All Done!

First of all, Happy Holidays to everyone out there in the blogosphere!

After all the drawing, printing, folding, cutting, and pasting, I am happy to say that my Christmas cards are finished. Whew!

They are a little different this year. They are a modified pop-up and more like a fold-up.

step 1

Step 1: Fill coffee mug. Use up entire red ink cartridge. Punch out trees. Refill coffee mug. 

step 2

Step 2: Glue front cover. See that diabolical glue stick? It sucked at sticking. Repeat Step 2.

You all know how I’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas. Well, the only snow I’ve seen recently has been in the mountains or on my blog! Thank you WordPress. I decided to make that my theme. Snow.

Over Thanksgiving break, my family and I headed up to the mountains. We skied at Keystone and had a photo taken at the top of the run.

step 3

Step 3: Drawing. I used some artistic license and added Roxy to the drawing. Nope. She didn’t go skiing with us.

The activity is skiing and snowboarding! I think that half my cards include that subject. Not one person guessed it.

step 4

Step 4: Freakin’ folding, folding, and more folding. I think I listened to 10 movies while I worked on this project.

step 5

Step Five: Cutting out the inside of the card. “Snip snip here, snip snip there and a couple of diddle dees…” Okay, so after a while, I got reeeeally slap happy.


Step 6: Still cutting… Creating the mountains was pretty dang fun until I made about 70 of them. 20 to go.

step 6

Step 7: Assemblage: I glued all the pieces together and then prayed that they wouldn’t fall apart after tossing them in the mail.

step 7

Step 8: Added a tree and snowflakes to each card because, hey, it’s only time. Lots of time! Assembly line and littered floor.

I kinda lost it at one point after I had been working for nine hours straight. I yelled, “Why can’t I be like an ordinary person?” I was watching Miracle. As if on cue, Olympic Hockey Coach Herb Brooks said, “No one ever became extraordinary by being ordinary.” That really freaked me out and I went back to work. Talk about ironic!
cover of card

After 36 hours of drawing,printing, folding, cutting, and pasting…


Card inside 12


…my family’s 2012 Christmas card is done.

I would like to thank everyone who left a comment guessing what our family was up to this year’s Christmas card. There were a lot of Wild Guesses, but this is the Wild Ride so you never know… I loved reading the responses and now I have a lot of ideas for future cards. Thank you for that!

Now for the winners. Be sure to click on their links and say hello!

Linda Seccaspina was the only one who got it right with guessing snowboarding!

El Guapo guessed that we were all together enjoying a family activity. It was a loophole, but true.

Leanne Shirtliffe guessed that I was laughing. I always laugh when I get my picture taken so my smile doesn’t look like a snarl.

I had planned to give out 5 cards, so that left two more to send out. I decided to throw the names of everyone who entered into a hat.

Cecile at Tryingtobeconscious was the first one I picked and lives the farthest away in Switzerland!

The second one was Catherine Johnson. Canada was well represented as Linda, Leanne and Catherine all live in the Great White North! El Guapo will be only one who get the card in the next three or four days. Please email me your addresses and I will send out your cards –

Thanks again for guessing. I would have felt bad if no one wanted one!

Happy Holidays everyone. Time to dance!

Susie Lindau

See that stack of stuffed envelopes on the counter? I am a happy Wild Rider. 

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

From one contest to another – I am entering my holiday card in the GoJulesGo and TheByronicMan sheet giveaway! 

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