Plunging into the New Year, Polar Bear Style

turning blue for a good cause

There is a reason why I am wearing a red wig and am standing next to my new blue friend. I went out to the Boulder Reservoir on New Year’s Day in support of finding a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. Why blue? Many who turned out for this cause on a sunny, but cold  winter day turned blue, including me!


I was one of the crazy people at Boulder’s Polar Plunge!

Shivering makes you warmer, right? We had to strip down and then wait our turn. I looked forward to getting out of the 27 degree air and into the balmy 37 degree water.

dancing with a new friend

I’m dancing to keep warm with my new cross-dressing friend.

boulder plunge2

Even the cameraman was shivering.


Holy Jeez it was cold, but I kept my eye on the prize. I had to touch the ice.

plunging 3a

I shouted my mantra over and over to myself. “GO! GO! GO!”

boulder plunge 4

The hardest part was losing momentum as it got deeper.

Boulder polar plunge 5

I made contact. I repeat. I made contact. The professional diver out there asked, “Do you need help? Will you be able to make it back on your own?” Are you kidding? I have never been more motivated to keep moving as when I turned around and saw the shore.

I think some of the guys may have experienced some shrinkage issues.

boulder polar plunge 6

I found it hard to breath for while.

Boulder Polar Plunge 8

I regretted not gaining 20 pounds over Christmas.

boulder polar plunge 7

“Yes! Shock has set in! I can’t feel my legs. Am I still standing?”


Am I a Wild Rider or what?

Boulder Polar Plunge1

Are you next?

Would you ever take a plunge into icy water?

Stay tuned for more Wild Rides…

The next Use Me and Abuse Me Day is Friday, January 4th.

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