I Am a Virgin

I’ll admit it. I have never done it. It was way too risky for me. Lack of protection and the aftermath if compromised has kept me from the experience. But, I am finally ready. The idea of trying something new is pretty exciting. It will be my first time and then I’ll no longer be a Cyber Virgin.

Cyber Monday which is November 26th, is the official kick-off to on-line holiday sales. This year promises to top previous years in the amount of deals offered and dollars spent. I plan to join in the fun.

I have never tickled my keyboard in hope of finding the perfect gift. Instead, I have stuck with the old school technique of driving to many different stores, perusing hundreds of racks and table displays while competing with aggressive crowds bustling through the aisles with their elbows out.

Last year, I held my breath as shoppers sneezed in my direction. No one wants to be sick during the holidays. After hours of shopping at the mall, I reached out and snatched the elusive purple studded phone case I had sought. The endorphin rush of scratching one more item off my list was tempered by sore eyes from florescent lights and aching feet. My arms strained under the weight of several bags as the handles cut into the palms of my hands. After pushing my way through the heavy glass doors, I struggled back to my car, jammed all of the bags into the back end, and slammed the hatch shut with a heavy sigh as the circulation rushed to my fingertips. After arriving back at home, I hid all of the gifts and then went into a wrapping frenzy on Christmas Eve.

Staying at home and avoiding the crowds while saving time and money has seduced me into Cyber Monday. Jeez! I am all about saving time and money. Some of the deals offered may even be better than Black Friday!

Some businesses offer free shipping and gift wrapping. That is a huge selling point for me.  I could actually enjoy Christmas Eve.

I will make my list tonight and will start researching the deals. My hands will sweat a little as I press Add to Cart. They will continue to tremble as I enter my credit card number. But I am looking forward to the endorphin rush after clicking Place Order. My eyes will relax in the comfort of natural lighting in my sunroom as I rest my slippered feet while my dog Roxy snuggles next to me. Carrying the shipped boxes from the front door to the basement will be the only strain. Hey! My husband Danny could do that for me. With the money I’ll save, maybe I will treat myself to a purple studded phone case. I am really looking forward to losing my virginity.

Safety tips for Cyber Monday shoppers from the Better Business Bureau:


Are you a Cyber Monday Virgin?

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  1. You crack me up, Susie! I usually wait until the last minute then run to the outlets or some small shops in my town to load up on presents the weekend before. But Cyber Monday sounds enticing! I may have to click around a bit today. 🙂 Happy holidays!


    1. I couldn’t help myself with this one!
      I am sure that it won’t eliminate all of my shopping, but I am hoping to put a dent in it. My daughter always sends me links to everything she wants and I have never taken advantage! Today is the day!


    1. I agree and will hit the streets too! Love the cyberginity term. Hahaha! These comments have been so much fun to read!
      I lost my cyberginity this morning already. It was fantastic just thinking about how much time and money I had saved. 🙂


  2. I hope your online shopping day is going well! I did brave the stores on Black Friday. Seeing as how I’m up at a crazy hour on a normal day, getting up a couple hours earlier to shop is no big deal to me. But I was disappointed in the lack of ‘sales’…I thought that most things I wanted were the same price as they usually are. Maybe the sales are better online…


    1. I am not sure if they were better, but I saved a ton of time!
      My daughter went out at midnight the year before and came back disappointed too.

      The last couple of years I have had the links to gifts, but ran around shopping for them. Can you imagine how dumb I looked giving the link to the salesperson saying, “Do you have this in stock?” They were so kind and never said a word about my refusal to shop online.
      Now I will never go back to trouncing around town except for the surprises and to support the local businesses!
      Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to bring a link today!


  3. Holy Moly! How could have held out for so long?

    I love cyber Monday. It’s the best way to shop. There’s tremendous excitement when I come home from work and find another brown box has arrived. Even though the items inside are not for me (generally) I love opening each one, making sure it’s what I ordered, then wrapping it in pretty paper to give to someone else. On-line shopping is pretty much the only way I shop any more.

    Of course I always go to reputable sites and am very careful about using my credit card. I also do a great deal of catalog shopping, over the phone and what-not. Love the catalog shopping as well!

    Enjoy! and be careful!!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  4. Shop naughty and have a great time. We’ve been shopping this way for years now (even get our state driver license this way). This was a “leading”, but really funny post, Susie. Nice job!


    1. Thanks Paul! I couldn’t help using the double entendre!

      Now that I have lost my cyberginity, I will never go back to only driving around to all of the stores. The really dumb thing, is my daughter has been giving me the links on her Christmas list for years and I have never clicked to buy! Duh!


    1. I know! Hahaha! I am so evil Soma.
      I can’t believe how much I got done yesterday! It was really intense in the beginning, but I got the hang of it and saved so much time and money… 🙂


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