Get Ready. Here It Comes…

Kelly Smash 2Happy New Year Wild Riders! 2013 promises to be the Wildest ever. There will be all kinds of new adventures like taking the plunge, ice dancing, skiing in the Rocky Mountains, and Roxy’s new ghetto mittens.

My son Kelly will be one of 10 DJs who will spin outside on the 16th Street Mall for the City of Denver tonight. Watch the Mountain Time countdown and you may see him!

Kelly Smash 1

I am hosting another Use Me and Abuse Me Day on Friday, January 4th. Be ready to mingle and hit the dance floor. Roxy may even join in the fun!


Doesn’t she look excited?

This fun virtual party will rock during the first week of the New Year! Bring your favorite post from 2012 and share the link in the comment section. Chat up the guests and maybe you’ll “pick up” some hot new subscribers. Tell them Susie sent you!

The fun starts on Friday morning. Wear your long undies. We are going outside to enjoy Colorado’s winter.

Speaking of Colorado’s winter, tune in on Wednesday for my first Wild Adventure of the year!

Happy New Year!

Be safe out there~

What kind of adventures are you planning in 2013?

92 thoughts on “Get Ready. Here It Comes…

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  1. Do you have any breaks, bruises or sprains??? No? Then obviously you didn’t fall off the Fiscal Cliff !!! How’s the snow been ? Need some more? Have some for sale….Cheap!!! Happy New Year Susie.


    1. I haven’t fallen! I think I read late last night that they came to some agreement. I am chillaxing in the mountains and am planning to hit the slopes today! Not falling there either. 🙂
      Happy New Year Paul!


  2. Darn, I missed your last party. I know you’ll have more, and I’m looking forward to them. Roxy looks pretty darn cute all bundled up. I hope you had a great New Year’s and hope you’re having a wonderful vacation. See you when you get back!


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