Get Your Red On and Get Recognized On the Wild Ride

my heartI had heart surgery. Yep. It will be three years ago this April. My heart condition was congenital. My father has congestive heart failure from contracting rheumatic fever while in the Air Force. We all know someone affected by heart disease.

On Friday, February 1st, the American Heart Association is asking everyone to wear red!

February is associated with hearts and flowers as Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, but it is also the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Month. They are working hard to spread awareness and raise money for the cause. It is difficult when competing against major corporations like the Komen Foundation.

I created a site where you can contribute any amount to the American Heart Association. Click here to view page. Email me at and I will add your link to the Go Red for Women Contributors blogroll for the month!  Continue reading

An Unnamed Threat No More!

Snowstorms usually squat on a few states before evaporating in the glint of winter sunshine. As if on snowy steroids, these frosty freaks have grown exponentially in recent years. While plodding along and dumping tons of snow, they have buried the country, transforming highways into hockey rinks and cars into pucks. White-out blizzards and sub-zero temperatures have frightened the red liquid in thermometers into hiding in their spherical basements. They have often left a death toll in their vicious icy wake.

Joe in the snow

Joe is protecting his sound equipment from Draco while on location. Continue reading

Roxy, the Bravest Bichon in the West?

Fierce Bichon1My Bichon Roxy has many talents. She has mastered all kinds of tricks (anything for a treat), pulls us along while hiking snowy mountains and rocks her Ghetto Mittens. But last week she impressed me as the fiercest Bichon in the land when she came in contact with a coyote.

Of course I reacted like anyone with a computer and added an update on Facebook. In my defense, it did ask me, “What’s going on Susie?”

Roxy and the Coyote

Coyotes have been very aggressive here in Boulder County. Several people have been attacked and nipped on trails during the day. It is not unusual to lose a small pet to a coyote’s insatiable appetite, but they no longer have any fear of humans. Continue reading

Hanging Out with The Saturdays as a Fly on the Wall

When my daughter Courtney won a trip to New York City to see The Saturdays, I said, “Who?” She informed me that they are an all-girl pop band similar to The Spice Girls.

My second question was, “Can I go?” I frantically tried to fold myself into her carry-on bag to no avail, so I got another idea. I could be a fly on the wall!

a fly on the wall 1

With my new transformation, I easily crept into Courtney’s bag. She never noticed I was there! Can you find me in each of these photos?

Courtney takes New York

Continue reading

Prepare to Be Typealyzed!

You have got to try this! Did you know you could analyze your blog’s personality type?

I am willing to bet that everyone has looked up their astrological profile. What’s your sign? See? Does it reflect your personality type?

Our idea of who we are may differ from how others see us.

I found the coolest site on the internet. Really! After entering a blog’s URL, its author’s personality type will be analyzed or “Typealyzed.” It is based on the blog’s word choice and repetition.

I thought, “What the heck. It’s a lot easier than answering a bunch of questions.” I entered the URL of my blog and let it rip! I was very curious to see what it said about my Wild Rider personality type. My hands perspired as my mind raced. I expected to be analyzed as upbeat, but wondered if I could be giving off some kind of weird vibe…. Continue reading

In the Land of Happy People and Cheese – A Photo Essay

A wild rumpus

Let the Wild Rumpus begin!

Courtney and Kelly are channeling Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are

while playing with the mural my dad painted.

Last week, my family flew back to Madison, Wisconsin. You gotta love their (our) sense of humor. As I was leaving the terminal at the airport, the security guard said, “Welcome to Des Moines!”

They had a monster snowstorm a few weeks ago and the snow was melting. Yes melting. It was a balmy 35 degrees when we arrived.

Everyone took turns walking Charlie Brown Spot.

walking the dogThere was a beautiful park nearby. Continue reading