year, they have done the unthinkable. The doors will open at Target, Toys R Us, Sears, and Walmart at 8:00 and 9:00 ON THANKSGIVING NIGHT! The ads will fill the newspaper on Thanksgiving morning, enticing consumers to abandon their evening by offering rock bottom prices on a few items.

This is just sick and wrong people! It is a national holiday. That is supposed to mean a day of rest for ALL Americans. But no! Think of those who are scheduled to work. They have to leave their homes with dinner not fully digested. Think of the people that need to save $20 on a digital camera, a particular toy, or blender. They will leave half their pumpkin pie on their plate as they grab their keys and dash for the car.

Consumerism will consume the best part of our family day. You know, that vegetative state we all enjoy when filled with tryptophan from the turkey.

We must take a stand! Yes take a stand to sit or lay down this Thanksgiving. Yes! Sit and eat and watch television like true Americans and then shop on Friday.

This puts even more pressure on small businesses so remember to shop at the independent retail stores that can’t compete. Thank them for opening their doors at a reasonable hour.

Will you join The Madness or take a stand with me?

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  1. SO with you, Susie! I may not set foot out of my house all day Friday!!

    I used to kind of enjoy the Black Friday spree, but it’s become so overheated that it’s just work. Christmas is more than a month away. Calm down, people!

    Really, this is not fair to the store employees who are having their family holidays nibbled away (you know next time the stores will be opened even earlier on Thanksgiving, until it becomes only another business day).


  2. Holiday shopping is ridiculous. I worked retail while I was in college. Thanksgiving was the first time a woman threw panties at me because they weren’t on sale. I only worked there. I hate the mall.


    1. What happened the second time???? 🙂
      Midnight Madness brings out the worst in people and I would expect there will be a few riots tomorrow night…
      Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for stopping by!


    1. Exactly! I can’t believe how much time I have saved. I placed my last order online and saved a bundle! I love getting the packages delivered to my front door too! Especially the heavy stuff!
      Thanks for stopping by to read!


  3. This is just like what’s been happening in New Zealand in recent years – the way commercialism has crept into public holidays where we shouldn’t be thinking of such things. Apparently if a store isn;t open 24/7, 365 days a year, it won’t make money. I beg to differ! The worst of it is, we can boycott them but it’s often hard to avoid being bombarded by the adverts. I think it’s time to move to Mars.


    1. We might find those lost colonists along the way!
      I think I’ll do an updated repost of this since my son has to leave at 5:30 to work a 12 hour shift on Thanksgiving. Crikey!!!


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