Friday Photos and Another Fire

This is why I love Colorado. While driving back from a hair appointment, I can gaze out the window at a view like this!

And this.

The clouds that day were unusual for two reasons. A fire is continuing to burn 40 miles away in the Rocky Mountain National Park and there was a heat inversion. That is when warm air is trapped by a cold upper air disturbance. Doesn’t that sound like I know what I am talking about?

Nature sometimes provides such beauty from devastation. Sunrises and sunsets have been glowing in shades of purple and mauve to fiery red-orange. There are more photographs to come.

It is not too late to join in the Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Dancing for Snow Edition. It is a rager! Now you know why we need the moisture. Just drop a link in my comment section and mingle the guests! Click on their links and tell them Susie sent you.

Have a great weekend. Try to stop for a moment to take in the beauty that surrounds you!

Are you a sunset picture taker?

92 thoughts on “Friday Photos and Another Fire

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  1. On my drive to work this morning I saw a man holding a toddler above his arms, making him fly like superman. They were both giggling and laughing–it was a beautiful picture!


  2. You’re pictures are breathtaking! And you totally sounded like you knew your stuff. Fooled me. Sheesh. I still haven’t shown up at the party. I just don’t know what to wear? Any thoughts?


    1. Thanks Debra! I am so glad I fooled you. 🙂
      A velour pants suit would be nice. Hahaha! Or tall over the knee boots and a leather mini! 🙂
      I am up in the mountains on a girl’s weekend and haven’t been on my computer. We went shopping yesterday and I can’t believe how much florescent they are showing. It looks like the 80’s or Hot Tub Time Machine!


  3. Great images Susie. Earlier this year when the days were longer, I was obsessed with taking shots of clouds. A few appeared in my blog, but I did not do much with them. Now the days are so short the sun is setting around 4:30. I hate that.


      1. It’s a good idea, but not an option. Even though it has a night photography setting my camera does not take good night shots and the zoom only succeeds in making the moon look like a speck. I’m just holding out until spring.


  4. Colorado . . there I was posting and there you were swinging back a comment at me. I had to come over here just to thank you. It wasn’t an easy thing for me to post on, and so it would make sense that you were there when I posted it.
    You’re making a habit of seeing my weak side, huh?
    Good. I trust you enough to show it.


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