An Unnamed Threat No More!

Snowstorms usually squat on a few states before evaporating in the glint of winter sunshine. As if on snowy steroids, these frosty freaks have grown exponentially in recent years. While plodding along and dumping tons of snow, they have buried the country, transforming highways into hockey rinks and cars into pucks. White-out blizzards and sub-zero... Continue Reading →

January Thaw – Friday Photos

It warmed up this week and temperatures rose from 9 degrees into the high 40's. The ice on the pond has thinned. Maybe I shouldn't be out here taking pictures. ***CRACK*** It is safer near the shore, but the good shots are out on the ice. I opened the doors and ate lunch outside on... Continue Reading →

The Visit – A Photo Essay

Hanging out with the California girls - Debra Kristi, Debra Eve, Lynn Kelley, August McLaughlin and me. We can't keep our hands off Thor. I found Debra Kristi's blog through her Immortal Mondays where she covers many different types of legends, myths and folklore. I met Debra in person while visiting California. She introduced me to... Continue Reading →

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