HEAD’S UP! UMAAMD is Coming Wednesday

Just look at the snow! This is a photo from last year…

Another Use Me and Abuse Me Day is tomorrow, Wednesday the 28th. This virtual party will rock, so come by with a link and hang out a while. Pick up a few new friends and bring them back to your blog. Chat up my guests in the comment section and then ring the doorbell click on a few of their links. They will ring click on yours!

My daughter Courtney is hot after snowboarding last weekend at Keystone. 

Colorado appears to be in a drought and there is no snow predicted. I think a snow dance may be in order. Hey! It was MColmo’s idea. She mentioned it in a comment in this blog post.

Stop by tomorrow with a link to one of your blog posts and leave a hook to entice some readers  partiers back to your blog place.

All I ask in return is that you consider following my blog.

See you tomorrow!

Check out the last UMAAMD. It was a blast! The bloggers that clicked on others links picked up some new followers.

Come back tomorrow, Wednesday the 28th and snow dance with me!

39 thoughts on “HEAD’S UP! UMAAMD is Coming Wednesday

Add yours

    1. Oh no! Well there is a storm brewing on the coast and I will try to draw any way I can! 🙂 Hopefully it will be our first big storm of the season and it will be tapped out waaaaay before it gets to Maine!
      I hope you’ll stop by tomorrow with a link!


        1. You must have accidentally pushed the subscribe button during a weak moment! 🙂 It isn’t an obligation just a suggestion with a Big Giant PLEASE in front of it… Hahaha! I hope I see you tomorrow. My followers are always looking for new blogs to subscribe to.


    1. Perfect! Come anytime. The post will be up forever so anyone can stop by for new links. In fact, you just gave me an idea. I may use it in lieu of a blogroll. Hmmmm…..I will have to figure that out…


    1. Hey come anytime! The party will be rolling for days! Just tell your new friends that Susie sent you and they should click back! We are all looking for new readers and new blogs to read!


    1. Absolutely!! Jump in with you link anytime! There are some great new blogs to check out.
      The snow is man-made on the mountain. We haven’t had any moisture in Boulder. I am going on a girl’s trip this weekend in the mountains and are going to hike! No snow shoes needed. Such a bummer….
      Send some moisture our way!!! I will be snow dancing this weekend then it should start dumping. Right???? 🙂


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